T.V. Ratings were awful

“The T.V. Ratings for the January 6th Unselect Committee were absolutely awful. Perhaps the reason is that it is being “sponsored” by Adam “Shifty” Schitt and the same people that brought you the Russia, Russia, Russia HOAX, and that the Unselects are not interested in hearing from anyone saying the Election was Rigged and Stolen, despite the EVIDENCE being irrefutable!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

They are getting what they deserve….public disinterest and knowledge that the steal is the issue and not J6. The public can recognize a farce when they see one. Besides, everyone is more interested in trying to survive FJB than in his criminal committees.


We already know their lies. I won’t support or watch anything the left does.

A new leaf on the tree

I hope the networks get charged for donating the time as a political donation.

Actually, all the mainstream “news” shows should be viewed for tax purposes as a political donation to the socialist/communist democrat’s political party.

Of course, they control the IRS so that ain’t ever going to happen

Pat McGroin

I think you meant to say “of course, this is the dumbest idea ever so that ain’t ever going to happen”

A new leaf on the tree

Well, it is not that hard to choose the dumbest idea ever// it was installing Biden and the most incompetent people ever in the White House … unless the intent was to destroy the country … because they are doing a perfect job of doing that

Last edited 1 year ago by A new leaf on the tree

May the FAKE news and the Commie-Libs BURN in Hell!

Maria M Wineland

Can’t stand seeing or hearing these lying a**holes. They make me sick. We’re still watching our country being destroyed. We might not have a country left if we keep waiting for the upcoming election. Any ideas?


Irrefutable, let’s look at that.
54 courts have refuted this “evidence” and dismissed it without cause.
I think that’s refuted. Unless you want to just keep the big lie alive as it adds money to your coffers and allows your grift to continue…


Democrats have weaponized the the courts, the media, and other entity’s.
They are all compromised by this radical regime.
Democrats will never debate an issue because they would lose.


Ha ha ha! O.M.G. Are you lost? Or even in America! 🤮🤡💩🤡

Amitzah Mitzvah

they can’t get their lies together. Why hasn’t anybody noticed?
They have 2 different lies going on about “the insurrection”, an insurrection that DID NOT happen.
January 5, 2021 … people started arriving for a peaceful protest to give narcissistic nancy their WRITTEN and VERBAL disapproval of the damnedablecraprars lies to be delivered in January 6, 2021 at the Rayburn Building, across the street from the Supreme Court Building. I was there BOTH DAYS. On the 6th day of January, 2021, the PEACEFUL PROTESTERS were NOT PERMITTED TO CARRY THE USA FLAG OR A TRUMP FLAG insude the Rayburn Building. They had to leave their flags outside. Why hasn’t anybody made mention of this? A guest book was signed by almost everybody that walked through the doors. I witnessed that as well as participated in signing. narcissistic nancy was NOT in her office. There was no violence, there was no yelling or ANY misconduct.

On January 10, 202q the damnedablecraprats claimed there was a riot. Another lie I was there too, the people they claimed that rooted rushed past myself and other people, yet they were NOT unruly nor did they riot. I have still frame pictures. showing there was no violence.

I was speaking go a woman this evening and told her there wasn’t a riot on either day. She didn’t believe me. I showed her pictures. Her mouth literially dropped open, as she quietly said, “I didn’t know that. I have seen some of these pictures. Some I haven’t seen. I didn’t know. I believed what I was told. After seeing my pictures she stopped believing the lies.


DeSantis 24

Jojo Gomez

I am voting trump 2024 or not voting at all


Lost vote!! Ha Ha Ha waste you vote!!! Ha


Maybe as Vice President,
President Trump first, until he retires then DeSantis.

Mary Geiger

That show should’ve been cancelled after the first lie was told. I’ll bet that was as soon as the minute hand on all clocks landed on the one-minute mark. I caught about five minutes of it near the end of their idiot show and that was chock full of lies. That was all I could stand; ’cause I couldn’t stand no more!


Reinstate President Trump and let’s stop all this evil.


Never! Sick much?

Michael Jenson

picture the Jan 6th committee meeting the rating are low they are taking off prime time now picture this they all have a tutu on……….


Trump is really triggered by the hearings. There were at least 20 million watching. How many watched his last rally?

A new leaf on the tree

Hey Booby Prize!

20 million is the number of actual votes that Biden got. The rest were fake just like the fake news


Not in America!! He won fair and square! Thus..WHY HE STILL IN OFFICE! The lies won’t work in this country! We aren’t a third world..being led like sheep..l.except his cronies! Ha Ha Ha! Forget this dumb lying azz!💩🤯🤮🥴👺🤡🫣


Love it!!! He is such an eye sore! Ugh


That group are all disgusting liars.

Merilynn Easterling

Will watch movie or clean closet as it will knock out my favorite business shows tomorrow. Thank God for Maria Bartoloma.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr

When will Adam Shifty Schiff be locked up and in prison? The same goes for Nancy and her drunk driving husband Paul, as well as those 2 worthless RINOS Cheney and Kinzinger.
Vote out all democrats and RINOS!


They lost me on the name Unselect.


did not even waste my time with it I WATCHED A MOVIE INSTEAD.


Yeah 2000 mules and a Jackass


Me Too!

Strange Brew

20 million watched!


If they did, they were douped as you are. Convincing lies you must believe.
Your a good Democrat. A good boy you are.



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