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I’m getting tired of waiting for something to be done about all this hypocrisy and criminal activities by this government regime. It’s in God’s hands now. We my suffer for awhile but in the end it will be Victorious in His name.


I’m not even sure what will happen in November, only hopeful.
If it’s God’s will for us to suffer, I’m all in.

My Man Trump

Absolutely we are angry. Especially because we can’t do anything but just listen to the Republicans complain about it.

Charles Anthony Gregory

Forty years as a firefighter and municipal employee of various career functions I have enjoyed participation and association with law enforcement comrades during numerous drug intervention and medical assistance incidents. While this format is far too short for full explanation, early in my career I was placed in circumstances where only five minutes separated my arrest or receiving official accommodation for above and beyond off-duty service during a public celebration turned riotous. Luckily, for family, associates, and forty-two years later my retirement, the later scenario occurred.

Even at a leisurely seventy-one age, this experience of circumstances where minutes can define a lifetime is not forgotten. Witnessing the abuses of federal AND local law enforcement actions against citizens, January 6’ers, family conservatives, even the President, returns me to a sad period of United States history when citizens were pawns in political-social corruption of our basic values. I do recognize most law enforcement officers are not only excellent dedicated assets for society’s benefits, as politicians the message must be “only a few are to blame at management level” is rapidly becoming a farce. There are too many career opportunities available for any law enforcement officer swearing to uphold “constitutional rights” to subject children to the threating and humiliating armed arrest of a peaceful father practicing and offering assistance through his religious beliefs.


The public that is aware is disgusted too.


Yep, we are angry that this is even a top news story. Had you not taken a whole bunch of classified, top secret documents, this would be moot. We are angry that you have been able to get away fraud, sexual misconduct, tax evasion, and the incitement of an insurrection. It’s unbelievable that you are not locked up for these crimes.


Everything you claim to be angry about except for these shockingly, very confidential, treasonous worthy , CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS and the ever boring claim of inciting on J6, Gentlemen Joe has also been accused of……..Oh and speaking of documents and inciting. Obama did both but some of y’all here would prefer to ignore that. Just saying.



You got that right, Mr. President! We’re pissed off!!!

Patricia McDermott

The public should also be angry about the FBI going to the homes of registered Republicans and questioning them. This is Hitler BS and must be stopped!

And people – do NOT believe any of the left’s lies about who’s ahead in the polls. They lie so much. They say republicans are behind hoping you feel it’s useless to vote. Then they say that the republicans are a little ahead hoping you think the elections are in the bag and you don’t need to vote. Believe nothing! PLEASE – Get out there and VOTE!


Vote STRAIGHT Republican November 2022 and FOREVER!


I think your right on the money! This is the dems play book, first lie about the polls then it’s so much easier to cheat the election. Not gona be as easy this time to cheat, so many people wise to there tricks. Guess November will tell the tail.

Sylvia Hebert

I said this yesterday! I agree!!!


Disband and FIRE the ENTIRE fbi!
Put ALL of these SOBs in Leavenworth Federal Prison for Life!




YOU are a Crack Head Junkie like Hunter Biden!




GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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