The new weapon being used by the Democrats

“The new weapon being used by the Democrats to cheat on Elections is criminally investigating a candidate, bad publicity and all, by the DOJ and their local henchmen at A.G. & D.A. OFFICES. They make lives miserable, destroy their families and friends, regardless of their innocence, which makes little difference to these Radical Left Maniacs. It is worse than ballot stuffing and media manipulation. We must stop them cold!”

By Donald J. Trump

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100% Correct President TRUMP!
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J., Trump, FRIEND, They. have a new weapon? We have one that is older than this world. HE made it by the word of HIS mouth, LET THERE BE! And HE is on our side MR. PRESIDENT. Do not forget to call on HIM and THANK HIM. George Soros, run for the hills.You are old and death is knocking at your door. One word from the LORD and you are DONE! If you do not repent of your wicked ways, old boy, the Devil will be making toast out of your behind. You may not believe it. But it is TRUE and if. you wait, you will be lost forever. Better get scared old man. And Mr. BRAGG, your house of cards is about to be blown away. And you and your dreams of being the governor will most likely be held in prison. Dream on.. you will have lots of time to dream. But… in prison… do they let you alone? All your buddies are on the outside ad you put them there. So, the hungry criminals are just waiting for a plump plum like you to plum. Are you scared yet, Mr. Bragg? Should be.Nancy A. Daylo

R Minoglio

The American Patriots are not listening to the democratic rhetoric anymore. We the people want our country back. What they are doing to this great country is a shame.


Spot On!
Well Said!
The American Patriots KNOW what is going on!

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