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We love Terrence! I bought his book a while back and we read it to each other. His story is profound and inspiring!!

Look Up To Heaven

It is now 9/12 and the social (antisocial) media and other medias said Nothing about 9/11! If that doesn’t exactly describe what they are about completely.
Thank you, National Geographic, for your beautiful stories of all those Americans who loved the United States. We must focus on that love for Americans and not on how those evil ones want us to be full of hate just like they are.
We have our red, white and blue flag out and we plan to watch more of these stories this evening.
We remember, Mr. President, last year when you went to NY’s Fire Departments and Police Departments. Those men and women, hung on every word you said. You could see the respect in their eyes for you. At the worse time in America, you brought them hope and all of us hope, and you still do. Thank you for all you do.

Edward J de la Houssaye JR

Hooray For Donald J Trump!


Can’t wait to get it, another gift on my Christmas list.




I Dont know Him But if you like Him He is great!!!


Terrence is a Good Guy and Great Comedian!

Christina M.

Definitely. Terrence is great!! 🇺🇸 ❤️

Sylvia Hebert

Sounds like an amazing book! I plan to order it! Life’s circumstances doesn’t define who we are! We define who we become 🥰


LOVE Terrence!!

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