The first step in the return to the moon

“The first step in the return to the moon, tomorrow’s Artemis Launch, was proudly a signature policy of the Trump Administration, where we totally revamped NASA and our virtually “dead” space program. I am sure that the Fake News will explain to all the great job that we did!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Katie Kress

Send them all satanist to the moon lol
Love you Mr President

My Man Trump

The ultra MAGA King. Make America first and denounce all commies.


A trip to the moon? Can we put an end to the Earth globe or flat debate? Take pictures of Earth please!!!


Oh yeah, I’m sure… and out of the goodness of their hearts!
M.A.G.A. !!!


America First!

Sarah Luu

As “THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA” has always done, they will BITCH & CRY over how much &&& the space program costs. They will drum up stories showing the homeless, rundown buildings & EXTREMELY RACIST STORIES interviewing some very poor, blind black man in Mississippi saying “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no space rocket masser” THEY WILL DO IT! I’ll NEVER FORGET this exact thing done by Dan Rather over the Hubble Telescope. They WON’T DARE badmouth BIDEN RAPING US OF TRILLIONS for his “green new FVCKOVER!” If it wasn’t for the space program, they would be on the air to spread their RACIST tripe.


God is still in control! Our trust must be in Him.

Sarah Luu

I agree with you Lori, but the WAR between good & evil ( GOD & SATAN ) is at a near all time high, in my beliefs.

R Minoglio

Thank you President Trump for all that you did for my once great country. The media will tell the typical lies. It’s what they do best and pretty much the only thing they do. Pray everyone. We need God more than ever. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. Wake up people. Dont listen to the lies. They do it so we won’t have any confidence in our party. We can’t let them get away with it. If we do we will lose this country. I want my country back bit I want it back the way it was before all the bullshit. Let’s go Brandon. MAGA.

Sarah Luu

This new state of art launch/return vehicle system has been LONG overdue. Years ago when the Shuttle program was retired, I couldn’t believe they did it without a new system up and ready. We relied on THE RUSSIANS! I can only guess how much we lost, financially and scientifically. Now we are on the next step BACK TO THE MOON & ON TO MARS! My Father was 7 years old when Neil Armstrong made the first footprint on the moon. I HOPE & PRAY that he lives to see our return to the moon & especially the FIRST AMERICANS ON MARS!!! THANK YOU President Trump, FROM ME & MY BELOVED FATHER. Sarah Luu. P.S. To those with influence, PLEASE DON’T LET MY FATHER DOWN, the GREATEST MAN IN MY LIFE!!!(along with my husband, my children and of course PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!)


75% of Americans know the media are liars.

Pablo Picasso

The other 80% know most statistics are made up




Ha ha! Loving how the math adds up. 😉


I don’t think the average person has any idea of how extreme the lies told by the demonrats’ propaganda machine really are. The population is being treated like sheep, and very few can see it.


Thank you President Trump. When are you coming back?

Anna Leal

Great Legacy, Mr President!

Carol Ann Ruaro

Not sure how I feel about that as it appears NASA is nothing short of the Nazis who fled to the US and Argentina. We’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING or so it seems!

Last edited 1 year ago by Carol Ann Ruaro

I agree 100%!


Trump in June 2019 “NASA should not be talking about going to the Moon -we did that 50 years ago.”


We need to send You to the moon on a one-way ticket.


Haha! As if Trump’s changing his mind about a trip to the moon did any harm at all. So freaking what?? But hey, to the TDS afflicted it’s worse than leaving Afghanistan in a horrible deadly mess and all that military equipment left behind to be stolen and used by enemies of the USA, etc., etc.. Oh, but “Trump made Biden do it.” Yeah, send the troll(s) to the moon, along with all evil people. Earth will breathe a great sigh of relief.


No, they won’t. But others will carry the word of what you did.


As a child I remember sitting with family eating popcorn watching Neil Armstrong make his first steps on the moon. Now they say it’s all fake, which is it?


Once it’s all said and done, I think we’ll all have a wide range of childhood memories to reevaluate in light of the revealing of truth. Not sure whether that will be one of them or not.


Fake…they lied about everything. And if it was so spectacular, wouldn’t you think we’d have gone back before 50 years?? 50 years??? Yep. They lied.

Andrew Tripp

God bless the blessed!

Mindy Pechenuk

The Artemis project is the leap for mankind that is so needed. Only through great new scientific breakthroughs can we fulfill the injunction of Genesis, that mankind should be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over nature. Your commitment to Artemis is the breakthrough for all mankind. Let all eyes be on the Artemis One Mission. Mindy Pechenuk, candidate for California State Assembly18


I agree!

I just don’t like that this NASA project was named after the pagan goddess that led to rioting in the streets in the Bible (Acts 19:23-41).



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