Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally last night

“It’s impossible to explain how great the people last night were in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The level of love they have for our Country is both unbelievable and highly impressive—it is more than anyone would ever know. If the Radical Left Lunatics that work so hard to destroy our Country could just get a little bit of the love, energy, enthusiasm, spirit, and patriotism that we witnessed last night, our Country would go to the top of every list like a rocket ship.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally last night. It was a two-hour speech, and the only disappointment was that they were screaming, “Please, please, go longer.” They love our Country, and I love them!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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With grumpy Brandon mumbling hate in a dark hell-like room with no in-person audience, it’s “Oh, please, please just STOP, go away!”
With Trump speaking to a massive sea of people it’s, “Please, please DON’T stop, stay with us!”
But Brandon “won the election.” 😕😡

Darren Baileey

12 people is not a massive sea. Trump math strikes again.


Hunter Biden’s Crack Strikes Again!


His butt crack too!


The arena was filled to capacity, and then some. But everyone can see that. Who the hell would call that 12 people? Then there’s beloved Brandon and his adoring hordes yesterday: I’d LOL, but it’s all just so disgusting.


A Dope Head like Hunter Biden.


A supposed friend of Cassidy Hutchinson’s sent me his pic:


I hope one day 🙏 I’ll get to experience a MAGA rally, surround by fellow patriots💓 I never miss a MAGA rally here at home, not even one. I’ve worked so hard exposing the “swamp” and being your #1fan. I love you and I am praying justice prevails soon President Trump 💝🌹🦁🇺🇸

My Man Trump

That rally, the people and President Trump were awesome. We love you President Trump. Hurry back!


President Trump, last night’s rally was without a doubt the best so far. My husband and I watch every one but this one was so inspiring, and you talked about the seriousness of our Nation and the indignity you and your family suffered brought tears to our eyes.
God bless you, sir and we hope the next 2 years fly by so that you can be our rightful president once again. We love you and pray for you.


You’re awesome President Trump.


Thank you President Trump We love you.


From my family and I, we love you sir! God bless you.


It was a great rally. Watched the whole thing. Thank you President Trump. You make me chuckle a few times, about the red color and the devil… Spot on.


and it sure was better than listening to the fake current commander in chief express serpentine bullshit the day or two prior.





Dean Anoia

Thank you Sir, we couldn’t do it without you!

R Minoglio

Thank you President Trump.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Awesome rally!!! We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!


Always wirh you in spirit President Trump 🙏 God bless and Godspeed 🌪 Much love and many prayers🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA 💝 #QAnon #WWG1WGA

jo young

i watched it – thank you for doing another rally. i think if you continue to talk about how great the US is but EVERYTHING depends on how the American citizens vote. A lone man in the WH can’t do it all – it ALL starts and ends with the American voter.

Look Up To Heaven

HERE WE GO AGAIN. TO EVERYONE WHO POST ON THIS SITE, HOW DOES IT WORK? Does the arrow up mean you READ it and agree?

We notice in general the number of responses that you READ Pro Trump posts, by the number going up next to the up arrow is very LOW compared to the number of total posts. So that would mean that most people who post do not bother reading what other people post and just post to cyberspace, or what?

When we have time, we take it to read the responses and always acknowledge the good repossesses by clicking an arrow up. We often don’t find a need to post often. If we have this correct that means a lot of you don’t care about what others say, just yourselves? Example: below is Stuart who got 7 for a brief positive “MAGA” comment. The next post is jo young’s comment, which is very important about the need to vote. That shows a low response of only 1. The one above jo’s is from Diane who again writes a very brief comment but puts “MAGA’ in it, and the approved READ number jumps to 7.
GEE we Hope we have this wrong!
. MAGA If we put that in hopefully you will read and response.



Look Up To Heaven

Wow how sick you are. You are calling us commie, and if you actually READ the above you would know the truth. You sound just like the “commie libs” yourself, calling President Trump lovers and conservative valued Americans dirty names, just like they do. You should be ashamed of yourself.
See if you can actually read it this time. Sadly, this proves the point we are asking about, for only some like you, you do NOT read much, perhaps lost in yourself?


There seems to be a hierarchy for commenters. On new articles, certain commenters get posted right away and get a lot of up votes because that’s when the most people are reading. The lower down one is, the longer it takes for your comment to appear, so far fewer up votes or zero are the result, unless no one actually likes what you said. That’s my guess anyways. I get a lot of zeros. I try to up-vote people often, but can’t read every single comment. Too bad there’s not a down vote…AKD and them might be in the hundreds, hah.


Thank You President Trump!
Trump 2024!

Elaine M Reed

Glad you enjoyed your visit. Sorry you couldn’t stay longer. Hurry back, Sir !

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