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The fake news Media are all leftist and will continue to suppress the Republicans or any who opposes this radical governments schemes.

My Man Trump

She is such a fickle bitch and an opportunist. She was a horrible aide and now she is a horrible person. The Unselect Committee is so desperate to stop you they were fooled by a deceitful nothing burger. LOL. Too funny, Sir.


Damn, you’re really having a snowflake moment over Hutchinson. If she really has nothing on you, what do you have to worry about?
Time to be a MAN and GET OVER IT!!!

My Man Trump

Wow. This really scares you. You thought she was real and then found out she isn’t. LOL. Who’s the snowflake.


Why whould i have be be scared? I find Trumps behavior towards a “fake” witness to be pathetic. If she wasn’t real, why is Trump still whining about her? Trump made like 8 posts about her being fake over the holiday weekend. HOW PATHETIC!!!

Trump looks to be nervous about her. Why? I’m not sure, her testimony didn’t really prove anything beyond Trump is a giant man baby, which has been known for years and isn’t anything new.

Meg P

Don’t you dare put Jesus Christ name behind your filthy mouth, Satan. We know who you are. God will take you down. And for the fool who wants to speak for the Devil, you better get on your hands and knees quick, eternity in Hell isn’t worth it.




Go back and read the Bible, you’re waaaay off point there.
Every politician fits the description of the anti-christ, why is Trump any better? Trump is the golden calf that shouldn’t be worshipped.


Filtering the information they desire only.

jo young

i don’t know about anyone else but i am tired of all this bs and tired of the lifetime politicians not being tried and jailed. they sure as hell didn’t waste any time rounding up all the people that were at the capital on 1/6


Why did Brett Kavenaugh vote to end ‘Remain in Mexico’?

My Man Trump

Probably to get the commie libs off his back. It wont work. But what a disappointment, right.

Mark Rakow

The so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy was suspended because it didn’t provide adequate safety and security for individuals intending to seek asylum in the US. In other words, forcing them to remain in Mexico put them at risk, because the Mexican government could not, and would not, ensure their safety.

I should add that some people have wondered why refugees don’t request asylum in Mexico instead. Fair question. The reason, however, is simple.

They can’t. Mexico has no asylum policy.


Start dropping the Napalm and send in the A-10 Warthogs and these Illegal Aliens will stay PERMANENTLY in Mexico!


“seeking asylum”…LOL, what a tool! We’ll all need asylum if democrats continue to hold power…where will we all go? Here’s where all USA destroying communists are going: 🔥 😈

Last edited 1 year ago by Laura

Here he goes again, trying to turn it around. You are saying then to put the American citizens at risk instead. Your pathetic.

My Man Trump

Go spin your webs somewhere else. You are a total snooze fest.



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