That is real Obstruction!

“Reports are the Marxist Special Prosecutor, DOJ, & FBI, want to Indict me on the BOXES HOAX, despite all of the wrongdoing that they have done for SEVEN YEARS, including SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN. Biden Crimes go unpunished, including that he had Boxes in Chinatown, in his garage by the “Corvette,” & 1,850 Boxes in Delaware that he won’t allow anyone to see. That is real OBSTRUCTION! They seek retribution for Republicans looking into Biden’s CRIMES! I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

By Donald J. Trump

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FJB! and the Jack Boot Thugs!


It is worse than election interference. This is like something out of Hitler’s Germany, arrest for no reason other than being a political “enemy”, executed for the same reason.
They can’t execute you the same as in Hitler’s Germany. I’m quite sure they would if the could.

Mary Geiger

We all knew this would happen. Dems are like threadbare curtains, we can see right thru’ them. Their DOJ/FBI are worse, they are full of holes. We almost knew what they were planning before they knew.

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Lorraine Viator

They also dropped the case on Mike Pence, like he had any right to the documents. They truly had a witch hunt against you Mr. President. We all know the truth and it is not in them.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, I can see that you are outraged and very angry at the “unfair” treatment that you are receiving from the enemy. That would. ultimately be the devil They are the forces of evil. If you sniff the air, their odor is everywhere. It is enough to make all AMERICA puke. But, never fear, GOD loves you and is with you. I don’t know why HE allow Satan to have his way for a time, but be advised that GOD will use these b*****ds for your good. Perhaps, with you as the example, you will gain the support of all people who are treated like this, ignored and run-over like road kill. It is painful to even think or say such things, but it definitely makes people FEEL. I think AMERICA is asleep or doped up or brainwashed in some instances, but they are dulled in their powers to feel and understand with their hearts and minds. The DEMS have been taken over by creeping crud COMMUNISM/MARXISM. (I am having trouble seeing.The print is gray and small.) I am praying 24/7 for you and all AMERICA. If we all pray to JESUS, GOD promises to help us and right early. (I guess that means very quickly, it was the words that came to mind.) My advice is to THANK GOD for everything, even what seems bad to you because GOD is in control and HE will use this injustice to turn the tables on the wicked. Spit it out, my PRESIDENT. I see you are holding bile in your mouth. Your beautiful eyes are square. Where did you put that infectious smile? I want to see it.O, all right, be beautiful! No matter what you do, PRESIDENT TRUMP, I love you and would vote for you if I live that long,
Nancy A,Daylo


This regime has no shame and will continue to lie and cheat so long as they are protected.
Abuse of our government system, what a mess to clean up.



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