Texas Congressman Lance Gooden Endorses President Donald J. Trump

“Washington, D.C. — Today, after careful consideration and a positive meeting with Governor Ron DeSantis, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) announces his endorsement of President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 presidential election. While Congressman Gooden has great respect for Governor DeSantis and his accomplishments in Florida, he firmly believes President Trump’s proven track record and commitment to putting America first make him the best candidate in 2024.

Congressman Gooden issued the following statement: “I met with Govemor DeSantis, and while he has done commendable work in Florida, them is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is the only leader who can save America from the leftist onslaught we are currently facing. President Trump is a tireless fighter, a champion of American jobs, a guardian of our economy, and a bulwark against the relentless invasion of our borders by illegal immigrants. He unyieldingly supported our military and veterans, and bravely stood up to the dangerous socialist agenda propagated by the radical left. I wholeheartedly endorse President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 presidential election and vow to fight alongside him to reclaim our country from the leftist forces that threaten to destroy it. Together, we will ensure a prosperous and secure future for our great nation.””

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Sarah Luu

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, Excellent ENDORSEMENT. I don’t believe ANYONE has worded their endorsement For President Trump so eloquently! Just Plain perfect. A Big BURN on De Santis!, endorsing The President RIGHT AFTER A “discussion” with the Governor! Obviously A WELL THOUGHT OUT DECISION. THANKS to Congressman Gooden! & CONGRATS TO OUR GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!!! Love ya both! Sarah Luu

Nancy A. Daylo

Wholeheartedly agree with the TX Rep. Gooden. He is a good man if he backs President Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump is not only a champion for AMERICA, but he can handle the whole world and knows our friends and enemies abroad and he makes them friends. He doesn’t get us into wars by weakness or unwise diplomacy.He is the ONLY ONE who knows it all. Do you realize how very precious he is? No amount of money can buy him. And he worked for free as PRESIDENT. Who does that? Nancy A. Daylo


Very well put. I fully agree with Congressman Lance Gooden. President Trump 2024/MAGA/47.


Great choice!

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