Such Fake News and stories about me on Google

“Such Fake News and stories about me on Google. Anything positive does not get reported. Even the NELK Boys record-setting interview with me was taken down because I told the TRUTH, which the Radical Left cannot handle. The Media and Big Tech is doing everything possible to destroy our Country. They are truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

Trump has done some pecular interviews in his time, but the Nelk Boys interview is peculiar in a whole new way. I actually watched it twice, the second time very carefully, because I had suspected it was all some sort of joke. I’m still not sure it wasn’t.

Trump took the “interviewers” seriously, but I don’t think the feeling was mutual. Certain questions seemed to be leading him on, not so much in words, but in tone. They were patronizing, and at times, with a hint of sarcasm. Certain questions were followed by cutaways to an “interviewer” who’d glance at the canera, wearing a telltale smirk. I half expected him to wink, too, occasionally, as though letting the viewers in on the joke.

To be honest, in a way, I felt just a bit sorry for Trump. I honestly don’t think this interview was done in good faith, and I think the intent was something other than what he may have been led to believe. As a matter of fact, there may come a time when he’ll regret having taken part. There’s enough material to make him the butt of jokes for years to come. Even if that doesn’t happen, one thing is clear: Trump did himself no favors by agreeing to be interviewed.

Meegan Fixler

Yes sir! They are indeed!

Johnny Appleseed

The truth is there is plenty of fuel.

The truth is according to the laws of physics energy is lost at every transfer.

You burn fuel to make heat…

There is a huge loss just in the chemical reaction to make fire.

The heat is turned into steam…

There is an energy loss conducting threw the metal to get to the water.

There is an energy loss simply raising the temperature of the water to operating temp.

To turn a turbine.

Energy loss transporting the steam to the turbine and a loss turning the turbine.

To spin a stater.

There is a loss turning the turbine.

To turn a generator.

There is a HUGE LOSS fighting the electromagnetic field to create electricity…

The truth is the green new deal will require massive amounts more fuel to create all the electricity required to “go green”….

(Which is actually “going soot black”)

Huh… why are we making deals with


Why are we buying Russian oil??

Why are we buying Venezuelan oil?

The truth is

Going Green=Population enslaved.


That’s just part of the plan of the illigitimate administration.

Johnny Appleseed

Going to explain inflation.

The real deal.

Deep state took control. People are pissed. Everyone wants to do something about it. People could burn water they are so mad right now.

What do the people need to fight back??


But the Deep State controls that.

They know you need their money to mount any kind of defense against them.

So, the people are mad. The people are pissed. The people don’t have anything to fight back with.

No money to move supplies. No money to buy supplies. No money to boycott anything. No money to give to your favorite candidate. No money to buy broadcast time.

No money to fight back at all.

Making the United States oil dependent instead of independent makes inflation rise…

They think the people are about to rebel politically??? Drive up the cost of fuel. They do two things at once.

They restrict your abilities.

They restrict your movement.

They have officially tied the people’s hands.

They have officially tied your hands.

So they push the green energy thing… it’s actually a money laundering scheme by the way… Old Goreaphobia made millions… then the whole damn encampment decided jump on board…

But he was one man milking the masses….

With a hundred of them doing it they need to subvert the entire planet.

Which gets them in a world of trouble because the ones higher than them need to keep the players in check…. With out the middle management (because that is what our Office of President has been reduced too) they can’t keep the people In check… and it causes a catch 22 war going among them…

They are currently a powder keg….

The Deep State is staring at each other like Cheese burgers…. Wonder who is going to start the feeding first.

Ukraine looks like it just got thrown under the bus… Taiwan looks like it is next…

Russia is getting paid under the table with oil purchases, Iran is getting paid with oil purchases. Venezuela is getting paid with oil purchases.

So they keep the troubles up for the American people.

So they don’t rebel.

So they keep control.

How does it feel to know you are not struggling because you are stupid? (There is no way to win in this system unless you barter and trade)

How does it feel to know you are struggling for no other reason than someone else is leading you around like a jackass with a carrot on a string?

Inflation is not happening because of shortages.

Shortages are happening because of inflation.

Inflation is happening because they want to control you, the people, we the people.

So now, when you hear your kid wanting something or NEEDING something and you don’t have the money….

You can now rest at night knowing…

Your “elected” officials are sleeping well at night and don’t give two shits about it except they are glad you are controlled.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

I don’t read Facebook nor any other social media police platforms. I don’t trust the news media press. A lot of misguided information and lies. I only watch conservative news outlets. The world hears you and can’t wait for you to come back to your rightful place.


FJB! and the FAKE News!

Grin n barrett

There are many among us who feel hopeless and helpless to stop the madness. I, as well as many others, do all we know to do. We write, call, post, donate, vote, sign petitions, protest, carry our signs, post our signs, make our views known. We still feel hopeless and helpless. What else can we do? Short of violence, what can we do? Yes, I am asking for suggestions.


Band together & finance a billboard on a busy road. Say something to the point, simple and truthfully like ‘Vote Trumpism MAGA!👍, or elect Biden’s gang and loose everything’ Be sure to include sleepy Joe’s stupid face


The fake news media all know I downloaded the declassified documents and files. They know I was given Q security clearance to the sensitive declassified information. They know I exposed the swamp guilty of crimes against humanity. They are knowingly ignoring me because I’m not a public figure or a celebrity. They don’t want me to be a hero and it is rather apparent. The news articles written about “Q-Anon” are misinformation. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or a domestic terrorist. I suffer with the most painful disease known to mankind RSD/CRPS. I’ve endured twenty years of trauma surgeries and many painful rehabilitations. I haven’t been anywhere but with my family and hospitals for the last twenty-two years. I have sat here in tears for nearly four years, watching the biggest coverup in US history. I’ve been persecuted and viciously attacked for exposing everything. It took courage exposing the truth and I’m deeply hurt.

My Man Trump

Right now we have a lot of enemies of the people….Certainly censorship is among the worst of it. Too bad they can’t do anything about your Save America rallies. They have played right into the hands of DJT while he plays out his plans. Cannot wait for the finale! Godspeed.

obHisgrace Truth

Why can’t we do something? We are a huge movement, “We the People…” yet we sit by and watch as the administration, the media, & other countries are destroying our United States, ignoring our Constitution our Declaration. When will enough truly be enough? I live in GA, worked the polls in GA, managed a precinct, I’m well aware that President Trump is our duly elected President, I tried to help to no avail. It appears we sit and watch what seems to be the sinking of the Titanic. It’s gut wrenching. When will “We the People…”stand up to tyranny and actually start throwing those boxes of tea overboard. I’m terrified we will never get our country back.

John F. Brzezinski III

Plenty of people out there on disability or otherwise who would help speed the process of exposing election fraud for free if you simply say the word.

Just Me


YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President