The Georgia phone calls were PERFECT

“The Georgia phone calls were PERFECT. Many people and lawyers, on both sides, were knowingly on the one call, I assumed the call was taped, there were Zero complaints or angry “how dare you” charges made during the call, and no “hang ups” by anyone aggrieved or insulted at what was said. THEY WERE PERFECT CALLS. I was just doing my job as President, and seeking Fairness and the Truth. The Election was Rigged and Stolen!”

By Donald J. Trump

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This is about the 5th time you have posted this. And I will remind you for the 5th time that you broke the law. You were a sitting president begging a Secretary of State to find you votes. But you know the call was not so perfect. We know you know that.


Of course Trump is correct. The writing of history had better not be done by those corrupt evil clowns so that their insane narratives go down as truth.


Democrats will never do what is right or true. We know the truth and how the evil will try its best to infiltrate and persuade.
“Crime of the Century” Rigged and Stolen Election An attack by this illegitimate, radical, crooked government against our Country and the American people. It’s just terrible what they are doing.

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