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Happy Birthday President Trump. God bless you.

Ruth Ann Kaschak Troutman

God Bless you President Trump! Stay Strong & Positive! We Love you! Happy Birthday President Trump!!!

Sarah Luu

THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT! A little early on my post, but I could not wait. Each & EVERY speech you give gets better & better EVERY TIME! We ( MY FAMILY) laughed & cried at the same time like never before. KEEP THEM COMING! Even though the main networks won’t cover you, KEEP THEM COMING!! They are not just emotional, BUT LOADED WITH FACTS THAT WE SEE & HEAR NOWHERE ELSE. I’d have a few attorneys expert on FCC rules & reg.’s check out the statutes on broadcast equal time. I believe they are violating these rules by NOT allowing & broadcasting your speeches as campaign ads. EVERY TIME Biden or ANY of your so called competition farts( i e Bidens tooth-who cares!) That IS NOT IMPORTANT HEADLINE NEWS!,The “fake news” are all over it & analyze it for hours. If I am right ,they are violating the rules of “serving the public trust as a public trustee” – one of the rules THAT MUST BE OBEYED to hold a broadcasting license. Back to your speeches- MORE MORE MORE!!! KEEP THEM COMING. I’d like to see the FIRST LADY A FEW TIMES! AGAIN, THANK YOU AGAIN AHEAD OF TIME & by the way HAVE THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY WITH YOU WONDERFUL FAMILY & FRIENDS. TRY to forget about ALL of this BS for a day and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!! With LOVE & RESPECT FROM ME & MY FAMILY TO YOU & YOURS, Sarah Luu


Thank YOU President Trump!
TRUMP 2024!


President Trump, you are the best. Stay strong and God bless you. I’m afraid this is still going to go their way, meaning they will drag you through a trial just to keep the election Campaign Interference going and using propaganda and fake news.

Airmen Anderson

Good evening Mr President, thank you for your Leadership, your courage, and your strength to stand up to all these tyrannical goons in our corrupt Justice System. Not to mention the Criminal World Cabal! I pray that all this shall come to pass in Christ, & “Peace be still.” saith the Lord. God be with you and your family in all your travels, for I am with you! You have my Vote! And We the People with the help of our White Hat Partition U.S. Military must secure the Ballot Box to all paper Ballots in every State, Zip Code, and precinct & by No other means! Same day Voting once again in this Great Country. Godspeed, Mr President Sir!

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Sarah Luu

Great to hear from you again. Keep your wisdom coming!


God bless you President Trump. Looking forward to 4 more years. Praying we get there. God be with you and your family through this craziness.

Kelly Michelle Unterreiner

Keep the faith Pres. Trump !!! We love you !!



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