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I see you have abandoned Perdue in the Georgia governor race. All because he is far behind in the polls. You are such a fraud. Will only endorse those that have a likely chance of winning. Pathetic

Rosanne. Choate

The best will come when ol’ McConnell no longer has a job.

Meg P

Thank you, Sir, Yes, the best is yet to come. And for the “doom and gloom” folks, it’s time to get off your seats and get out and do something. Pray and start having faith in GOD for Gods sake. Where are your beliefs?
God created America, and gave our forefathers great inspiration of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. There are some people who do not acknowledge Him and are way too selfish and spend way to much money on just themselves. That is what has opened us way up. So pray and when God guides you to get involved at your voting districts then you may have to volunteer, and some get paid, and get involved. Don’t just complain do something, otherwise your attitude is going to allow these corrupt ones to win.
Do you listen to the Man who says at the end of his speeches, every time, “WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP”. If Paul Revere and all those who signed those above stated documents thought as you do, we would not be living in the freedoms we still have. We would be living like those poor souls in China, Russia, South America, and the sad list goes on and on.
We are in a time where we will have to fight and fight fairly for our country. Don’t you think America is worth it. Those people who go and stand all night and day, in the cold and heat, for a Save America Rally think America is worth it. And this Man whom is fight every day thinks America is worth. It is time to get UP UP UP!


I don’t buy into the “Fake News” crap. The only news that is fake from DJT’s perspective is anything that doesn’t align with what he wants.


Is that you, Joy? Whoopie?



Renee Storm

I keep sharing the same thing! We haven’t all given up hope. A large majority of us Patriots are patient and have faith in the Good Lord restoring our rightful president. I can feel the the heavenly realm. It has pressed into the natural realm. Evil is done for!!! I’m looking forward to having a man of God back running our country. Super excited to see the end of this show. Prayers to you and all your family President Trump!

Rosanne. Choate

Yes, prayers for you, Mr. President and for our great First Lady.

Gloria Hensley

Are you sure? The Marxists are hell bent ( I mean that literally) on destroying America. We need the ballots made safe and secure and voting changed to paper ballots, in- person, on one day only (with needed exceptions). I just seen a news notice on Lindell TV that summer will be a “summer of rage”. Too many Soros placed prosecutors in democrat led states. they are members of the lawless one refusing to love the Truth. Also, the leaking of Justice Alito’s Opinion, could be thwarted by the compromised .left-leaning Chief Roberts. We have to keep trying and praying, but until there is a plethora of repentant people and reparation for the millions of babies killed – I’m afraid any advancement, will soon be met with a set back. Mike Adams says it best.


POTUS Trump, you are the best President we’ve ever had! You won in 2020! Brandon stole the White House! Why do we have to wait the best that is yet to come when we were already there!

Karma Patriot 2029

It was very pleasurable to even fathom my vote counts and we are well on our way to take back our country!

Rosanne. Choate

If they could just flush out the heavy fraud and the ones doing it at this time.

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