The Biden Department of Injustice

“The Biden Department of Injustice, together with all of the corrupt, TRUMP HATING, puppeteers that surround Joe Biden, and are destroying our Country, are going all out with ELECTION INTERFERENCE through the use of Fake, Partisan, and Corrupt Prosecutors. The people of the United States will not stand for this perversion of our Elections, and Constitution itself. At some point they will say, as our Country is going to Hell, WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

WE HAVE BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS!!!, BUT, RIGGING & STEALING AN ELECTION WAS THE FINAL STRAW FOR ME ( AND I’M SURE MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF OTHERS HERE IN THE U.S. & ACROSS THE WORLD!!! ). I Speak out & help the good people (MAGA Followers,NO RINOS ). But it seems that those THAT MOSTLY WHO COULD ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING GOING, ARE TOO CHICKEN TO DO SO!!! The Proof that the election was rigged is overwhelming & it’s there for ANYONE TO SEE!! ( Mike Lindell’s, Frank Speech & this site, just to name a couple). Are they THAT SCARED of these EVIL, LYING PRICKS? That is why I say over & over that a MILITARY COUP is our BEST SOLUTION. I Don’t like having to see it get to that, but I can think of NO OTHER WAY. The next election is too far away & WILL BE TAMPERED WITH To say the least. WE ( THE ENTIRE WORLD ) NEED YOU BACK RIGHT NOW!!! If ANYONE can think of a good (MAGA Type) way of getting things fixed NOW, SPEAK OUT!!! SOMETHING needs to be done & now before they rape & pillage our GREAT COUNTRY (& THE REST OF THE FREE WORLD) beyond repair. They ARE SO AFRAID OF YOU & US ( The GREAT MAGA Movement), They Will go to ANY LENGTH to prevent us from prevailing, even a full on WORLD WAR! It CAN NOT be said enough. EVERYONE SPREAD THE WORD, GET ORGANIZED & FIGHT AS OUR FOREFATHERS DID FOR FREEDOM & JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! RIGHT NOW!!! DON”T BE AFRAID TO GET INVOLVED!!! OUR COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE IS AT STAKE!!! I CAN’T EXPRESS IT ANY BETTER. THANK YOU SO EVER SO MUCH PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR STICKING IN THERE & ALL THAT FOLLOW YOU. DON”T ANYONE GIVE UP!!! MAGA ALWAYS! Sarah Luu

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