The greatest Witch Hunt in American History continues

“The greatest Witch Hunt in American History continues on all fronts, even as the Election rages, an unwritten “NO NO” in Law and Politics. The Document Hoax Case I thought was over based on the fact that the documents were declassified, but more importantly based on the history of past Presidents and the way they were treated. The Clinton “Socks Case” is conclusive, the Presidential Record Act is great & easy to understand, & my Fourth Amendment Rights were violated with the Raid on Mar-a-Lago!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mindy Pechenuk

We are many and our enemies are few. This witch-hunt is part of coup to overthrow the sovereignty of our great nation by the British run globalist and the central bankers who are represented by the UNI Party in America, such as the Federal Reserve (which should be abolished). Let us unite our movement across the country. We make no compromises with the UNI Party. President Trump I stand with you and I am organizing California to create the movement we need to stop this treason and implement the American System. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for State Assembly 18


Thank you Mindy Pechenuk for your support. Keep up the Good work.

My Man Trump

President Trump is being unconstitutionally hit from all sides just because he won in 2016 and spoiled their plan to ruin America and their need for greed and control. It continues to this day because they are scared to death of him and his return. Godspeed, Sir. They will never be successful and no one can stop what’s happening.

paula b

Biden is one of those swamp-rats, over 50yrs in government and “NEVER pushed for the drawing-up of “” rights to life bill/ whatever had a very-short lived bill-life since the 70’s.
That arrogant jerk is blaming supporter and trump supporters that choose good over evil. That was Pelosi’ husbands drug-addicted lover “paid” to do what he did (f’d-up by hammer) “we are not falling for their “cry for me to sympathy votes”

Just like the Jan 6, Russia hoax, and all other failed attempts (until the election/crooked’s pushed for illegal bounds “past mid-nite and well into month’) .

“We must ignore their pushes for the very-dangerous line-the crooked (not just the “words” (have consequences) but the people they HIRED-to do the ACTIONS”
I understand my words might not come across as grammatically-correct, but “the sickness to my stomach over the disgust, and lengths gone to to “tried-failed and yet still trying to smear One of the greatest presidents since Regan and Roosevelt (Democrats back then
and PRESIDENT TRUMP (run as VP 2yrs then gaining the ignorant (those who don’t read for themselves, but follow) “there are already plenty of those whom finally read-between the lines.”
My meaning; it’ll take time to fix all that has been (not royal) arrogantly/ignorantly(not caring) screwed.



Please sue their a_ _. They have abused and overreached the government power and are harassing and attacking anyone who oppose them, especially our Real President Trump.


We knew it was going to get worse nearing election time and I’m sure many more laws will be broken and accusations made by these scum. Fortunately I’ve watched the Kim Clement video where in his prophecy he said Donald Trump will be a TWO term President. I mistook it that Trump would go back to back (which he would have if not cheated) but he still has a term to go. Clement never said back to back but two terms. I believe in the prophecy and am very ready for President Trump’s next term.

Patricia McDermott

It’s election time – of course it’s going to continue. There is one immediate solution – VOTE THEM OUT!!!


karma is coming for them they are so stupid with hate they do not realize it.


WWG1WGA, Mr. President. Sue them with all your might in public live, so the entire world will finely see what We The People, Have known for years.!!!!

hang FKN biden

Mr President, As you know the enemy is relentless!! Why did you let them have power?? You knew before the 2020 election there was going to be cheating, but you did nothing to stop it. You could have iniciated marshal law, but you did not. You could have initiated the insurrection act because the demonrats deliberately planned an insurrection, but you did not. You let these evil bastards have power, and now, they are not only destroying this country, but the entire world!!! All the evidence is there to prove you won by a massive landslide, you know it, they know it, and the entire wold knows it!!! Are you going to let the thief keep the diamonds??? If you did not let this evil regime have control of power, you could have had every one of these bastards hung for treason!!! You relinquished what is rightfully yours, and now they are still coming after you! All you can do now it bitch about the pain they are causing you, well, these bastards have caused us ALL pain!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE NOT CONCEDED!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE NOT LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU, but instead fought for what we all know is rightfully yours!!! Sir, we the people love you, and support you!! We will fight to the very end with you, but we need a leader!! We need you to stop bitching about all that evil these bastards are doing to you and start fighting for what is yours, the presidency of this country!!!!!


He’s a loser, conman, liar, thief, among many other things, so all he can do is bitch. There was no election cheating as has been proven many, many times. Move on. It’s been two years of his whining!


You’ve been spreading lies and repeating garbage that you receive from your favorite fake news outlets about him ever since we’ve all been able to comment on here. About a year or so now and you’ve accomplished NOTHING and convinced/converted NO ONE. Move on. Your whining is falling on deaf ears but the lies are just ridiculous. You (as do the liberal politicians) show desperation and weakness, knowing the majority supports Trump so the lies you all make up and spread only causes a stronger support to our President. That’s called a BACKFIRE. Ever since our eyes have been opened by President Trump ( 6 years + ) to the REAL goings on in DC with regards to the liberals and the exposing of RINO’s it changed everything and now fear and desperation is what you liberals live on.
You should really consider coming over to our side, great patriotic people that only want a leader with ALL ( that includes you) of our best interests in mind.


Kreg Vergith

The Left gained power because of a rigged election.

President Trump knew that there would be cheating by the Left because, simply, that’s what they do when they’re on the ropes. Check their historical record.

President Trump and his legal team have been in court since long before election day 2020, fighting against the illegal plans put in place by the Left in preparation for the execution of what they later spun and called ‘The Big Lie’ of the GOP.

New lawsuits and political manipulations against the GOP in general, and President Trump in particular, are appearing every day, and they are courageously challenged every day.
The courts are very comfortably under the thumb of the Left, and justice is nearly out of reach for We The People.

Use of the Insurrection Act was considered by the leadership of the Left, but cooler and more educated heads apparently prevailed (we don’t really need to know how the sausage was made in this case).

Martial law is a throwback last resort which NEVER works out well. Study Socialist regimes through the ages to see what ALWAYS happens when it is invoked.

Even the position of POTUS is bound by very specific rules. President Trump did exactly what he was allowed to do, exactly when he was allowed to do it. Oddly, as a private citizen he has, and had, more latitude to object and seek redress.

He did not ‘let’ the Left do anything.
They gamed the system and ‘won’.
They are slowly starting to realize, however, that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

He ‘relinquished’ nothing. It was STOLEN from him, and us.
He ‘conceded’ nothing.
He was SURELY not intimidated!!!
He was MOTIVATED to fight harder!!!

We all must strive to follow his brave example!

Jim Thompson

If you declassified them, say it under oath. You won’t because you’re weak.

R Minoglio

Sue the pants off all of them.

My Man Trump

Indict them and lock them up!!

Mr. Ree

YOU are not running so hush, no one cares what you think!

MAGA through God

Major upset in polls turning Red from blue
Agitated desperate Dems going after Dear Trump
Great Republicans coming into our Capital through GOD

Wild Bill

Yes sir. What these people have done is totally wrong and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I hope that most americans with an I.Q. of room temperature and above realize that the media’s coverage is miss leading if not out and out lying. I have other options and philosophical ideals. But I would more than likely be censored. God bless our failing country. Respectfully!


Yes Sir!
I agree You & your famiy’s Fouth Amendment Rights were violated by the search and seizure conducted on your MarA Lago property and possessions.
The Constitution is clear and is the foundational framework of our great country! I am going to let every fake news author know it!

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides that “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

To all MAGA if you love your life, your liberties, your family, your country, then do as Jesus did in the market square, call them out for their wrong actions! Let it out so GOD hears you! Never cease prayinh for our 45 and his family and all the good souls working with him, for FAMILY & COUNTRY


POTUS Trump.. everything the [D]eep [S]tate has done to you (to US 🇺🇸) became reality on 11/3/2020 US Insurrection Day! When you are reinstated, I recommend a new federal holiday to memorialize the death of America. Their American Democracy… …the re-establishment of our Constitutional Republic!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President