The NRA Event was spectacular last night

“The NRA Event was spectacular last night. Packed house! Indianapolis and NRA Officials combined to do a great job. Thank you! Am now in the Great State of Tennessee. Will be giving the RNC Keynote tonight. They are, to put it mildly, very happy with my polls. Way up on all Republicans, and Biden. The Dems are working hard on various forms of CHEATING, including Election Interference through the illegal use of Prosecutors, on a scale never seen before. Do not discount their ability to CHEAT!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Thank YOU, President TRUMP!



Nancy A. Daylo

Yes, dear PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, I saw and was very proud of you. I was amazed at some of your promises to fix the nation. And there is much to do. Everyday, more corruption is revealed. God help us, Mr. PRESIDENT. May we all pray for. you and our nation. It is FREE and powerful for all believers. Nancy A. Daylo

Mary Geiger

I wasn’t able to watch your speech live but watched the video last night. Great speech, you are way ahead of the Dems and they know they’re going to be beat. They already look like they’re floundering, they’re having a difficult time even getting started. Keep up the good work. Glad you’re there for us, you’ll take care of the ghastly nasties and be just fine. You know there are many of them and they’re always looking for ways to stop you from finishing the work you started. Just beware.


Ive seen it, President Trump was amazing last night. I know that you Mr Donald Trump is back in the White House in 2024. And im praying that the deepstate doesnt use “nuclear” Because i was thinking about Donald Trump’s word “Nuclear” and my thoughts were going back to the raid in marlago. My guess is these people from the raid, have found the nuclear footbal, and took it away. Now the footbal is in the deepstate’s hands. Maybe thats why Donald Trump said it a few times. I hope everything will be fine, and no nuclear threat is taking place. Much greetings from Berlin. And thank you Mr President for all of your very hard work.

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