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Wholeheartedly agree! I used to say “best President of my lifetime – after Ronald Reagan.” Somewhere during year two I started to drop that last phrase.

The only people who don’t like the work that PRESIDENT Trump and his administration accomplished are the blood suckers who have been grafting the system for years.

They, in turn, hire losers like Mike & Mike, Sue & Ivan, to post nonsense on forums like these in a vain attempt to foment even more insurrection.

Consider this: $23MILLION federal dollars sent to my hometown of Baltimore, to help the poor rise up out of their cycle of poverty, simply “disappeared” under the watchful eye of the Demoncrat Mayor. Not surprisingly, he and his corrupt wife soon had a new mansion to live in. It doesn’t take a financial analyst to connect those dots. Equally not surprising is that he and now his widow were some of the loudest Trump opponents, calling for violence against innocent citizens.

THAT is the Demoncrat legacy: violence and lunacy!

Trump 2021 and again in 2024!!

Mike Kissinger

Well, we are all allowed our opinions of who is/was the best/worst president and can be argued for generations.

What is curious about your post is the allegation that a male Baltimore mayor “disappeared” $23 Million dollars. Who would that be?

The current mayor is Jack Young…not a whiff of scandal surrounding him. He took over for Catherine Pugh (female) who did resign in disgrace for her book scandal. Mr. Young is not married, so no wife to share the mansion with.

The two mayors before her were both female, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Sheila Dixon.

Before that it was Martin O’Malley, no scandal there.

Kurt Schmoke, first Black elected mayor of Baltimore, no scandal there either.

Clarence Burns, first appointed Black mayor, ditto, no scandal.

William Schaefer, White guy, longest serving mayor, resigned to run for and become governor of Maryland. He said of lot of dumb stuff, but was never accused of “disappearing” money.

We are getting back to the 60’s so most would not even be aware of Trump, let alone be loud opponents. In fact none of the mayors listed are consider loud opponents of Trump.

So as usual, you just make stuff up.

It is funny that you think people are getting paid to call out your bullshit. LOL! Thank you.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

The fat ass is unemployed. I approve of that!!!

Mike Kissinger

You know Mr. Trump, I am actually starting to feel sorry for you. You are like the high school star quarterback, who realized that his senior year was his pinnacle…and spent the rest of his life reliving his glory days. (Hey that would make a good song)

You probably miss the adoring crowds, flying in on Air Force One, not worrying about who would pay for the stadium rental, total TV coverage, saying anything you wanted because it appeared that the truth did not matter.

Now you are reduced to grubbing nickels from your adoring fans on a grade school blog. Whining like a Sore Loser.

Why don’t you use that super power you have over your cultists and convince them to get vaccinated. We all would be better off and you would have a positive place in history. You and your wife got vaccinations so you know it is safe and effective.

Whadda ya say Mr. Trump? I know you can do it. Thank you.


Who cares. You lost.

Michael Jenson

Congratulations my President, it comes as no surprise. Thank You.


President Re-Elected Trump is the BEST President EVER!
Congratulations President Re-Elected Trump!


“Soon-to-be-back-in-the-White-House” re-elected President Trump!! (I like your new title for him.)


that makes two stupid asses

Mike Hunt

Must be sad! to sit & comb through all the bad, poor, low ratings to find just one that makes your little weewee stiff. Twice impeached. Twice lost the popular vote. Petty. Pitiful. Pathetic!


You and your leftist buddies sat on the couch writing twitter & fb posts along the lines of “not my president” and defending Obama’s legacy…. he’s the reason Trump won in the first place. Obama screwed up this country and divided our nation to the point where ppl were choosing Trump as the solution.

Also, popular vote is not democracy dumb dumb….. How can any minority have a voice if popular vote was the way? read a book

Mike Hunt

I agree that Obama was the reason Trump won. Yes, all the racist pigs in this country were so upset a n*gg*r was in the White House they voted a flagrant racist for POTUS.

Mike Kissinger

This is your funniest post yet, Mr. Trump! Thank you. You have no job in Arizona to approve or disapprove of.

The voters of Arizona helped kick you out of the White House back in 2020.

Mike Hunt

You still lost – BIGLY! LOSER! Man-baby!


Rigged and stolen election and everybody KNOWS IT!
Including you Dumb Ass!

True American

Ohh goody. Tell us more, Stewie. In spite of MyPillow Larry and Trump’s kraken team of legal incompetence, tell us how the election was rigged. Too many black people voting? Probably not. Trump calling Georgia to tell them to “find votes”? Absolutely he tried to rig the election that way. Trump calling the acting AG to have him merely declare the election “corrupt” and then he’d take care of the rest? Give us the scoop, you mimsical idiot.


True American winner! Mic has been dropped.


Just exactly of what “America” are you “true”? Even South America would not want you.

Perhaps you should just align with Canada? They love brain dead people like you.

True American

Who are you again?


What are you?


stop this everybody knows it bullcrap.Only stupid asses know that



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