Ted Budd is now leading the pack in North Carolina

“Ted Budd, who I endorsed many months ago for the U.S. Senate, is now leading the pack in North Carolina. He is the true America First fighter who stands strong for the Second Amendment, fights for our great Military and Law Enforcement, and has tremendous courage fighting against the Woke Mob who wants to destroy America. I am proud of him, and he is going to win big. Ted Budd is the ONLY U.S. Senate candidate in North Carolina who has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

I live in North Carolina and would LOVE to help in the statewide election process. Please put me in your service to save the GREATEST COUNTRY on the planet.

I love you, President Trump, and I love the GREATEST FIRST FAMILY EVER!!!


Vote Ted Budd for U.S. Senate! Our country depends on it! MAGA!


Vote Ted Budd for North Carolina U.S. Senate!
Keep North Carolina RED!


I’m a Native North Carolinian and Mr. Budd has my Vote and 100% support!!


Good Job!


But, he’s not fighting the communists like Carlos????

Becky G

4 10 20


Trump is our best hope that has them in fear for now, but we must be prepared for anything.

Trump is but one man, but WE are a Nation, who can Unite the World.
WE must take care of this.
NEVER give up your guns, nor the 2nd Amendment. And get busy updating the wording to cover the new weapons of the future, for they are on our doorstep.

Ban Soros and everyone connected to that line of corruption, for it runs DEEP.

Abolish the monopolies AND RETURN ALL the money to the taxpayers,
all the Capital,
all the Real Estate,
all the TAXES evaded by loopholes,
all the ill gotten Gains from insider trading and market manipulations and stealing from retirements.

End LOBBYING which is just a fancy word for BRIBING, in all its various forms, including the “Revolving Door” (aka the Swamp Express)

They have been the parasitic leech on this country’s back for too many generations. We will have to pay them off, with minimal interest, because they are like the Mob, but the free ride is over.

It’s time to Remodel the “White House” in Red, White and Blue, for we are still the Melting Pot that makes up the United States of America.
Reinforce the Foundation with Morals, the disinfectant you were really talking about to eliminate the rodent infection of the Swamp.
Insulate Lady Liberty and our Freedoms from Corruption and Communism in any form.

That way this old house will last for the NEXT 250 years…

“The happy Union of these States is a wonder; their Constitution a miracle; their example the hope of Liberty throughout the world.”
James Madison

Elizabeth Headley

Tedd Budd it is then! Thank you Sir! GOD WINS: YOU WIN: I WIN! MY FAMILY WINS! ( Good enough for me!) AMEN!


Great!!! Keep those endorsements coming. Thank you Mr. President!!

My Man Trump

Yeah Ted, way to go.


Who do we have to replace almost all of our federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA etc. We must imprison the corrupt regardless of any protections their jobs offer. Remove some or all protections politicians receive. The cost of corruption is cheap. Being fired with benefits is no punishment. The American People will never trust the gov. and be pushed further apart from the gov. (law & order) if the corrupt walk free. This will lead to a real insurrection given birth by politicians and the like getting away with crimes. Today, we have the middle class stuck in the middle once again. The middle class is stuck between criminal politicians and the thugs they support (soft on crimes jail birds, BLM, ANTIFA etc.). Q: If Soros is such a problem on many societies why is he remaining free of crimes? DO YOUR JOB is the message everyone needs to hear. The world is slowly exploding and a critic mass like state is nearly reached by the common man. Enough is enough. We must fix it or SHTF.


FBI and CIA for GITMO!

SL Strohs

Who do you endorse for Governor of Michigan. Patriots here favor Garret Soldano.

Yuk Chun Birch

Pray for more & more patriots to serve in congress to defeat ungrateful traitors like Tlaib & Omar ruining our 200+ years of Constituted Republic.


Go Get ’em Ted

Rebekah Adams

Awesome!! I will be voting for Ted Budd



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