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I’ve come to the conclusion, I’ll never be acknowledged, for exposing the TRUTH. I’m an easy target to attack or “knowingly” ignore. No one realizes, what courage it took, exposing the government swamp and Hollywood elite in Epstein’s flight log. It took courage, exposing Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island, caught on the security cameras. No one wants to acknowledge I exposed this demonic , worldwide trafficking/pedophile ring.The news articles trashing “QAnon” are intentional disinformation. I spent the last four years, and many painful and sleepless nights, researching and archiving, all the “declassified” documents, and files from QResearch. It was a serious pursuit to find the truth. The rabbit hole was deep and disturbing. This wasn’t a game to me at all. I’ve had the most hurtful and wicked things writren to me, in my private messenger, and face book page. I lost my original facebook account since 2012, and for some strange reason, I cant create a new email. I am being targeted, and once again I am restricted, for 90 days. I’m not even a public figure or a celebrity. Apparently exposing all the “declassified” information didn’t matter at all. It’s been four years, and l’m “knowingly” ignored. The total disregard and lack of empathy, is what hurts the most. It’s like the news media are thinking and saying “Oh you exposed a worldwide , demonic trafficking/pedophile ring”? “Big deal”!!! I’m so tired of this show and I’ve lost faith in humanity. 😥 I haven’t enjoyed any of this at all. I spent the last four years, crying and sitting here, all alone. No one would like being labeled, a conspiracy theorist, domestic terrorist, white supremist or antisemetic. I am none of these slanderous adjectives or nouns. None of these words, describe me at all. I am a loving, empathetic, kind and patriotic mom. I am proud of my daughter ,who served, our country in the Air Force National Guard. I love my family , God and country. I believe in truth and justice and the pursuit of happiness. Instead of feeling like a hero, I feel like a total zero. It has been truly humbling, serving my country. It took courage exposing the enemy, both foreign and domestic.I took an oath , signed an agreement, and I passed security. clearance.Dig~Meme~Pray Everyday🌹🦁🇺🇸 Please MAGA President Trump💝 Much love and many prayers~Q-anonymous

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Look Up To Heaven

Dear Diane, look up to Heaven from which comes thy help. We are sorry you have gone through so much. We too have lost trust or faith in some people in recent years. We find it is a time to spend with Jesus and God more than ever before. That involves us putting our faith in God and less in mankind. We pray for conversion of souls because we have been disappointed more and more in people in general in our lives. We have been stunned many times in our work of service by negative people. It began in approximately, 2016, and it parallels, Trump going into the White House and the witnessing of such negative people we were going to see on the national level. If you were dealing with the news medias, you have got to recognize how tainted they had become. Trump fights the good fight every day, that is why we love him. We all have to stay grounded with God and Jesus as we too, keep fighting the good fight.
God Bless

Linda M

😥❤❤🇺🇸❤❤Thank you.


The democrats need to put on trial immediately for the Rigged and Stolen Election.
All that were involved, fbi, media, Zuckerberg, gates, big tech, the deep state and so on.

My Man Trump

MAGA!!!! RULES!!!! We the people of America. No one can stop us. We love you President Trump!


Spot On!

Sarah Luu

IF there was NO FRAUD, CHEATING & STEALING, NO SWEAT!!! We’d have FULL CONTROL of BOTH House of Rep’s, the Senate & MOST IMPORTANT, YOU – President Donald J Trump IN the WHITE HOUSE where you RIGHTFULLY BELONG! Sarah Luu

Michael Jenson

We the People, not we the government. We are many and the will of the People will prevail Cheaters and liars shall not prosper….


Brandon is the fascist. Who is trying to control everything? They are!!!


Only for the time being.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We the People want our rightful President Trump back in the White House ASAP!


We do not want him in the “White House”. I’m sorry. The White House is not part of my country. It is in a foreign territory not part of this union of states. It is only the headquarters for the USA inc, which is bankrupt and and has no authority to pillage the people of America any longer.

Ralph Fleming

Soooo, you want him in the Kremlin?


Heil Brandon and Ralphie!


Amen President Trump!

R Minoglio

I want my country back. Let’s go Brandon. Wake up people before they destroy us and our way of life. MAGA.


FJB! and the Commie-Libs!



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