The Democrats are in search of their next Scam

“The National Archives did not “find” anything, they were given, upon request, Presidential Records in an ordinary and routine process to ensure the preservation of my legacy and in accordance with the Presidential Records Act. If this was anyone but “Trump,” there would be no story here. Instead, the Democrats are in search of their next Scam. The Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax turned out to be a Democrat inspired fake story to help Crooked Hillary Clinton. Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and so much more, has all been a Hoax. The Fake News is making it seem like me, as the President of the United States, was working in a filing room. No, I was busy destroying ISIS, building the greatest economy America had ever seen, brokering Peace deals, making sure Russia didn’t attack Ukraine, making sure China didn’t take over Taiwan, making sure there was no inflation, creating an energy independent country, rebuilding our military and law enforcement, saving our Second Amendment, protecting our Border, and cutting taxes. Now, Russia is invading Ukraine, our economy is being destroyed, our Border is once again overrun, and the mandate continues. Instead of focusing on America, the media just wants to talk about their plan to “get” Trump. The people won’t stand for it any longer!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meg P.

President Sir, you were too busy doing all the amazing events you listed and a whole lot more. You were too busy becoming the Greatest President we have ever had! Thank you, may God Bless. We send you all our love.

Nancy Ruth Goodman

I have heard from several sources, including well-known prophets, that the next deep state move is to release another much more deadly virus. I pray this is not true.


Well-known prophets?

Johnny Appleseed

Basement dweller mommy caller Prize had something to say….

Did you hear him because I can’t….

I can’t hear whiny baby.

Mark Rakow

Not only did you hear him, you were listening to him. Otherwise, how would you know he had said anything?

Appleseed, your utter lack of anything resembling logic is astonishing. Occasionally, however, it’s just plain hilarious.

Marijo Makufka

Their plots and ploys continue to grow more bizarre and ever more desperate… The American people and the whole world know it. You have uncovered the sick underbelly of the demoncrat party and the RINOs for all to see. They’ve got almost nothing left and it shows.

Tim Plumley

Trump 2Q2Q WWG1WGA


All true, but they and their minions will deny every great accomplishment. You’re one of the best US President ever, if not THE best, I would say, and there’s the problem: Jealousy is a terrible, really terrible thing. Along with hatred of “outsiders,” as in those outside their cozy “family” who dare to crash their highly exclusive “party” and gain millions of new supporters.


Mr Trump I know you and all of us had our votes stollen. I just hope you can still fix us when you get back in

Johnny Appleseed


I am about to explain the vicious Big Parma cycle and how it starts and is perpetuated.

As a child that had very little wrong with him… I saw a lot of things. I was blessed by God to have very little wrong with me. For a very long time due to the circulating propaganda bullshit… I wished I had something wrong with me… then I would be


That is the mind set of a child growing up in the propaganda world. By the grace of God, and my dad steady putting his foot up my ass, being called abusive the whole time… he showed me I should be thankful for my health, the wealth and welfare of the nation God gave us, and no matter what my circumstances I was loved, and could figure out how to survive.

The outside world (outside of my relationship with my father) saw a man taking his anger out on a child and being neglectful… but I knew the truth… I even threw him under the bus a few times because well… that is what the propaganda teaches a child to do.

Dear lord in heaven I hope one day I am forgiven.

But the constant propaganda.

Wife beater programs
Anger management programs
Alcoholic programs
DARE programs
Addiction programs
Abuse programs
Sexaual abuse programs

These things are real. The things they are “against” are wrong. But, they have been used like a tool. These programs have been manipulated into causing the problems. To make money else where. In business they are called loss leaders.

They have been used to create the very things they are supposed to help solve. They have been used to silence the good people willing to yell and remind people of what right and wrong are. They teach “the victimhood minds” how to use tools to manipulate and be abusers.

It starts with a child seeing a child with problems getting all the attention. Then it creeps into their minds that to be loved they need things to be wrong with them.

Then it grows into acting out. Which gets them put on some kind of mental health drug and program. Which Big Pharma makes a shit ton of money from making the drugs and selling them.

Then the people get used to “I need a magic pill” to “fix” things… this robs the individual of growth by muting their emotions. Then when they are waning off the drugs and their emotions kick back in it is too much for them to bare because the drugs stopped the healing process and their minds got behind the healing curve. They get flooded with what they didn’t deal with emotionally on the drugs, and bam they have a break down… which they get prescribed more drugs.

All the while doctors and Big Pharma beat the shit out of loved ones screaming to stop hurting the ones they love… those people are called:


Because their loved one caught in the money making cycle is

Diseased (money maker to treat no money to be made if they are healed).

See, they isolate the people right before your very eyes in a drug induced emotional coma.

Making them Permanent slaves to the cycle with the people that can save them labeled as

Untrust worthy.

All the while they make money hand over fist… saying they are protecting the victims.

The television show and programs are designed to back it up.

“Political Correctness” is used to re-enforce the cycle. All the while silencing the voices of reason and truth.

These people are put on an emotional roller coaster designed to crash and cause serious emotional harm if they don’t get

The drugs.

Then… false flag members are created . Big Pharma knows it. Doctors are starting to understand it. I have noticed doctors are not as quick anymore to just slap a kid on ADHD meds like in the past.

Remember everyone had ADHD… it was cool to say it was the kid’s fault they don’t listen to their parents because they had adhd…

(All kids have adhd… it’s called being a kid… if your kids don’t listen to you its because YOU broke their trust. My dad told me this as a kid. He was right. He never broke my trust. Even when I was not listening to him acting like an idiot because it’s what kids do… I was still listening to him. And he knew that.)

If a person is hopped up on a pill to fix their brain, then a pill to fix their twitches, then a pill to fix the rash it gives them, then a pill to stop the violent dreams it gives them, then a pill to fix the emotional trama from having violent thoughts, and a pill to sleep because they can’t sleep because they have nightmares, and then a pill to stop them from dreaming…

What exactly is left of their mind that belongs to them???

Not much.

Check the school shootings.

Check their

“Mental drug treatments”

If you fuck with a kids mind while it is developing…

Who exactly are the abusers?

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Meg P.

We are truly sorry for all the horrible abuse you have suffered. We will pray for you.

Mark Rakow

To the wasted, a mind is a terrible thing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

Leave her alone. Now you have just turned into FJB…A big bully.

Patricia Geymer

America is waking up, even some Democrats I know. We are with you President Trump. Hardly anyone believes the propaganda anymore. We need to keep up the good fight. We/ You are winning. We will not give up!!! They went too far left. Get the RINO’s out. I pray daily for our great country. God Bless America


ALL of this BULLSHIT is to Deflect the Commie-Liberals policies Domestic and Abroad!
FJB! and the Commie-Liberals!

Larry K Robinson

Prussia Prussia These People 🍊 Are Pure Evil.

Mark Rakow


Prussia hasn’t existed as a nation since it was formally abolished in February, 1947. In fact, 75 years ago, this Thursday.

Angel P

I/We are so sick of them! So much drama and traitors in play.

Patriot Oathkeeper

Thank you, Mr. Trump, you are and always will be my favorite President of the United States. I wish i could afford to donate to the Cause.


Dear Mr. President, I write to you to speak for my country of Canada? I have always been a truth follower of you and a supporter since you came down the escalator. I am so concerned about my country and I ask you to speak about the injustice being done. I don’t know who to turn to? I know I hear you and so do millions of others, when you speak, the WORLD listens. We the Patriots of Canada need a strong voice to help with this uncontrolled government of ours. Sincerely 1 Canadian Patriot

Ted Carr

So sorry We the People went to sleep, life was good after WW2, now as we wake-up and the drip, drip, drip intensifies it will take most every man, woman and child to stand with you in your Great Fight for our freedom. Some Normies may never accept the truth. Know we are with you. God has blessed you…and the good guys always win. Love u DJ.

jojo gomez

The Russia Russia Russia hoax was one of the biggest wastes of money in the history of the United States. We need to arrest Shifty Schiff for Treason, along with Crooked Hilary. Trump created the greatest economy in the history of the United States and it was overshadowed by Impeachment #1 and Impeachment #2. Obviously the democrats didnt read the transcript.

Mark Rakow

Democrats read the portion of the transcript that Trump sent. They couldn’t read the whole thing, because Trump didn’t send the whole thing.

Johnny Appleseed


Same ol

Same ol

Same ol song and dance…..

Mark Rakow

As for you, you’re sounding like a broken record. The same ol, same ol, same ol broken record.

My Man Trump

So do you never Trumper! Never Trumper! Boring as hell. Get a new schtick.

Daniel A S

I nominate Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch for A.G. he is cleaning this up.

Mark Rakow

When you’re elected President, maybe you’ll get to do that.
But since that hasn’t happened, guess what?

That’s right. So much for your nomination..

Daniel A Schenkel

I am a sower of seed. And I pray it lands on good soil and grows, but some seed fell on rocks and will wither away.


The PREPS would be in Prison in NO TIME!

Mark Rakow

I doubt if the “PREPS” are terribly worried.

Larry K Robinson

Truth Social can’t happen fast enough,

Mark Rakow

Are you kidding? It can’t do anything.

Johnny Appleseed

The truth= Arabian Spring.

Seated leaders of the cabal…

We’re removed.

Y’all lost yalls foot hold in the Middle East because of it…

Thank you fakebook for your one accidental thing you did right…..

A broken clock is still right twice a day just by happen stance…

How ya like that…

I laughed my ass off…. The clowns in America’s own spy network toppled their own strangle hold.

Those of us that read the Bible saw the rock hit the feet of clay and iron…

What we are seeing now is the head of gold hit the ground!!!!


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

You may well have laughed your ass off. But it appears you’re also off your meds.



Rosanne. Choate

It launches Tues.!


I thought it was President’s Day but, I can wait one more day.
No Problem!


I’m in too much pain today to care about this circus show. The media all know what I exposed nearly four years ago. They won’t acknowledge me because I’m not a public figure or a celebrity. It took courage exposing everything and I’ve been persecuted for it. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. This world is in need of prayer and some humbling. The lack of empathy and total disregard is what hurts the most. It is about the children and has always been about the children.


Maybe get new material. You won’t set forth what you “exposed”even though you claim it was a big deal. I’m sure if it was the conservative media would have been all over it.

Johnny Appleseed

You are telling someone to get new material????



PPBBBBTTTT…. hahahahahahahhahaAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!


Mark Rakow

Still no meds, eh?

Johnny Appleseed

You mean the spy on the American people networks, appease them with entertainment and baffle them with bullshit cause they take orders too???


Who ordered the bumper stickers or the “I ‘heart’ TRUMP” tee shirts ?


I ordered a Dino T-Shirt, wiped my ass with it, and threw it away!


Update: New T-Shirt.
FJB! and Dino!

Wendy Trump

You knowingly took top secret information with the intent of selling it to the highest bidder. You’re up to your pasty ass in debt, facing any number of legal comeuppance, and are losing your grip on the GOP. It’s amazing you haven’t tried to flee the country yet.

Knight Rider

….and it’s only Sunday!

My Man Trump

You are knowingly out of touch with fake news but you are spouting off anyway. It’s amazing you still live here.


Isn’t what she is “spouting” the conservative definition of “fake” news? So how is she out of touch?
(PS-she’s right)


She is smoking crack with Hunter and Brandon!

Theresa Chapman

Your post Crazy in the Head. Wake up Liberal loon.

Alma Carpenter

Talk about conspiracy theories! This is best one yet.


Crack Head Wendy but be Getting High with Hunter Biden and making Porno Movies!
FJB! and YOU!

Susan Cossett

We need our wonderful President back leading our country!

Mark Rakow

Yeah; right.
Trump is the enema of the people.

My Man Trump

You really have become very trashy. Must be those friends of yours.

Mark Rakow

I’d tell you to go f*ck yourself. But you already are.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

LOL. Good one, Markie. If your a twelve year old girl.


Too long. Soc-Dems news win with short false headlines.

Knight Rider

We got rid of your boy didn’t we? Tok the House & the Senate too.

My Man Trump

Yea and your old, decrepit boy stole the election. Even the house and the senate can’t save him. And how about those poll numbers, eh. Ride the red wave and be saved.

Knight Rider



Well that sums it up perfectly Mr President, thank you.

Johnny Appleseed

Here is a thought:

Asshole in chief is accused of atrocities in Ukraine.

Ukraine is the center of the news cycle.

Are we really so stupid as to believe a crooked ass country like Ukraine… is worth all this fussing and fighting???

Georgia was the bullshit with the oil tycoon… they didn’t do shit because they didn’t want anything uncovered. Illusionary leaders… don’t want their illusion broken.

Russia walked in all over those people and walked out unscathed.


Faux pas asshole in chief… wants a good reason to flood Ukraine with American troops…





But they get mad at us for comparing them to Nazis….





(This is an opinion piece)

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

And he wants to occupy them like a predator…

Look everyone I am protecting them.

All the while he wants to rifle through their records and get rid of evidence.


These are the actions of a wildcat that is cornered trying to get away…

Open your eyes… well maybe that is why they want everyone urbanized instead of having an intimate relationship with nature.

If we actually know nature… we know the actions of animals and what they mean.

Instead of


And then go to the local bar and make a bunch of trash that goes in a landfill…

But guys like me are assholes…

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

This “intimate relationship with nature” that you’re having? The legal term for this is bestiality. It’s illegal in a number of states.

Presumably, however, your state is not one of them.


If he doesn’t send troops to occupy Ukraine, how will he ensure / protect his and Hunter’s hard-earned criminal investments? If Putin takes over, the gravy train free money stops.

But we’re supposed to believe he cares about protecting the Ukraine people. Yeah. Right.

My Man Trump

He is using the pending war scheme because he is trying to divert attention away from all his other horrors. I don’t even think Russia will strike. We’ll see.

Johnny Appleseed




Goes back to one lesson I was fortunate enough my old man taught me.

People ain’t really good or evil.

People want what they want and they don’t care how they get it.

They don’t care if they do it the evil way or the good way they just want what ever it is that they want. It could be a thing, someone loving them, an idea of what they want their future to be…

And we all have a choice.

Do it the right way and it lasts.


Do it the wrong way and when everything starts to fall apart…. Every Tom dick and harry you ever hurt down to the share croppers are going to kick you in the teeth.

Some people are blessed and get things before their time because God says it needs to happen fast so they are ready for something else.

Others get it faster than they were supposed to and it causes nothing but problems.

But it all boils down to the question before you decided what you wanted.

Do you want it to be the truth??


Do you want it to be a lie???

God broke this thing down as simple as you can get it.

It’s not even multiple choice.

The damn test is




It can’t get anymore simple.

The problem today is everyone loves the taste of a lie.

When the truth is better for you and so much sweeter.

All I can figure is when people are used to eating shit all their lives a steak don’t taste good.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

President Trump, not only did you build the greatest economy but you built up my financial portfolio and many others. Under FJB I have already lost a ton of money in investments, not to mention the hidden taxes called inflation. I don’t know how long we are suppose to hold on. We cannot lose everything. How will we live. Most of us are not millionaires or billionaires. We cannot survive this regime. Please help….we are drowning in many ways and do not have the resources to stay above water. The people know and feel the pain. Quit screwing with these bastards and come now. Save America and its people.

Mark Rakow

Trump is not going to do what you say. He couldn’t care less about you.

My Man Trump

Oh, you mean like FJB and his regime. If they (the cabal) are not stopped, we will be meeting each other during dumpster dives.


He had already done it, before the Democrats rigged the election!

Basket Case

He already did and Dementia Joe already destroyed it all.


This time we have to play smarter and fight as dirty and tough as the Democrats do….allow only people you can trust into the circle and Lindsey is not one of them


We need to stick to the TRUTH and be wise, not play dirty like they do. The RINOs were never conservatives in the first place. They were liberal actors who were trained by the Left to pretend to be Republicans so they could earn the people’s trust and get elected into Republican positions. This includes both Graham & Pence (among others). Too bad we didn’t know about this earlier!!

Mark Rakow

You’re asking Trump to play smarter? You might as well ask him to be more honest, or ask the world to stop turning.

It’ll never happen.


Go away. You bother me, kid.


Apparently he doesn’t make any money in his so called legal profession, he has to take soro’s money to troll our sites.

Mark Rakow

I don’t recall having had a client by the name of “Soro.” As for my current caseload, I’ve not been retained to troll this, nor any other site, at least not specifically.

I will say, though, that I am currently involved in an ongoing investigation, initiated by the Attorney General of a certain Midwestern state – though not my own State – with regard to online fraud. This site is one on my list, but only peripherally so. Two of the interns in my office are assisting in this matter; one on behalf of yet another State; I am not at liberty to comment on the specifics of that probe.

That said, should you be worried? I seldom am, though I have no reason to be.


Should I be worried? Really, is that one of those unfounded threats you’re making at me, that you state is a crime in and of itself?

I have nothing to worry about especially from the fake probes you marxists are always trying to pursue.

Bring it on!

Anything to try and scare your opponents I guess, instead of sound policies and respectable politicians that might actually convince the people to vote for them instead of always having to cheat your way into office.

Mark Rakow

That’s the idea, old man. It’s why I’m here.

Save Our United States

President Trump, stop doing silly things that give the EVIL Democrats a reason to put you on the defensive. We want to be on the offensive.

Johnny Appleseed

The best offense is a great defense.

When fighting five opponents at once… do not engage all of them in a line facing you from left to right.

Line them in a circle or a line one behind the other.

In the circle pick the weakest link and route then fight that direction like they are in a line manipulating their positions along the way.

In a line one behind the other… fight to disable each until no more are standing.

When fighting a line that is in front of you left to right, pick the weakest side and disable until you get to the strongest side and you can take them down one on one.

Sir, your strategy is strong and sound. Continue in the path you are on.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Rosanne. Choate

We need to be on the offensive, Mr. President. Maybe defensive, too. But more offensive.

Mark Rakow

He’s plenty offensive. Trump offends people, constantly.

Save Our United States

Does the truth hurt your feelings, Mark?

Mark Rakow

One of my law school professors used to say, “Truth is, by nature and by necessity, self-cleansing.” So, no; the truth does not hurt my feelings.



Knight Rider

You are already offensive SOUS!

Brad Gustafson

Thank you, President Trump. Most of the American people and millions of people around the world are with you.


Most Americans and people around the world can’t stand him.

Mark Rakow

The idea that “most of the American people” are with Trump is completely asinine.

Johnny Appleseed

Blah blah blah…. I see your lips moving but ain’t nothing coming out skidmarks….

Carmine Gazerro

They’re a sick bunch of individuals. That’s why they’re about to lose power for a couple of decades

Mark Rakow

The National Archives did not “find” anything, except 15 boxes of paperwork that Trump should have already turned over to them, per the Presidential Records Act.

Whether they were turned over “in an orderly and routine process” is beside the point. Trump shouldn’t have had them at all, The fact that he did makes clear that he broke the law.

The fact that he’s having a conniption makes clear that he knows he broke the law.

Johnny Appleseed

Okay… then let’s go charge the rest of the presidents that wanted to make copies of their stuff for their personal records.

Tik tok…

Tik tok…

We are waiting….

Get to it now.


Kind of like when the Clintons stole $200,000 worth of furniture out of the White House when they left? You mean like that?

Mark Rakow

No; not at all. In fact, what Trump did was the complete opposite.

Because what Trump did actually happened.


A good “thumbs up” here.


we DON’T really care of want to know where you put your THUMBS up, thank you very much!

My Man Trump

You people stole our country and you are talking about boxes of paper? Your priorities are a little off.

Mark Rakow

MY people stole YOUR country? You’re insane.
Since when is America YOUR country?

My Man Trump

Since FJB, his regime, his handlers and YOU!


When will we be free from the tyrann?! Have our country back?

Knight Rider

When you take your meds like a good little psycho Jolly Holly!


We’re not gonna take it anymore!!! 😉 Lock up these murdering Pinocchios! They’ve affected the health and freedoms of We The People long enough! Now it’s OUR TURN!

Mark Rakow

You’re out of your mind.

My Man Trump

You’re out of your league.

Mark Rakow

You’re out of your dog’s ass. For now, anyway.


Yeah but you’re still in your dog’s ass, a nice, smelly, and warm safe place for you hey bark bark!

My Man Trump

LOL. Very smooth and intelligent. I guess that sideshow of yours is over.

Johnny Appleseed

Imagine that…. Skid Marks is infatuated with dog’s asses….

What else you got??

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

I’ve got a life.
Can you say the same?

Cindy rench

So sorry these tyrants are doing this to you. They will do anything to attack our Country’s true leader. Hang in there. Praying for you and your family. America the Great awaits.




They attacked you Donald Trump, because they didn’t put you in the presidency seat. The globalists think they own the world and decide govt leaders. They attacked you because we the people chose you and they didn’t cheat well enough in 2016. But they rigged it good in 2020, so much so that the masses work up! Election fraud on a mass scale. If you’re not awake by now you’ll probably never be. They’ll ensure Covid vaccines or a newly released bioweapon does you in. God will deal with these Satanists. We know who wins in the End. Jesus Christ our Lord!

Mary Geiger

Demokrats can’t get anything worthwhile accomplished because they spend all their time trying to come up with the next “hoax” that will keep Donald J. Trump from becoming our president again. They fall flat on their faces every time. You’d think they’d be a little tired of falling on their faces, gotta be hurting by now.

Mark Rakow

Those two impeachments actually took place. They’re part of the public record. So, by definition, neither of the two impeachments can be a hoax.

Even so, Trump is not going to be President again. He lost the popular vote, TWICE. The Republicans would never be so foolish – or so desperate – as to nominate him again.

Johnny Appleseed

They write laws all the time that are unconstitutional.

They do unconstitutional things all the time.

Like mask mandates…


Climate change mandates…

That were enforced like a concentration camp then found by the court to be wrong…

But hey because skid marks said it…

It must be true right???

Or he does exactly what they do… stir up a bunch of confusion trying to make what he says sound like the truth.

Why wouldn’t a foot soldier follow orders…

I mean… they just followed orders right??

If your orders are wrong… and you refuse to face court marshal for telling them to go fuck themselves…. Because it covers your ass….

You are an asshole too.

Skid marks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

LOL. The crap they throw down your throat and you regurgitate is amazing. Go to spinning class. Quit doing it here.

Mark Rakow

Aww. Is poor little you triggered?
Or do you just need a diaper changed?

Knight Rider

What we have here is a group of folks who never read the constitution & rely on pretend networks like Fox, OANN & Newsmax to tell them what it means. They don’t realize the process of impeachment & more than they understand basic political terms like socialism, communism, capitalism, dictatorship or fascism. Here ignorance is bliss!


Ok, 1) I have read the Constitution; 2) I have studied what each of those terms means; and 3) I have actually taught about those very subjects. My question is, have YOU read the Constitution and do YOU know what those terms mean? Because it’s absolutely mind-boggling that anyone who does could still support the biggest dictator of a “president” we’ve ever had and his blatantly socialist agenda. I’m not the ignorant person here.

Mark Rakow

No one said that you are ignorant, nor did Knight Rider call you ignorant. He/She used the phrase “a group of folks” which needs not be, nor should it be, construed nor presumed as all-inclusive. This concept can be shown, for example, by a Venn diagram; “a group of folks” can exist in either circle, or in both circles.

I might add that you, yourself, alluded to this concept when you said “I’m not the ignorant person here.” Use of the article “the” in that sentence is a clear assertion that there is only one ignorant person here, though I believe there are far more than one.

Meanwhile, if you’ve truly read the Constitution, as you claim, then you wouldn’t have put the word “president” in quotation marks. That document clearly spells out the qualifications of the office, as well as the process by which an individual is elected President. Therefore, by definition, Joe Biden is President, having met the qualifications, and having fully completed the process, legally, properly, and exactly as specified.

Mark Rakow

Yes; in fact, here, ignorance is almost a given.

Johnny Appleseed

My old man always said,

If they spent as much time working as they do trying to get out of work they would be finished already and working on something else.

These people are not only lazy they are stupid too.




Disgusting rats. Liars all.

james H. Victor

The Don, ain’t done yet, Y’all. Best President, of Our time, Trump loves what America was, and only wants to help, Us All get back home. Behavior Matters. FREEDOM GONE MADD, SAD, SAD, SAD. Retired USAF, California Native.


COVID (which was for me milder than the cold I had just weeks before) is also a hoax. A real virus, but not nearly as lethal as H1N1, the Swine Flu, which I also had, for which there was no shutdown, mandated mask or vaccine. I believe the US response to COVID was and continues to be a way to rig elections. The tragedy is that by denying the use of therapeutics, by putting COVID positive people into rest homes, by denying care for people suffering from cancer, heart disease, and on and on, they killed thousands…..and continue to do so, all to support their phony narrative about the danger of COVID. I predict, since the MRNA vaccine is now killing more people than COVID itself, that they will do one of their flip flops and blame Trump, saying this blood is on his hands. It’s no surprise to me that the CDC reports an all-cause excess mortality increase of 40% since July 2021. This is catastrophic. These people are evil incarnate.


Hang in Mr. President —- Justice will be served


Just read a news article that “they” found classified information in your residence, after you left office. Made me think of over 32,000 classified emails in Hillary’s possession, after she left office.

Mark Rakow

Perhaps you should have been thinking of the facts.

Johnny Appleseed

What facts??? The made up shit y’all call facts????

Impeachment 1

Impeachment 2 (of a supposed non sitting president….)

Speaking of that if you would have convicted him… you would have had to admit he was a sitting president to impose Punishment…




But I digress…

I am just a stupid Little Rock chipper….

Chip chip…

Chip chip….

Mark Rakow

In referring to the facts, I wasn’t referring to the impeachments. Nor, for that matter, was JustMe.

As you so often do, you made a false assumption. This is not necessarily a sign of stupidity. Instead, in your case, I would call it mere impetuosity.


Oh so now you’re admitting the phony charges and so called evidence provided in the impeachments weren’t factual?

Glad to hear someone on your side finally admit it.

Eventually you’ll come around to admitting most all the alleged evidence provided against President Trump was fabricated and without any basis of FACT.

Gerald Warner

We are ready to clean house this time all the way….

Knight Rider

Really? You just lost by over 7 million votes there gubber!

Knight Rider

We already did Gerry, we cleaned out the House, the Senate & the Presidency. Now we just gotta keep the roaches from coming back!

William Wallace

Mr. President, with all due respect, put up or shut up. We all know the good job you did despite the communists in Congress. But whining about it every chance you get won’t change what they did. Focus your incredible energy in a positive direction, and get the USA back on track.

Kreg Vergith

Just a note:
Seeking justice, and repairing our Country, are not always just parallel paths.
They often intersect, and can, indeed, be accomplished simultaneously – with the right hand at the tiller.

Sue Mckee


Craig Barrett

We don’t listen to the fake news bullshit, everyone’s eyes has been opened by their continual hatred of America and it’s values , piss on them, payday is coming for every damn one of them sooner or later but it’s coming



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