Taking advantage of the players for many years

“Take the money and run (or stay!). The PGA of “America” and the PGA Tour have been taking advantage of the players for many years (not much different than charging the fans $19 for a beer), and the players are not happy. The “PGA” has maximum Tax Exempt Status, makes a fortune, and pays executives salaries higher than virtually any of the the very talented players can make in a good year. LIV can change that! Backed by Saudi Arabia (just like Formula One, UFC, Boxing, Tennis & almost all of sports, unlimited amounts of money will be available for the players, charity, and likewise the PGA will, because of this new competition, be forced to “pay up,” maybe even having to reduce their very bloated salaries. It was only because of competition that the Players Championship paid a record this year – great going Cam! Professional Golfers should embrace LIV, and just watch what happens – Much more of everything for all!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Expose all their pathetic schemes in all organizations! Make America Great Again! Thanks, President Trump. We need all these elites to bare the truth.


What is LIV?

A new leaf on the tree

We love that you love golf. It is the only sport left where the tradition of honesty, manners and courtesy are an important part of the game.

Thanks to you, these qualities have carried over to the MEGA movement.

MEGA = Make America GOLF Again ... free to use that 🙂


Did you miss Commander in Cheat by Rick Reilly which is mainly about how trump always cheats at golf. There is no honesty involved in his golf game.


Sir, these rants against elitest organizations that you believe have wronged you do nothing to help us, your loyal base. We want you to be fighting for us again, so why spend energy on an organization that has hurt you only. We don’t care about the PGA and if you are really fighting for us, you shouldn’t either.

Forget the PGA and focus on us, your base, rather than chasing money.

Same with Dr Oz, he’s chasing money and is using you to help him.

Come back to your base Sir and focus on us again…


Thanks for the common sense comments!!!!


I guess some people like to be taken advantage of. Giving back to the Commonwealth thanks to President Trump.


Sounds like a Trump company. Sour grapes for losing the right to have the wonderful PGA championship at Bedminster because of your roll in the January 6th insurrection. Because of your actions, many folks that could have enjoyed the tournament at Bedminster got screwed. You are pathetic.


I guess some people like to be taken advantage of.

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