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Save Our United States

Our governments across the nation (federal, state, local) have a spending problem which necessarily requires a taxing problem. It’s all going to need to come to an end soon because Americans have been living a borrowed, fake lifestyle.

The various governments of our nation will steal everything that you own to continue to support their spending because that is how they get people to vote for them– if we let them.

What is the fix? Simple. Balanced budget amendment (federal, state, local) and a flat or sales tax. That puts everything back in the box. Will the politicians vote for this? Hell no! They use our tax dollars to get votes.

This one issue (debt spending) is destroying our nation.


Excellent Book!
Screw taxation without representation!


Sounds interesting, adding it to my list.


Tax dollars should only be used to fund the military, maintain the military, disaster relief, veteran support, social security etc. Government official should not get any higher pay than the average national private sector income, no government vehicles ,special perks, same medical plans as regular citizens.This would eliminate the need for term limits, only people who love OUR country would choose to serve. Cut the waste, no funding the arts, frivolous studies on topics not affecting national safety and security, other studies that were VALUABLE would done by the private sector. Using COMMON SENSE policies would keep America on the right path. let’s fire the dopes and grifters in November 2022 and 2024.

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Stupid and crazy people elected (democrats) are the root of all evil. The election process must have some basic standards for the candidates wishing to run for an office serving the people. It is not rocket science.


Spot On!



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