The Fake News Media is “betting the ranch”

“The Fake News Media is “betting the ranch” on the worst Election Integrity Governor in the Country, Brian Kemp of Georgia, who handed the Dems two Senate seats and a big win in the State’s Presidential race. “True the Vote” (2000 Mules) rated him “ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.” The LameStream Media won’t even talk about all of the many wins WE have had, including Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and MANY more. My Endorsement numbers, as they know, are unprecedented. Kemp can’t win in General E!”

By Donald J. Trump

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First thing to do when law and order is restored is to arrest all the criminal and marxist governorors and replace them with true Patriots. We cannot have democracy when the States are run by the enemies of the People.

My Man Trump

That lame rino needs put out to pasture. Why is he still in office. It bewilders me. No wonder crime has taken over Dems cities. Look at our rino commie politicians. They are criminals that are always allowed to get away with it.


New name for the fake news should be the Monkey news. It’s all monkey business!


The fake news can spin it all they want , we aren’t buying it! Can’t we get real news any more? Medias already spinning the monkey virus. They look and act like monkeys, just throwing their poop on the walls and smearing it everywhere. It’s like watching them play in their cages.


He needs to go, voted out. How can anyone vote for him, having approved the 2020 elector votes.

Strange Brew

Abrams will be the new Governor!

Michael Jenson

Kemp’s like bad Hemp never get what your looking for, cough, cough, bad KEMP…….Damn HEADACHE……too!

Patricia McDermott

Well, let’s say that he can’t “legally” win. There’s still election fraud/corruption going on. It MUST be stopped!


Absolutely amazing the corruption that is rampant in our country and the world. Out of curiosity anyone know how much it would cost to audit all the states with True The Vote?? About time we round up all the crooks and show folks that people must be held responsible for their actions.


I’m guessing much less than the amount we sent to Ukraine-

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