The Crime of the Century!

“Look at the Fraud and so called “irregularities” that are being found in the 2020 Presidential Election—a disgrace to our Nation. It is truly the Crime of the Century!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Concerned Onlooker

All lies,Trump elected in 2016,was the crime of the century.Republican base following Pied Piper to Hell.Anti Democratic and don’t even realise it…but Trump has conned you all,with Flynn,Giuliani,Q aka Russian Active Measures??and the rest of the progressing your fears,to bleed you conservatives dry of money.Never wonder why a billionaire always asking for donations..Trump is smoke&mirrors for republican power grab,but Democracy is suffering because of his lies.Please wake up,the good Americans among you.Being American is not hating people that are not like you.where does it end…???


Three things that you can’t hide;
The Sun
The Moon
The truth


The crime of the century! However we will investigate and uncover ALL the criminals. There are many, some saying they were for us, but in reality they were working with the other side!


As usual, Mr. President, you are 100% correct!!



Jeff Sills

People are waiting for the audits to complete and confirm that the reports collected during the election from poll watchers and analysts were accurate. As time passes it will become more difficult to hide the truth. Lies never stand the test of time.

Cynthia Townsend

It’s sad to say but there are so many that still support the dems. Someone I’m friends with and a Conservative showed her some web sites that would give her the truth. Now she spends hours reading and watching videos. She regrets getting the covid shot even after begging her not to. I know its the flu and we all had that a year ago January. I know the election has been rigged since Clinton to the 2020 election if not before. Now as last time I had to make changes to my voter registration. I made an address change so as a registered Republican I have waited months to get it and still not here. Last time I had to go back and tear up the Liberal behind the counter. I dont have that option for now. I wish you were back our country is falling apart. With bumbling Biden and camel toe ho we’ve become the laughing stock of the world. God bless you and your family and protect you.

tom marsiales

There is a saying in Spanish “No intentes tapar el sol con un dedo”. “Don’t try to cover the sun with your finger” – This means that you can pretend that something is not there, as when you put your thumb or finger in front of your eyes so that you cover the sun and don’t see it anymore. This is our MSM and Social Media, and it is no longer working.

Support forensic audits: 55% of voting population. (71% of Republicans, 57% of unaffiliated, 38% of DEMOCRATS). We finally do have general bipartisan support on something. People want honest and fair elections.

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