That’s why our Country is going to HELL

“Did anyone notice that Fox News went lame (bad!) when weak RINO Paul Ryan, who is despised in the Great State of Wisconsin for being “a pathetic loser,” went on the Fox Board. They won’t even talk about an obviously Rigged 2020 Presidential Election, not even a mention. That’s why our Country is going to HELL – Elections have consequences. Get Ryan off your Board and report the News as it should be reported…And stop taking negative ads from the perverts, and others!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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jo young

We noticed but the choices for news is limited. I currently subscribe to a multitude of services to get the news. It would be absolutely wonderful if there was one network/cable news channel where you received the truth, good or bad.


Donald Trump is a crook. When you you people reliaze this. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. All he does is lie. And this is the man you want to follow? No wonder are country is suffering like this. It’s time to wake up and start seeing the truth. Donald Trump is a lying crook bottom line. Prove me wrong. Bet you can’t

Sarah Luu

You are a typical commie robot that believes in all the crap that the “Fake News” media pukes out constantly. I’ll try to explain to you( if you have any brain cells left ) why Mr. Trump is loved by SO MANY. Do you like super high gas prices? (&1.87gal to $5.50+gal ). Unexcuseable price inflation on EVERYTHING?. Open boarders where ANYONE with desires to cause great harms (i.e. DRUGS, Human slavery, terrorism, FREE $$$,Etc.) Donald Trump became president because he, just like everyone else, was and now more than ever, was and is sickened by the crap that IS destroying our country. He IS NOT A POLITICIAN. He is JUST THE OPPOSITE, an EXTREMELY SMART businessman who knows how to get things done with simple common sense. NOT by BEING A THIEVING, MURDEROUS, EVIL CROOKED BUNCH (i.e. like your “gods” the CLINTONS & THEIR CROANIES). The man already had and has about everything a man could wish for. Hugely successful business empire, millions of faithful friends, a wonderful family, not forgetting his adorable wife and good health. AND, OF COURSE, A GREAT RELATION WITH THE GOD ALMIGHTY! (Someone YOU know doubt don’t believe in). The man has seen and done thing most could only dream of. Yet he LOVES his country, it’s people, so much, he re-exammined things and believed wholeheartedly that he wanted to give something back to this GREAT COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE that has been so wonderful to him. SIMPLE. From the bottom of my heart and my families too, THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP – FOREVER, and to HELL with All of your detractors ( What was you name again? – oh yeah-Dan. I hope my little speech was easy enough for YOU to understand. Now, GET YOUR PEA-BRAIN EDUCATED PROPERLY. Good Luck). Sarah Luu

Meg P

Sir, EVERYONE NOTICED HOW FLUFF FOX WENT SO LAME. Just need to support, One America News, The Right Side and Rumble and YOU.


The leftist communist democrats and the big tech overlords have a new line of attack they are using to keep anyone that gives a strong opinion about the leftist communist democrats and illegitimate Biden. It happened to me earlier on multiple platforms. It started here, then went to 2 others multiple times. The internet is now doing fancy crap to make it seem natural but it’s not. They are jumping through hoops and I am not sure how I will proceed. It worries me for the upcoming election!!
On the topic of Fox I don’t watch since 2020 stolen election and finding out about Soros $$ accepted by Fox. Despicable!
No mention of rigged elections or anything on Fox!! Ridiculous!!

My Man Trump

Right on, President Trump! He is a menace and a rino parasite on that board and Fox news hasn’t been the same since. They fired the only reporter on Fox that told the truth about the steal every single show….Lou Dobbs. The only one with integrity enough to defy rino Ryan. Don’t you think it’s interesting that rino Ryan landed at Fox news shortly after DJT ran him out of Dodge. What a rino prick.


Ryan’s a bow hunter…loves brutally killing unsuspecting animals. Perfect rino material.
Btw, Trump’s sons like killing animals too, and Trump says he doesn’t understand it. But he’s a live and let live guy, not disciplinarian. Trump also signed the legislation making certain animal abuses felonies, and when asked by a political pollster if animals should be used in testing he replied NO, while Obama, Biden and other queried “progressives” replied YES. Under Trump’s administration, the EPA announced a phaseout of animal testing requirements (which Biden may be undoing, I don’t know). I and my friends love Trump for that and many other reasons. We pray every day for things to be made right again and get him back in his proper place as President of the USA.

Last edited 11 months ago by Laura
My Man Trump

I am a huge supporter of animal rights as well. I would love to string Fauci up by his balls.


Get me an armchair and some popcorn! 😃

A new leaf on the tree

As a resident of Wisconsin where “Paul Lie-on” is from we are thinking of changing Wisconsin from the Badger state to the Badger state with a few “Skunks” in his honor

Paul smelled so bad after kissing so many asses we had to kick him out of the state.
Check out his high school yearbook where he was named “class brown nose” … really

I don’t watch Fox anymore, but I do watch Fox Business especially “Mornings with Maria
Suart Barney and Kudlow


Well said President Trump. As of how the leftist government controls things, it seems we are held hostage.
Everything they do is set up and rigged.
I pray something big will happen and soon.
Noticed fake news was quiet during the trial of Sussman until he was acquitted, which was another set up and rigged.


Stop the ads for jabs too. We got rid of Fox. They are disgusting and unAmerican, just like Ryan,


I stopped watching Newsmax because they too were showing commercial for children to get the covid vaccines.


Which is ashame, I liked some of their news casters and programs but they to are muzzle controlled
As they are not allowed to report anything on the 2020 stolen election.


Yes, fortunately, news stations can be held accountable for reporting inaccurate information, as when they claim, without any evidence to support it, that the 2020 election was stolen.

Dan for DT

2000 mules=your proof


Dan for DT, it is very easy for filmmakers to make movies that seem real in order to provide “proof” for those people who want it to be true. Have you ever seen a documentary on Big Foot? If you research 2000 Mules, you will find that it has already been debunked by fact checkers. Even if the fraud did occur, evidence would suggest that it was Mr. Trump and other Republicans who benefitted the most from it, as they were the ones who did much better in the election than the polls were suggesting.


Every drop box was required to have video surveillance. It’s true, time stamped.
Your mind deceives you.

Becky Peterson

We don’t watch Fox News since Nov 2020, it happened, you knew, you warned us in Oct 2020.
Mr.President sir,
America needs a New News Network to shake things up, must stop the one-sided tv 📺 propaganda of the left.
I’d like to see you run for Speaker of the House, we could stop the madness this November instead of 2024.


It’s going to hell because of the pussyfooting and trying to appease everyone on earth! We need help and we need it NOW! Not after the midterms and especially not all the way to 2024! People need to go to jail or …, because they have ALREADY broken the law and are proven traitors! We don’t care what everyone else thinks. Not in the least! We are the majority. The crooked election proves it. While I really, honestly, do appreciate all the hard work, perseverance and thick skinned tenacity you exhibited while in office, we need it back now more than ever. No, we will not go through another Summer of ruination! So many are fed up, indignant and exhausted. If you guys are waiting until all of our heads explode from BS nonsense, homeless destitution, starvation, victimization and intense rage and exasperation to the point of engaging our Declaration of Independence right to overthrow tyranny, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Whoever is going to wake up, has already done so. Anyone not awake, at this point in the game, has cognitive dissonance and is not capable of coherent logical thought. At this point we are way over the threshold for diminishing returns, people are literally dying and enslaved, and things need to be put back into their rightful and just order. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Please, MAGA!!!!!!
God is with you. Take your rightful and anointed position before it’s too late. The mantle isn’t forever, it’s for an appointed time. This is that time. You are the rightful President. God is the ultimate authority and He says you are our President. No one likes it, including the God of the Universe, when the imposter resident is incorrectly dubbed the President. God calls him a jackal or The Biden, but NEVER the President. It’s not his rightful position and it needs to not be accepted or received as such. It’s your place and your anointing. Take it up. Thank you for all that you’ve done. The United States of America and the world love you, thank you, and need you to finish what God has started to do in you.
Exhausted Patriot.


So “god” talks directly to you and, among other things, says trump is president? How do you know it’s god? Does he/she appear too? I think perhaps you are not capable of a coherent logical thought.


It’s God, in upper case. You must not know Him or you would understand. Prayers for you.
Jesus will forgive and save you,

Sarah Luu

Hello Mr. President, I think you will find that MOST people get their news from LOCAL tv Stations and word of mouth from family and friends. Less and less people watch “cable news” than ever before. I spread the word by telling people of YOUR websites, Mike Lindell’s Frankspeech and OTA, in my area such as Real America’s Voice Network FOR FREE!. A VERY LARGE NUMBER of people, such as myself, have “cut the cord”, because we can’t afford it for one thing. MOST people HAVEN”T EVEN HEARD OF YOUR WEBSITES!. Word of mouth and today’s life experiences( i.e.- mainly the economy) are getting people to wake up, BUT A LOT DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. It’s not as bad as it used to be but I’m afraid most people believe virtually EVERYTHING they see on TV! – Just a TOTAL GD SHAME. Just look at the STUPID PROGRAMMING OF TODAY”S NETWORK TV SHOWS!. That is why WE MUST SPREAD THE TRUTH EVERY-WAY POSSIBLE, so EVERYONE, especially those that are cord cutters and/or can’t afford pay TV. Also remember what I continue to repeat – “In EVERY revolution, there is ONE MAN with a vision” We need YOU back in office NOW!!, before it’s too late! Thank You for this forum. Continue to take care of yourself and your family, Sarah Luu.


Fox doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as oann.. primarily book-banned for too much truth reported. The almighty dollar sucks many souls to bleed.


It’s past time for action Mr. President!!! The longer you wait the deeper into hell these bastards drag this country! Rise up Mr. President, give the word and 300 million Americans will stand with you to defend this country, but we need a leader at a time such as this!!! You sir are our only hope!!! We will fight with you for our country against these evil POS bastards, but we need you to lead us!!! THE TIME IS NOW, before it’s to late!

Sarah Luu

I agree 100%

Sarah Luu

” In EVERY revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a vision!”


So the entire population of the United States, including children, is going to stand with trump? If that’s true, who will be left to fight against?


True dat. Podcasts and some social media sites are the only way to ferret out the news amongst the sea of propaganda.

Michael Jenson

AMEN till these crooks go to jail and their ill-gotten gains taken away it is going to hell…

Dean Clevenger

Hello President Trump…I’m 65 and this makes the seventies look great…hard telling what’s coming next…we The people don’t deserve this complete horseshit show.. many
will be bankrupt ..I personally will not give up what rights ..God given Rights..that my
Father sacrificed for in Father was with the 66th Panther division … fought
his way across the E.T.O. Earning a Bronze star…I was told of Hitler’s wonder weapons
my Father said it was something out of Buck Rogers…by the way we voted for you twice
will give you our vote again…We will NEVER SURRENDER OUR FIREARMS…Our only
protection against this Invasion of America… many will fight this damnation..
Your 2nd term was stolen by dirty cockroaches that thrive on misery..We are with you
God Save Our Republic…..Dac


Correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t it Fox that called Biden the winner….
That’s when someone should have pulled the plug.


Fake News Fox Sucks! Watch One America News!


Paul Ryan? Until Rand Paul has been in the limelight recently, about Fauci, and the COVID pandemic, I’ve been getting the two confused. Now, I know who Rand Paul is.

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