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My Man Trump

“The Big Guy” is a major liar and has always been a liar. Nothing has changed. He has fooled the people who have been asleep at the wheel for years. People are awake now (thank you President Trump).


This is just disgusting!
“ the criminality of greedy politicians have gone “off the deep end” “lost their ever loving minds”, and plainly put for those “horse-blinder individuals” STEALING OUR VERY FINERS FROM AMERICANS!

JUSTICE IS NOT to be WEAK; strength amongst the LAWFUL WILL RISE and the CRIMINAL(S) WILL FALL.

I grew up in Tampa, was not a registered voter (even in the 90’s)
But for some reason on voterrecords dot com you can find – for example – N Gomez Ave for instance, 140+ registered voters “Funny thing” “”” THERE ARE ONLY AROUND THIRTY (30 single family homes). My childhood home (me being 6 of 7 children – only my parents were the only registered voters) that leaves 29 sfhomes left (most of which still owned by the same families I grew up with.

Cheaters cheat, crooks are many and yet we keep re-electing liars/cheats/thrives “” make it better for us all”” (drain the swamp and CORRECT THE VOTER ROLLS (start fresh)


They try their best to disguise their plans, until it’s to late. Why don’t we hear what is the Republican party doing about this. Where are they? I know there are some Republican politicians that are fighting for the people. Big tech has become part of the radical government. They want to be powerful and the people powerless. Censoring so the people want hear the truth.


Spot On President Trump!
TYPICAL Commie-Lib SOBs!
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!


The tax and spend party, the demorats. Brandon can’t remember what he said yesterday, let alone on the campaign trail.

Michael Jenson

Same old game tax the company’s pass the cost to us citizens, raise the price over the tax so the big guy gets 10% and the company gets 20% extra then tells you of the pain they go through for us……… BS




so when has biden ever told the truth? he said he won in a landslide-we know that is not true, he said he was not going to leave people stranded in afghanistan we also know that is not true. lets go brandon.


80 million votes Donna…as if! Lmao!!


80 million votes for Brandon MY ASS!
SAVE America!

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