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I had a major misunderstanding of this post by President Trump (and look how the usual creepy trolls ran with it, ugh). He was talking about approval FOR Republicans, not approval of Trump among Republicans. I don’t know if all those figures somehow average out to 96% trusting Republicans to run our country and thereby not trusting demoncrats, but “largest edge ever over democrats”…in an NBC poll of all things, and polling everyone, not just Republicans…is good enough for me to know that our Pres. Trump was telling the truth here.

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Airmen Anderson

“Who’s Winning the War to Secure our Vote; We the People’s Vote?”


For the Past +20 Months our own Congress has been telling the American People that January 6th, 2021, was a TRUMP INSURRECTION! That couldn’t be any further from the Truth!

And mind you this IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED a Riot occurred plain, and simple & these Law makers committed Treason while in Chambers and now they are trying to cover it up!
These People had better be STOPPED or you can KISS YOUR MIDTERMS, and every Election there after Goodbye…

God save the Republic! Mr. President Sir!

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Sarah Luu

As always, THANK YOU for your well informative posts. Keep firing away!!


Thank you for sharing.

Airmen Anderson

Just in Reported by Fox News! Nord Stream Pipe Line Destroyed!

Look Up To Heaven

Thank you for sharing this critical news. Some people just share their opinions only. Sharing critical news make this site so much more valuable.
God Bless

Airmen Anderson

Good morning, Mr. President Sir!
I have responded here twice in the last 24-48 hours and to no avail… I voted for you twice and I shall vote for you again! And I do not need an RNC or GOP Pole Impact payment request to tell you that I am. What We the People need right now is results from our U.S. Military White Hats in this silent War against the Cabal the Deep State. Midterms are weeks away and We the People of this great Country, One Nation under God, have just been given 2 shots if not more across the Bow by our opponent, or shall I say by our enemy!
Just in Reported by Fox News! Nord Stream Pipe Line Destroyed!
News Flash! HR 8873 the Presidential Election Reform Act is NOT Reforming the Electoral College, It is doing away with it! The Passing of this Bill is totally against the Will of We the People! Violates the 1776 U.S. Constitution that I can tell you! The President of the Senate has the Right to deny the State Legislatures Votes & Slates while in Session in Chambers when in FACT they are found to be corrupt and send them back to the State Legislatures. V.P. Pence had that Power to do so January 6th, 2021, and didn’t! V.P. Pence then the President of the Senate folded like a cheap Suit! The passing of HR 8873 right before the Midterms will further weaken a Nation that is already in Peril! And Mitch McConnell knows it! God save the Republic!
And I have to ask you Mr. President, 96% Approval Rating that is great should be 100% Reported in my opinion but based on what? When in FACT our opponent or shall I say our enemies can flip this 100% favor for YOU to their advantage at whim! We the People haven’t seen a thing that has corrected this Crime of the Century that occurred on November 3rd, 2020. Mr. President, if the corrupt FBI can illegally walk into your Home without you present without consequence what is stopping them from continuing this outrageous Criminal Act of Criminal Trespass against anyone?
Nobody wants War Mr. President, I certainly don’t but when the time comes that our opponent our enemies have declared War on every level of our Gov’t on the moral fabric of our Country, against our Republic it is time to go to War! Our lives have been threatened with deadly EUA’s; our Liberty, Prosperity and our Freedoms have been threatened. Biological Warfare, Cyber Warfare, the Stealing of Intellectual Property, It is time that our United States Military White Hats rise to this occasion under the Insurrection Act of 1807, that you enacted, January 2021, and Arrest those that have committed Treason before the Midterms! Putting the fear of God into the hearts & minds of the enemy, will strengthen the hearts & minds of We the People, knowing our U.S. Military is acting upon the call of Duty on the Crime of the Century! 

God save the Republic! Mr President, Sir!

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Wow, that’s scary stuff. Makes sense though, seeing Revelation truth. God be with us.
Thank you for sharing. We must be prepared.

Just Me

Your approval rating is going to tank because of this nonsense of Trump-DeSantis fighting and not supporting the other one.

The two of you MUST be united in policy and support of each other.

The media is already pushing the Trump-DeSantis backbiting as proof the Republican Party is fractured and cannot survive the mid-term elections.

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A Trump-DeSantis team would be absolutely fantastic, and formidable to the forces of destruction, i.e. the Soros Swamp. That’s of course why the “media” are spouting that garbage.
Seeing Trump and DeSantis shaking hands is truly awesome. From 2019:


Unless Desantis bows to the feet of Trump, Trump will not have it. And Desantis won’t do that. Desantis would be a fool to be his running mate, afterall, look what Trump did to Pence the moment he didn’t break the law for him. Who in their right mind would be his running mate? They are both terrible choices for the GOP–and people are certainly beginning to see that. BTW, 96% percent approval rating by Republicans? HOG WASH.

Preserve America

President Trumps MAGA Approval Rating is 200% !

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Airmen Anderson

Good afternoon Mr President,

96% of what Mr President? The opposition is Not Playing on the Same Playing Field!

This Nation is not only a Nation in Decline but a Nation in Peril!
Categorically this Nation is at DEFCON 1 Mr President Sir!
Take Note: Reported recently by

Enough is enough our United States Military White Hates, Delta Force, Special Forces, and JAG must intervene… under the Insurrection Act of 1807 post haste!


On this 27th Day of our Lord, September 2022,

God save the Republic! Mr President Sir!


Everyone should read this and share. We are living in scary times.


Please hurry up and drain the swamp President Trump. My utility bills are so high, I don’t know how I’m going to pay them. My gas bill is almost 100$ and I haven’t turned on the heat yet. It’s terrible what is going on in America. Especially for the poor and disabled, which is what I am. I am feeling rather hopeless. Why won’t the “fake” news media acknowledge the truth? They ALL know exactly “who” and “what” I exposed nearly four years ago and they remain silent. I have never seen such a coverup in my entire life! It took tremendous courage exposing the “swamp”. I am praying justice prevails soon..God help us all 🙏🦁🇺🇸MAGA

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Just Me

Today, I read that next year, our individual Federal Income Tax is increasing to slightly over 20%. We already pay 10% to Obamacare, have a $500 monthly inflation in our monthly budgets, and they are going to raise utility bills to keep us from using fossil fuels.

We are, indeed, in big, big trouble.


PS: “People” out there are saying the 96% isn’t true. Is there a source for that? Someone, please share here.


If you are asking for a source that it’s true, I’d like to see that myself. If you are asking for a source that it’s not true, just Google it. You won’t have any problems.


Because we all know Google is honest and has never had any personal agendas against President Trump. They’d never lie or censor Mr Trump. They’d never hide his accomplishments and only push FAKE NEWS about President Trump.
I say we all take a cue from you and believe everything Google tells us to believe.
It certainly would save a lot of time.

If we all had your mindset the new catchphrase would be, Make America Google Again, right?


Shell is being facetious. Read it again Kevin. I think you will get it.


Wouldn’t it be more profitable, instead of accusing everyone else of lying, to provide a source to verify that Mr. Trump is telling the truth??


Lol, very good.


I already did provide the source of Trump’s statement, which shows it’s about the Republican party being hugely favored over demoncrats by all types of voters, but the moderators chose to delay posting it or not post it at all. Why is beyond me.

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When I say “someone please share” I mean someone legit, not some deranged marxist. They’re such loathed pests.


FOUND IT! It’s approval FOR Republicans. Trump was telling the truth, but I don’t know if 96% is accurate…it is believable though, with the shameful disaster our country has become under the insane brandon regime:


Wonderful news! Makes you wonder about that 4%. Envy and sour grapes come to mind. What could they so strongly object to that Trump accomplished in his first term that they’d help marxists take over? They so bone-headedly want to be “liked” by the SNL or late-night show crowd, or to not be ridiculed by the “hipsters.” How admirable.


Maybe I’m paranoid but I think dems have a different plan up their sleeve to steal the Nov. election and 2024 presidency. Right now Pennsylvania should not be close. They are probably paying a lot of money to have Republicans vote democratic…or something. I sure hope Trump team has a lot going on behind the scenes.

Linda M

Looking forward to your winning one more time. Actually looking forward to this country getting back to the Constitutional Republic its supposed to be. For the people like you say Sir. ❤🇺🇸❤ Respect Sir.

My Man Trump

Thank you, President Trump. We will shortly win this war of good versus evil.

Donna Richardson

Trump the only thing I have to thank you for, is running your mouth non stop. Makes it easier to prosecute your treasonous ass.


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!


All of your friends on here claim that only the conservatives are the ones constantly using the word treason but never the liberals. Hmm, go figure.


I never claimed that. Trump committed Treason on January 6th. And he has been doing it ever since that fateful day by repeating the lies over and over and over again thus getting his supporters all juiced up for his civil war.

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Rowland L. Holland

U actually got an A ! Incredible ! Has there ever been another so high ?


Mr President, we should be asking you, the brave Military leaders working with you to forgive us for being so naive as to what was going on in our country not to mention the world. We thought we were safe under government powers. Instead, our children were being tortured for their own benefit. Never again will this happen. You have waken us up and those who refuse to see the truth, well, who knows what will happen.
Thank you for the sacrifice you endured all these years. I thank the Military for their protecting and saving as many children possible throughout the world. I pray they can find peace.
Still a rough road ahead but we can get through it together. You have helped us get strong and bold and take charge of our own lives. Thank you isn’t enough. But, it’s all I have.


Thanks to you President Trump. We will get our Country back. We now know what needs to be done.
We will restore our Country’s values and dignity.

Becky Peterson

Driving route today in California
in the middle of a cow field I see
TRUMP 2024.
They are scared!

Cheese and crackers

The cows are scared?



Mac Carthy

Yeah, in the middle of a cow field, lots of cow shit!



You’re welcome Mr. President and thank you for your service. We couldn’t have done it alone.


Give it a little time Mr President and it’ll hit 100%. Actually I’m surprised it isn’t already. It really should be.


TRUMP 2024!
Make America ROCK Again!

Airmen Anderson

Good evening Mr President,
Just came over the wire from The Epoch Times.
“House Moves to Block Decertifying an Election; DOJ Impedes Trump Special Master”
Mr President, it is without a doubt to see that the far Left Socialist, Marxist, Communists Democrats are not playing by the 1776 U.S. Constitutional Laws or Rule of Law for that matter. The Cabal, Trilateral Commission, Counsel of Foreign Relations the CFR, & the Bilderberg Group evil has breached all three separate Branches of our Republic & Government, George Soros among others of this Cabal has seen to that demise.
This evil usurps to no higher authority but their own and Satan for the lack of a better word. I am sure that some in this evil Cabal may even say that they may believe in God but despise even the mention of God’s name. If War is imminent, it surely has shown its ugly head more than ever before.

I thank God for your Leadership and for the Leadership that you so treasure as your Mentors the Late President Ronald Reagan, President Abraham Lincoln and President Thomas Jefferson that came before you. As a U.S. Citizen of this great Country One Nation under God and now under the Renewed U.S. 1776 Constitution thanks to you Mr. President I implore our U.S. Military White Hates to Act and finish their Mission under the Insurrection Act of 1807 post haste! Military Arrest all those that have committed Treason.

Time is of the essence there is no time left our Midterms are upon us, there is no way that our Midterms will be a success without Military Intervention! I implore our Military White Hats to declare War on this evil Cabal on behalf of the 80 million that voted for you including myself. Crimes have been committed here on a scale no one has ever seen before may God help us all, Mr. President Sir!

Your brother in Christ, Godspeed…

Look Up To Heaven


Save Our United States


Sarah Luu

Thank YOU Mr. President. WE & our children will NEVER forget EVERYTHING INCREDIBLE THING that YOU & YOUR ADMINISTRATION accomplished during your 4 SHORT YEARS as President i.e. A FANTASTIC economy, energy DOMINANCE, ENDING wars that looked to have no end, etc. BUT THEN, the “Chinn – Lee” virus, A TOTALLY RIGGED & STOLEN election. From THE VERY FIRST DAY OF BIDEN’S MAFIA, our country turned to 5hit in weeks! Yes, WE WILL NEVER FORGET your GOOD DEEDS, & BIDEN’s Sadistic EVIL! We need you back NOW!! You are our SUPERMAN! With GOD”S HELP, we WILL & MUST PREVAIL! Once again, THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you did & CONTINUE to do! Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!! They ARE NOT DONE in trying to KILL YOU & your family. THEY ARE ALL DESPERATELY INSANE & I put NOTHING PASS THEM. GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS. May the HOLY SPIRIT continue to protect you all, so when THE DAY COMES, YOU can SAVE OUR GREAT COUNTRY, THEN THE FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE OF OUR GREAT EARTH!! With the Upmost Love & Deepest
Respect, Your Sister in Christ, Sarah Luu

Kreg Vergith

Never a doubt, sir!


Look the 96% approval rating up online. You might be amused at what you find. I know I was!!


NBC survey-The share of Republicans who choose loyalty to former President Donald Trump over the Republican Party has dropped to its lowest level since the NBC News poll began asking about it, according to new numbers from the survey. The share of those supporting Trump primarily is slightly below the previous low, a 34% mark from a May 2022 poll of Republican adults.

R Minoglio

Let’s go Brandon. ULTRAMAGA


MAGA!!!! We are with you President Trump and all your great people running for office in 2022. God bless you.


MAGA 🦁🇺🇸

Mary Geiger

You deserve this for what you’ve done, and we thank you for what you stand for – our country and its people. MAGA!

Mac Carthy

Make America Gross Again – the Party of Lard & Odor!


FJB! and YOU!


We love you!

Anahita Kar

Dear Potus45
I’m a mega MAGA Iranian American: Iranians in Iran love you! They need you to show them support. Please speak out for the uprising Avi at this bridal
Terrorist tyrannical regime. It will give them an extra source of inspiration.


YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President