That’s right, he had them all

“Today, the worst “election integrity” Governor in the country, Brian Kemp, loaded the great state of Georgia up with RINOs. That’s right, he had them all. Chris Christie, Doug Ducey from Arizona, and Pete Ricketts from Nebraska. That tells you all you need to know about what you are getting in Georgia—just a continuation of bad elections and a real RINO if you vote for Brian Kemp.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Rather be a rhino then an overweight elephant!!!

My Man Trump

They are all rinos to the 3rd degree. Disgusting! Isn’t that Ducey good buddies with McConnell, the rino supreme. They are all no good and when we can get them, we will. Chris Christy is a joke. Always has been.


Just after release of 2000 mules. So why could they not just have a conference call? That’s interesting. You mention rinos from Georgia, AZ and NJ. All three states discussed in 2000 mules. That’s interesting. Rinos leader out of Georgia? Why meet in Georgia. Kemp visits China embassy houston and not long after it is shut down and papers burned. That’s interesting

Who else was at meeting

Da beach

Yep… butt Perdue didnt do nothin’ asa senator… Perdue is loads better than kemp if he is “all-in” for MAGA… better not be another “Romney”… vote David Perdue…


Make Georgia Great Again! #KempSucks

Becky G

And the RINO CIRCUS continues…


Michael Jenson

don’t vote for brian kemp no, nope, no, no!


There was no election fraud in Georgia. Move on. It’s now just pathetic.

Becky G

Hey libtard ! Do yourself a favor and move on! U won’t win in here…

Last edited 10 months ago by Becky G

The name calling you all engage in just confirms that I have struck a nerve. The name calling changes nothing. Trump lost the election by a landslide in both the electoral college and popular vote. None of you have given one bit of proof otherwise.

My Man Trump

And you change nothing by continually denying the obvious. You ARE a libtard Dumbass.


There are no ignorant globalists! They’re all stupid! I challenge this one to move to any other country, and have a better life…


AKD, antifa or black lies Marxist’s who ever you are, your such a mope! Some how you figured out how to give yourself 5 likes, good for you dumb ass.

Save Our United States

Allow me to interpret… what AKD is saying is that he/she wishes there was no election fraud in Georgia.

My Man Trump

Not as pathetic as you commies continuing with the same old propaganda.


We are so sick of these traitros!

Mark Rakow

Yes; you’re sick, all right.


Why would having a Bush endorse you do anything? I would vote against him just for that. Kemp was another Rino that signed off on fraudulent votes. Disgusting…

Becky G

Bush….all of them… DEEP STATE CABAL..


FJB! the Commie-Liberals and the Piece of Shit Rinos!!!!!!!


Check out Dr Kandiss Taylor for governor in Georgia. She wiped the floor with them during the debates. She is 100% backed by the Lord!



Gloria Hensley

Respectfully Mr. President – – PA need Kathy Barnett – not Oz. She’s REALLY MAGA, not just saying it. Born from a rape, attended the Military, got married and had 2 children. She is devout Christian. What else does PA need? To elect her!!!! I am not able to vote for her, but I will definitely going to be praying for her!!

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