The enthusiasm was unbelievable

“Massive crowd last night in Georgia even despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm was unbelievable. David Perdue, running against horrendous Governor Brian Kemp, who let the Election be Rigged and Stolen, is seeing a very big surge. Will be interesting, but why would anybody want to vote for somebody who unnecessarily allowed a really bad and unfair consent decree, but wouldn’t allow a special session as requested by the State Senate. Kemp is a disaster for Georgia.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Terry Johnson

Trump rallies are always events filled with enthusiasm and hope for the revitalization
of our American Democracy. They are always standing room only. It is very clear that the people love this man for standing up for their God-given rights as human beings.

My Man Trump

Thank you, President Trump, for endorsing David Perdue and helping to get rid of that despicable rino, Kemp. He is another one who belongs in your net.

Becky Peterson

Joe Biden has to visit troops to get a crowd and it still doesn’t compare to President Trump’s turn outs.
We know the elections were stolen and can be again.

Question Mark

You may claim that the enthusiasm against Kemp is unbelievable. (Wait, I think I agree with you about that. I find much of what you say is unbelievable.)

But about the “Rigged and Stolen” thing, you’ve got a federal judge, today, saying he believes you are the thief and chief rigger.

My Man Trump

Hahaha. Repeating the words of a cracker jack judge and the desperation of the commies because Trump is winning the war against them.


Only pictures of yourself, sir? Shame on your misplaced vanity


FJB! and YOU Glennie!
Get Some Commie-Lib!


I thought you were the commie lib STEWIE!!!!!!!!!! FDT&S!!!!!!!

My Man Trump

Wow Glennie, that comment was really stupid, even for you.


Are these rallies just for chest beating and political endorsements? Are they just for your ego, sir??? When are we going to see you step up to the plate and lead us again??? You sir, were the greatest president this country has had in decades, but you completely bombed at the end!!! Mr Trump, you were re elected by a landslide the likes of which was never seen in this country before, and instead of taking your position as president, you sir stepped down and walked away!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER SEPPED DOWN SIR!!! Damn the nukes!! YOU were the elected president!! If those lying bastards say they won, let them prove it, but the world knows you WON!! YOU know you won!!! Y&ou sir should be in the White House right now! You sir let down every American that voted for you, and you handed over this country to this FAKE POS that sits in YOUR chair now!!!! You let this country get to the point of destruction we are in now!!! You walked away when instead you should have told those bastards to FK off, YOU were elected!!! Now you run around having rallies to beat your own chest for your past accomplishments, and so that you can draw crowds and see how much you are loved??? These rallies should Not be used to beat your own chest, or to promote politicians to positions!!! They should be used tp unite and lead we the people in a unified effort to get you sir, the duly elected president, into the Oval Office NOW!!!!! Personally, today, I don’t give a shit about 22 or 24!!! Yes, sir, we will vote those bastards out in 22!! BUT right now, today, I give a damn about the fake fraud POS imposter sitting in YOUR seat and DESTROYING this country!! IN AMERICA WE DO NOTTTT ALLOW TREASONOUS FRAUD TO OCCUR IN OUT NATIONAL ELECTIONS AND DO NNOOTTHHIINNGG ABOUT IT!!! Every one of these bastards that committed this treason MUST BE publicly hung as per our constitution!!! NOW!!! not in 22, not in 24!!!
The diamonds must be returned NOW!!!

Roller Coaster of Love

The constitution does not once mention hanging.

My Man Trump

Or roller coasters


For sure sir! However, lets’ hope people do not straddle the fence & throw votes to Stacey Abrahams & to Brian Kemp which could pull down the margins, of needed points “ahead”,
in the race for David Perdue. David does have a proven solid political track record ALREADY in Washington, DC, for sticking to his path & decisions. Also, hope all people get behind & support Herchel Walker, in his run for the Georgia Senate seat in Washington. I know everyone already knows his record of TRUTH & accomplishments as a Pro Past football hero! God bless all the good efforts being put forth to “save” our beloved America!!

Becky G

Another GREAT RALLY, MR. PRESIDENT! Georgia represented how MANY MANY AMERICANS miss OUR REAL PRESIDENT! YET…. u really haven’t gone anywhere…
Enjoy the show normies!


Well Becky G, he will be coming back, just “not” soon enough! God speed!

Rosanne. Choate

We can’t go to the President’s rallies, but, we love watching wherever they are. We love listening to his fiery talks!


You mean his fairy tales?


Wish I could’ve been there. One day I may attend. Waited in line one time but never made it inside to a Trump Rally.

BTW: Joe Biden goes to Warsaw, Poland and basically threatens Putin who has an itchy nuclear button finger and little is said by both Leftist and the Right.

President Trump is said to write mean tweets and you never hear the end of it from every Leftist in the country. In fact you still hear the Leftist cry about it today.

Becky G

I’ve been to every rally OUR REAL PRESIDENT has had here in Dallas. There is nothing like it! It’s an experience everyone that ❤❤❤ our President should have!


Huge crowd, and great speech!! Thank you Mr. President.

Rosanne. Choate

Especially where Matt Gaetz said about firing Pelosi and making President Trump Speaker of House! “That was interesting!” said the President. It would be so fun watching our making that happen with His help.


Largest and most enthuastic crowd ever. More than 100000? I don’t know.
But fake media will never report the truth

Last edited 11 months ago by Andy
Rosanne. Choate

Wouldn’t be surprised!

le cat

I love Elton John and Président Trump and so there is no quid pro quo, I think Melania Trump is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen




Vote for David Perdue Governor of Georgia!
Make Georgia RED Again!

Elizabeth Headley

Hardly able to read through this new post because your donation ads pop up, cover it. And offer NO WAY to be removed! It is continuous! New & horrible tactics by the Cabal whose DAYS ARE OVER! HALLELUJAH! YOU ARE ALL THAT THEY WILL NEVER BE! WWG1WGA! THAT’S COVENANT! OUR NATION IS UNDER A COVENANT WITH GOD! I KNOW OF NO OTHER NATION LIKE US! THANK YOU! We are ONE! AMEN!


Click the x in the upper right corner or click to the left or right of the ad.

Elizabeth Headley

Thx AngelP! I’m really not brain dead! MY ads had no “x” in the corner! I know how to remove ads! It’s an attack when an ad is put up w/o a way to remove it. I mentioned there not being an “x” in my complaint to this site in a personal response not published here. But yes! Ppl unaware of these “x”‘s should know about them, tho they are self explanatory when you see them. Symbolism, like words, are generally self evident. No offense taken! Thanks for pointing it out!

Gloria Hensley

Click on either side of the pop up – but not on the pop-up – off the popup..


Good advice AngelP. You think maybe she will understand your direction? God bless.


Ms. Headley, Trump’s ad allows you to click the X to immediately close it dear, just one push of the finger on the mouse pad hoovered over the X box. Just that simple 🙂 But on the other hand since you are calling him a Cabal & screaming out Hallelujah, you must really miss ALL the GOOD that our 45th President did for ALL Americans, during his time of service: that’s why you keep coming back to his web site; just to get a peek of all the true connected supporters of Donald J. Trump, are buzzzzzing about like busy little worker bees awaiting for 2024 to come rolling around……by the way it will come. Just not soon enough! Lol!! God bless, hope you come back to visit with us Ms. Headley. 😉 WWJD (figure this out). It does NOT stand for “we want Jack Daniels” but rather “What would Jesus Do?” Your behavior in your statement was rude & unpleasant dear.

Elizabeth Headley

You’re new on this site aren’t you? You know…the DESK here knows me…and THEY KNOW that I was speaking of the “CABAL”, not my President! (I think YOU may know these CABAL, shadow demons, up front & personal the way you’ve spread yourself around on this feed) THAT is a tactic of theirs, isn’t it!? MY ADS had no “x” on them, and I’m familiar w/ this particular AD! I have “x” it before, and after PUBLICLY complaining @ it, as I do AT TIMES when my hackers are making me crazy w/ their antics, because when I DO complain @ the CABAL, soon after those problems usually disappear! As happened today! Maybe I’m to blame for the way I wrote that sentence? You didn’t read my response correctly, or I didn’t make my statement clear enough…either way, YOU ARE RUDE! And the CABAL IS MY ENEMY FOR LIFE! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MY! MY! MY! PRESIDENT, ALSO FOR LIFE!! Your syrupy sweet falseness bleeds through, dearie!, and I’m going to pray that whoever/whatever IS your intent here, on this site, that it be be revealed to ALL, not just me. You wouldn’t have a problem with that, would you? Even though you blasphemed GOD by making fun of me, for using a word GOD understands, and again, apparently, you do NOT. I don’t like liars, troublemakers, or snakes, lizards, witches, or demons! But I DO like the TRUTH!! I don’t have to be too concerned @ people like you, because you guys are coming out of the woodwork, aren’t you? God’s got this! I give it to him! Rag me all you want! I’ve had my say here! Good day!


When the box pops up, if it has a black background, the black x in upper right corner won’t show, but it’s there and you can still find and click it. Either that or click outside of the box and it will disappear.

jean guirao

It was a great meeting indeed!!!


Enough big crowd BS. It gets old sir!!! Like you!!!


At least two sources say it was only about 5,000 people and that people were bored and leaving early. He’s already had his representative go on twitter and post 3 tweets saying it was massive with 25-30,000 people. Such a pathetic loser.


Sur PRIZE, you people really miss President Trump! Lol!!! you even keep coming back to him where ever he is! Lol!!


You’re seeing things through s**t colored glasses provided to you by the MSM. I watched the RSBN coverage and it was a huge sea of people, easily 30,000. You miss Trump so badly; admit it. You know you want him back. Your Brandon, Cackala, et al are a complete and shameful disaster. Enough already.


Jealous aren’t you?


Duh,,,, No way, Fly away


Glen…..shame on you, being rude & disrespectful! Why bother to even come to this site at all? You know you miss the 45th President being in office, to serve the American people as well as he did!! Gas was at a reasonable price, groceries were affordable, everyone could afford to pick their own medical insurance, etc, the list goes on & on!! You must be from the far left where those folks live in a bubble & wants everything for “free” & America is headed to a economical melt down because of the corrupt administration that is in office now, who by the way, do not give a DAMN about you, me or our beloved America!!! Wake up Glenn! The sh*@*! that is going on now, is for the corrupt politicians to ripe our constitution & bill of rights away from every American in this country! Gheeeeezzzz man, all the illegals being allowed to flood into our nation, not vented, not vaccinated, not monitored, not showing up for their court date, and to top it off; the AMERICAN tax dollars will pay to support them for free!! It is overdue time for people all across this great nation to wake up & get in step to a drum beat that has already PROVED & showed what he/she can do & will do to save our nation from being destroyed economically or financially! There are many other political issues going on NOW in Washington, behind the scenes, that would make your skin crawl if you knew of it, Glen. So be thankful that Donald J Trump has the backbone & tough skin to deal with those snakes, devils & demons in Washington & to call it out for what it really is!


and storm governemtn buildings in DC and ask AG’s to look for votes. Narcisstic LIAR!!


Trump’s still sharp and makes great speeches (friendly talks) to his massive audience, unlike Brandon and Cackala.

Dean Anoia

Was great to watch on RSBN 🤜🤛. I was jelly for not being there. ☺️


we truly love you president trump.


Desperate, huh??????


See there you go again Glenn! Such a shame! You know you miss his GOOD SERVICE too, when he was in office & it benefited ALL American people. 😉


He “served” you I guess??? Not me lady!!



Chris Lockert

Enjoyed listening to you last night. When are these reporters going to be rounded up for all their false narratives about the 2020 election. Tired of seeing their lies about the election in the searches I do online.


You give us hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Craig Barrett

Brian Kemp is the definition of a RINO, and Rinos need to be extinct in the USA

Roynda C Hill

Mr. President,
We love you and hope that you will be our next President! I need a favor though. Please refrain from using some of your profane language at your rally’s. Especially the “F” bomb. Remember, there are children present and watching with their parents and this is not sending a very good message for them and only fuels fodder for the fake news media. Will be watching all of your future rallies! MAGA!!!

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