That’s not you and it never will be!

“Joe Rogan is an interesting and popular guy, but he’s got to stop apologizing to the Fake News and Radical Left maniacs and lunatics. How many ways can you say you’re sorry? Joe, just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened. That’s not you and it never will be!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Susan Carlson

Thank you, Mr. President, for this. “The Rogan story” has been dominating most media platforms for days and days. Yes, the underlying Rogan issues are important – but not when media obsession knocks out discussion of all other important issues that are destroying America. “Move along, folks; nothing to see here.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Susan Carlson
Becky G

NEVER EVER EVER APOLOGIZE for doing the right thing…speaking the TRUTH..having morals and values…💖💖💖OUR KUNTRY (mispelled on purpose 😃)…AND…
4 10 20💖💖💖

My Man Trump

Excellent advice, Mr. President.

Marijo Makufka

Agreed… I wonder what happened to cause such a change?


I pretty much said the same thing. Joe went from tiger to pussy. Nothing wrong with being yourself, but Jesus Joe? Nothing wrong with being inquisitive. Being a pussy is not you. “Common Man!” Did someone give you a blue pill? You never know yourself or your battle buddy until the bullets zip all around you. In war; we are in a fight to “Save America,” you must be willing to die or you’ll never survive and therefore you failed in your mission.


Mr. Trump is right yet again. It’s time for Rogan and the CEO of Spotify to just say if you don’t like my stuff, don’t listen to it. Take a hike. I don’t hear those lunatic hypocritical lefties complaining about all the rap songs that degrade women and use the N-word. Perhaps Spotify should remove all of those songs too.

Mark Rakow

Apparently, only Trump can use that word. Nobody else.


Nuremberg trials 2021 have begun!! Almost no one is covering this!!! A MUST SEE!!


thank you for the link.

Mark Rakow

The video shows clearly, in the lower right-hand corner “MODEL PROCEEDING.”

In other words, this is not real. It’s just a simulation.


Agreed. I was quite surprised at him, although I understand, somewhat, his trying to be open to both sides of the coin. What he apparently and surprisingly didn’t grasp yet in all of his years, is the dim-witted mentality of the lefties and their choice is to remain ignorant 🤷‍♀️

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Never apologize to demonrats and commies!




Apologies to libs is like blood in the water….it feeds their frenzy. They do not care about apologies. They want to censor anyone who doesn’t believe their narrative…..period.


yea the more you say your sorry the more they complain-they are the winiest people in the world.

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