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Only President Trump took the responsibilities for the right reasons. All the others, put a carrot in front of their nose, and they will betray anyone. Pride, pride and power will ruin anyone. But President Trump did it for us and our country. Thank you president Trump
God Bless You

R Minoglio

Ron Desantis should thank President Trump. He is ungrateful. Thank you President Trump. Keep up the good work. We need you now. This country can’t survive 2 more years of the Biden administration.

Nancy A. Daylo

QUIBBLING? As Martha Stewart always says,”It was a good thing!” It was clear that Ron was losing, but one word from Donald Trump and he won by many points. Be quiet and thank President Trump. He is magnanimous! He helped. And Ron seems to be doing well as governor. Many people like him. He should be sure to live up to his record and surpass it. And … he should thank Donald. J. Trump. It is only nice and proper. And Ron is not the only person who is ambitious and wanting to feather their own nest. Donald Trump has been cheated and he has suffered the slings and arrows of the corrupt Biden Administration! One million, plus pages of investigation has proved that Donald Trump is an innocent man. He is worthy of the office. And he proved his ability to serve this nation with love and attention to all the problems domestic and abroad. He was fought on every turn, but made things happen. I would suspect that JESUS is on his side. Look at his stats, Unheard of! Look at the battles he has fought with the corrupt DEMS, daily persecution. What man of you could handle that? And they are getting closer to making all our lives under their microscope and can prosecute any one of us for smiling. The government is weaponized against AMERICA. Who do you know that would stand up for YOU? Donald Trump love you and your babies. He fights for life and justice. The DEMS have no common sense and they promote judges that are ridiculous. Who can trust the LIARS to take care of AMERICA? There is nobody like Donald J. Trump. He is a one in a million and we are lucky to have him in our era of history.The DEMS stole the 2020 election and it was proved that in many swing states that checked, the election was RIGGED. Donald Trump should be PRESIDENT ELECT NOW. Nancy A, Daylo

James William Cummings

Sir … what is your preferred title these days : Mr President , Commander- in – Chief, Supreme Commander of the Earth Alliance or just Mr Trump?


How about loser, idiot, Old Yeller?

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