The challengers will have great and powerful MAGA support.

“Hopefully, American Republican Patriots will primary the RINO State Senators in Michigan who refuse to properly look into the election irregularities and fraud, which took place in Detroit and much of the rest of Wayne County, in the 2020 Presidential Election. The challengers will have great and powerful MAGA support. They are now seeing the extent of what took place in the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. Watch Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and more!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mike Hunt

As a very progressive liberal, a democratic socialist you might even say I am really enjoying this “basket of deplorables” turn on each other! Who can give Diaper Donnie the best BJ? LOLOL! He’s done guys, this is just the final rearrangement f the deck chairs on the Trumptanic! Enjoy the swim guys!


You know what happens to RINO’s ? They become ex-RINO’s, aka, former Republicans, free agents. They’ve been leaving the party in droves.


So Barr was working against US all the time. Damn!! What a scum ball. One expects Pelosi to be bad, but not your own team. Maybe Bannon should have stayed?

Ivan Yerkinoff

Can’t wait to see you re-instated back in the White House in August where you belong.


Amen! Well Said!

Ralph Fleming

I’ll check in with you September 1st and we’ll see where everything sits then. My guess is Trump will still be asking his supporters for money to keep this garbage site going. You may want to ask yourself why a billionaire is asking you for money to keep his website going so he can keep telling you how he was cheated.


So you support stealing Presidencies! Sad.

Mike Kissinger

I’ll bet 10 bucks that we will see Mr. Trump riding a pink unicorn playing the kazoo before we see him in the white house again….unless he sneaks in as a visitor.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

That was your hero Barry riding a pink “unicorn” named Mike.

Mike Hunt

Better chance of being placed in another Federal Housing with bars in it!


Dont get all breathless about it Lefty….



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