The Crime would be if I get charged!

“Every article I read, every show I watch, even the so-called Haters say that “President Trump did nothing wrong, there IS NO CRIME HERE!” As Biden would say, “No, I mean it, I’m not kidding.” The Crime would be if I get charged!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Nancy A. Daylo

I feel what is being done to you, personally. It hurts deep inside to think that ANYONE would hurt you, dear PRESIDENT TRUMP, you who stand for AMERICA and take it on the chin. Never has there been a PRESIDENT who. has laid his life on the line for AMERICA. AND it is clear that the DEMS are LIARS and cheaters and would prosecute you who are ALWAYS on the side of right and justice.Alvin Bragg should also be responsible to NY for all the criminals he let loose. 60% of his cases end with the criminal being released on society. He only wants to prosecute you because he was paid by Soros who is a funder of crime. He should also be indicted. LOCK ‘EM UP and throw away the key! Nancy A. Daylo

Ken Thomson

Witch hunt and fascist suppression of political rivals to the corrupt administration is indeed another treason to add to the very long list.

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