Thank you all of the GREAT and BEAUTIFUL Americans

“Thank you all of the GREAT and BEAUTIFUL Americans who congratulated me on my return to Social Media. Very proud to say that many Haters, and those in Fake News Establishment, have joined us on Truth. BIG NUMBERS. By the way, Truth is a strong NUMBER ONE in the Apple App Store!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Keep the HEAT Turned Up on the Commie-Liberals!
THANK YOU, President Trump!


So glad your on. The people need to hear from our Leader. Gives us hope and strength through all this madness.


You are a very generous and beuatifull person. We have never had a President so fine and humble
Please make sure that all the criminal Democrats and communist-RINOs and haters and enemies never be allowed to Spread their lies. Only those who will tell the truth of our President can be allowed . No place for liars ( except in jail!!)

My Man Trump

Would love to be on Truth Social. Still waiting. I use a desk top computer so I’m sure I’m pretty old school. lol. Sir, what you have done for us is enormous and very much necessary in these evil times with radical Marxists in our White House, let alone our country. They are haters to the extreme and the leaders of fake news.

Meggy M Blaser Porte

Many of us, while still waiting for social truth, are quite busy living full lives off the screen. No, you are not old school to have a nice big screen to go online to. We are blessed with both but prefer laptops and desk pcs to ios 8 mini screens any day. Last time we tried we still could not download social truth onto a pc. If you know how to will you, please share it with the rest of us, thank you. God Bless

My Man Trump

I definitely will as soon as I figure it out.

Mark Rakow

It can be downloaded to a PC, but only on Windows 11, 10, and Mac machines, and the Bluestacks Emulator must be downloaded and installed first. It also requires a machine running an original 64-bit version of Windows 8 or later, with virtualization enabled, and Hyper-V disabled. If your machine uses a 32-bit version, it will not work, because the 64-bit version allows installation and use of ARM64-v8a Android applications.

I must admit, I don’t know what any of this means. My tech support person tried to explain it. But he’s a Trump supporter.

Which is self-explanatory.

Strange Brew

Only because most folk already have Twitter


Who is Twitter?

Rowland L. Holland

so when does the free world get it ?


I have never had an account on twitter nor Facebook for obvious reasons however, I might join twitter if Mr Musk does what he claims he’ll do to it. Having said that, I am a very PROUD member of truth social. So far great, friendly people spreading the truth. I’m 100% hooked. Truth Social will only get stronger over time and remain #1 in my opinion.


Buy me an iphone… I’ll join !


Dino, I thought you could get it on your Obama/Brandon phone you got when you entered the country illegally?

Gloria Hensley

I’ll be on when i can (1) either use my laptop or (2) get it on my Android phone. Until then, I’ll continue to use Gettr.



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