The DeSanctimonious campaign is DEAD!

“The DeSanctimonious campaign is DEAD! His polls are dropping like a rock heading to Hell, and the DOJ/FBI are continuing their illegal and outrageous weaponization against me only because I am leading Biden by so much. It’s called ELECTION INTERFERENCE, and they have NO FEAR against DeSanctus – He’s the one that they are dying to run against, dispute their DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mississippi Jen

Agree. DeSantis had all your votes post Trump Era, but he flushed that down the toilet when he showed his true swamp colors by running and dissing you. I hope you choose Kari Lake as your VP!


The fake government establishment knows who can get the job done. You are their biggest fear. Not only will you get the job done, you will right the wrongs.
You have them in a corner and they are squirming. We see.


I laugh at these low I.Q. morons that sit in front of their TV sets all day long getting educated by the view. They send me emails looking for donations because their running for president. I wish them good luck but tell them that I support the Trump. And I remind them of all the broken promises the republicans have made and lied about since Iraq. And now we are under the thumb of joe Briben. God save the country.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, I got a few texts from DeSantis and he was soliciting votes, but I told him that he was disloyal and I would never vote for him. No doubt many people feel the same. Granted, he has some great ideas, but he is flawed. He does not measure up to my favorite tall tree in the forest of candidates. You are the MAN, dear PRESIDENT TRUMP! You are the toughest, and most relentless man I have ever seen. AMERICA should notice this and vote for you instead of wimpy other choices. Election interference is a shame! They should be shut down today. How can Joe Biden have any say? He is on the carpet for a gazillion crimes and he is a crime boss. He is president because of the big FRAUD ELECTION OF 2020. He has failed miserably and if they were fair, you should be President NOW. OUR nation is run by LIARS, CHEATERS and PIGS.
Nancy A. Daylo

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

President Trump 2024!!!



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