The place is so Rigged

“People don’t realize that, despite the Rigged voting in California (I call it the “Swarming Ballots”), I got 1.5 Million more votes in 2020 than I did in 2016. The place is so Rigged, however, that a guy who can’t even bring water into their State, which I got federal approval to do (that is the hard part), will probably win. Billions of gallons of water coming to California from the North is being sent out to sea, rather than being spread throughout the State. This is to protect the tiny delta smelt, which is doing far worse now without the water. In any event, it all doesn’t matter because the California Election is totally Rigged. Many people are already complaining that when they go to vote they are told, “I’m sorry, you already voted” (Just like 2020, among many other things). They then leave angry, but fortunately, even the Fake News Media has been reporting it.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Stalwart Republican

Been a while since I’ve posted here because…well…y’all are ridiculous. But, regular thinking folks can at least count on your ongoing, zero evidence, whiny, self-pitying claims of fraud, “the steal,” or whatever Trump and his next of criminals is marketing his loser brand as. That fool Larry Elder lost. He not only lost, he was pre-complaining about it. He knew he was going to lose. He knows he would have lost – and will lose – in the 2022 elections.

Keep sending your money into the Trump syndicate, nitwits.


No one’s talking to you, commie. Go back to cnn.

Stalwart Republican

Well, you are, apparently.



My Man Trump

Mr. President, the steal is everywhere and will remain. This is ridiculous. How are we suppose to win in 2022 with their already big plans for cheating. But I know you have a plan. What I do not know is when you will execute it. Soon, yes?

Sue Mckee

Larry was robbed tonight! I hope he doesn’t give in! Recount, and audits. Then we need Justice for 2020 decertifie election. you Won big President Trump, and they know it!

Angela Partin

You won! They’re now cheating with Mr. Elder.


Americans must have confidence in the elective process and must believe that elections are honest, fair and free. If we don’t have honest and fair elections, we will no longer be America, the land of the free. Our greatest responibility and right as citizens, our right to vote for our leaders, will have been stolen from us. We are looking to SCOTUS to rule on the rampant corruption evident in the 2020 presidential election, to rule against all election corruption, and to provide a remedy when election corruption is found. There is no doubt that election corruption is widespread. So widespread that we no longer believe that so called Democratic strongholds, like NY and California, can elect democrates without widespread election cheating and fraud. This proves how unpopular and despised the Democratic Party and their failed socialist agenda and policies are. The Democratic Party will stop at nothing to preserve their power. They rule over people who did not elect them, and the people are very, very unhappy to be stuck with these fraudulent rulers. All Americans are outraged when they find that their votes were stolen. Californians have the right to recall Newsom. It is a crime to deny them that right. Americans cannot tolerate election corruption, and we must fight against it!


They are not about to let the people decide this one. They lose the senate if Newsome loses.

Sarah Stone

You’re pathetic.


Commie-Lib move to Cuba! YOU are not allowed in the USA.

Judy Ann Vraalstad

Newsom will win, the election is rigged like all others.


100% Correct!


I’ll donate $10,000 to the GOP and I’m sure everyone else will, if GWB HC BC BO EH JB answer a series of questions LIVE on OANN that I will ask.
The questions will expose at least 100 acts of treason from genocide to 911.
I will use lie detectors.
I’ll bet $100,000 they refuse.


California is stuffing the ballot box for their Commie-Lib governor!

Teresa Bernard

There has to be a new amendment added to the constitution to remedy what happened in the 2020 election. Everyone knows the election was stolen from you.

myree williams

It’s already in the Constitution, instead of adding to it…it needs to enforced.

myree williams

President Trump has done a very good job keeping us inform…. about our Constitution…..


Wow, that’s funny !


So are YOU Liberal!

Stalwart Republican

What would you propose the Amendment says?


I am around been taking a break @
Trump of All President’s Legitimate
President Donald J Trump.
Patriot’s go to Mike Lindell’s Site Search state by state, County by County for the corruption Exposed


If you want to actually do something about ‘Voter Integrity’, support…

Voices and Votes org

Anything helps!


Well… like they say… If you see something–say something. And apparently there are plenty of people that are seeing something AND saying something. So if Chad Mayes thinks that’s ‘dangerous’ then Chad Mayes is ‘dangerous’!




Wait til you see what you can do later when all this is done with and you move to Russia. Does Putin have a right hand putski


I hope YOU enjoy Hell because that is where YOU will be!



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