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Nick Huntington

I thought you were coming Back?

Marijo Makufka


Barb Bevans

Agree wholeheartedly, my heart sank when I saw it, was up till 3:30 or later, miss My President! I want to thank you for waking me up, for always speaking truth and I thank God for creating you for us. May He ever bless and keep you and yours. ❤️🙏🇺🇸

Milo Manx

Mike Pence let down 80 million Americans that day. A true corrupt politician!


yes, that was real. Not the dog and pony show put on by evil perp.


Absolutely 💯%


Exactly~God Bless

Johnny Appleseed



Rerun season already?????


Just for the Commie-Libs!


Here’s a rerun for you, remember this comment? 

Glenn reply to griffthegrand

“If you think Social Security is not funded by your Govt, you belong on another planet”

I guess maybe you need to book your flight on the next Space X mission with Elon then huh Glenn?

Here on the planet Earth according to the SSA the Social Security program consists of the following two Trust Funds controlled by the Department of Treasury. The fund has automatic spending authority to pay monthly benefits and doesn’t need to make special requests to Congress to pay benefits.

The Social Security Trust Fund was created in 1939 as part of the Amendments enacted in that year. From its inception, the Trust Fund has always worked the same way.

Effective as of January 1, 1940, there was created under section 201(a) of Title II, as amended, on the books of the Treasury of the United States, a trust fund to be known as the “Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund,” and all amounts credited thereto are made available for the payment of the insurance benefits specified under section 202 as amended. Also known as OASI.

The Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund was established through the passage of the Social Security Act Amendments of 1956, and the program became effective on Jan. 1, 1957. Also known as OASDI.

The Social Security program is financed primarily by revenues from payroll or employment taxes received under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) and the Self-Employment Contributions Act (SECA) are deposited daily into the OASI Trust Fund held in a separate account at the U.S. Treasury’s, also by federal income taxes paid by some beneficiaries on a portion of their benefits, and interest income from the Social Security trust fund investments. The fund has automatic spending authority to pay monthly benefits and doesn’t need to make special requests to Congress to pay benefits.

By Law Social Security tax revenues are invested in U.S. government securities such as Treasury Bonds (which are government debt securities that are publicly traded), and Special Issues (which are government-backed securities only available to the trust fund) and held by the trust funds, and these securities earn interest. The tax revenues exchanged for the U.S. government securities are deposited into the General Fund of the Treasury and are indistinguishable from revenues in the General Fund that come from other sources. Because the assets held by the trust funds are U.S. government securities, the trust fund balance represents the amount of money owed to the Social Security trust funds by the General Fund of the Treasury. Funds needed to pay Social Security benefits and administrative expenses come from the redemption or sale of U.S. government securities held by the trust funds.

Currently the Social Security trust funds are projected to have asset reserves sufficient to pay full scheduled benefits until 2034 on a combined basis. Considered separately, the OASI Trust Fund is projected to have sufficient asset reserves until 2033 (last year’s report projected 2034 as the depletion year) and the DI Trust Fund is projected to have sufficient asset reserves until 2057.

In 2021, when you work, 85 cents of every Social Security tax dollar you pay goes to a trust fund that pays monthly benefits to current retirees and their families and to surviving spouses and children of workers who have died. About 15 cents goes to a trust fund that pays benefits to people with disabilities and their families. From these trust funds, Social Security also pays the costs of managing the Social Security programs. The Social Security Administration is one of the most efficient agencies in the federal government, and we’re working to make it better every day. Of each Social Security tax dollar you pay, we spend less than one penny to manage the program.

Social Security FAQ

Q26: Has Social Security always taken in more money each year than it needed to pay benefits?

A: No. So far there have been 11 years in which the Social Security program did not take enough in FICA taxes to pay the current year’s benefits. During these years, Trust Fund bonds in the amount of about $24 billion made up the difference. 

Well Glenn, still think the government funds social security?

Praise Supreme Leader

So you basically admit that Social Security & Disability Insurance are SOCIALIST programs? It’s a trick by the deep state to lure unsuspecting older Americans into help to establish a SOCIALIST state.

Daniel Bacon

Yes Jan 6th was a protest, but the scum in DC want to make it a crime to protest, yet they like it when BLM and Antics Burn Loot and Murder.


Want to stop Zuckerburg? Dump Facebook ect. I did it last year. Best decision EVER!


Damn Straight! God bless America 🇺🇸

Sue Mckee

You are correct as Always! That is a fact! Hopefully there will be justice for the Nov 3 insurrection. We the people were robbed of our votes and you were robbed a second term. Plus the down ballots Senete and House seat’s.

Rosanne. Choate

Exactly! We were all rudely robbed of a second term with our President!

Gerald Warner

Fakebook is now splitting up their so called violations of free speech and penalizing with fakebook jail or putting in your file to be used at a later date. Practicing as a lawyer or doctor without a license is illegal….

Today at 7:44 AM
We added a notice to your post
The post includes information that independent fact-checkers said was false.
False Information in a Post That You Shared
You shared information.
Sep 30, 2021
Independent fact-checkers reviewed the information and said it was false.
Oct 21, 2021
Facebook added a notice to the post.
Oct 21, 2021
People who repeatedly share false information might have their posts moved lower in News Feed so other people are less likely to see them.

From Independent Fact-Checkers
There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene or parasites – Health Feedback
Science Feedback
See Fact-Check


They never do say “Who” their independent fact checkers are .. one perfect reason to drop fb ..


“FacistBook” may be to big to kill but this is hoping Trump’s “Truthsocial” takes a big bite out.



Deanna Collins

where doyou buy shares ?

Karen Stamminger

Open a brokerage account. One example is


TD Ameritrade, E trade, Robinhood etc. Any of those platforms

Deanna Collins

thanks to all of the above who answered my question so kindly – have a great weekend !

DWAC BACKED by $ from wuhan, idiots

Yes moron, buy some shares. Lol. It’s definitely not a trump chimp scam


Rock N Roll!
Make America Great Again!

Kelly Chuirazzi

Thats correct!


Absolutely. Well said.


It must be so nice to never have to deal with reality !




Liberals = NO REALITY


Ok ok , put the mirror down. It’s ok. Woke doesn’t mean Woken. Or you’d be seeking out that DWAC share purchase!

My Man Trump

We have to deal with you. Don’t worry though, we have broad shoulders. We have to for all the heavy lifting we have had to do over the years of putting up with all the fascists criminal behavior. I wish you people would start carrying your own water.


Yes – The insurrection occurred on Nov 3rd- it was a coup- Anyone and everyone who has the slightest amount of reasoning can see it- I won’t believe that the dems would be relentlessly by gunning for Mr Trump for 4 straight years and then suddenly play all nicey nice during the election- it just doesn’t make sense- they over through the will of the people as sure as I’m typing this.


“Judge Denies Bail to Jeremy Brown – Former Green Beret Was Arrested Thursday After He Earlier Refused FBI Request to Be Informant Plant at Jan. 6 Rallies”


Unbelievable! Do you have the link to the article?


Dear Democrats;

The above message from the actual president Donald J. Trump, pertaining to the actual date of the said insurrection and the actual perpetrators is a fact. You Donkey Jackasses.


November 3rd 2020 was the Insurrection of the United States by a RIGGED and STOLEN ELECTION! The people of the United States know it and so does the Whole World! The Capitol Police let the protestors in the Capitol on January 6th by the order of the Liberals led by Pelosi!


So by your reasoning, all members of Congress were not really elected on November 3rd?


Prize, Your comment is way off topic. I’m not sure you’re literate.


WTS, Prize is on DOPE!


The hell? Did you not see how far in front President Trump was at 4:30 eastern time in which it was impossible for Biden to win? Did you not watch the blatant and obvious steal right in front of your face? We are talking about the President not Congress. What does your comment have to do with the PRESIDENTIAL steal?


What Prize means is if Trump ballots were tampered with, why weren’t the congressional races on those ballots affected? I’ve wondered that myself, but heard something about ballots found with only the circles for president filled in.


Thank you.


Dope Head! I DID NOT say ALL members of Congress YOU STUPID LIBERAL!

Deanna Collins

Looking forward to your return ! This will be soon and we will all rejoice and so will the world !


It’s going to be a long 3 years. I’m a little nervous. :-O

Elizabeth Headley

Yes! Understood by those w/ eyes that see. Why the Khazars flip it upside down and backwards!
For me, it’s just a general rule to FLIP EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN, to get to the truth.
What a horrible way to have to subject yourself, in order to survive!
If they STATE anything, just know truth is it’s opposite!
Love you DJT#19🌎🕊️

My Man Trump

That’s brilliant President Trump. You are so right. Mr. President you are highly respected with the majority of our foreign countries, friend and foe Could you please share with us their points, opinions and thoughts about the Biden regime or anything else you can share with us. Also, I would find it very hard to believe that they may not help you drain the swamp or take your rightful place as President.


Looking forward to TRUTHSOCIAL!! 👍👍🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

Craig Barrett


Gloria Hensley

And the protest goes on, until the evil is overcome by the Blood of Jesus and the Word of the Testimony (of the Believers).


Absolutely Insurrection taken place on Election Day November 3, 2020 & Peaceful Protest was on Jan 6,2021.
And Furthermore, the Election was STOLEN !!!!And It was PREMEDITATED !
I live in Pennsylvania and received at least
10 illegal mail in ballots at my residence.
My Father built this house in 1963 & No one else has ever lived here .


THIS is the American story. Ben Terris, please do a piece on this. I mean What Up in PA?
I’m sure Underdog here would make a fine interview. Just remember, introduction to dig deeper. 👍🏻

Dawn Froncek



I agree. Maybe the “news” might violate their “gag” order and tell the truth. I’m dubious but I can wish.



Chuck Fowler


Gerald Warner

The second a democrat and Rino steps foot in office is the insurrection

Jose Rosales

I live in Mexico how can I do my help?

Pat Wittorf

Good point.

myree williams

YEP!! 😊



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