The real insurrection happened on November 3rd

“The Unselect Committee of partisan Democrats, and two very weak and pathetic RINOs, should come to the conclusion after spending many millions of dollars, that the real insurrection happened on November 3rd, the Presidential Election, not on January 6th—which was a day of protesting the Fake Election results.”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

OMG! PRICELESS! Well said President Trump. You nailed it.


Well said! This is a false government.

Dane Lee

Truth is a force of Nature

Save Our United States

The left is in the process of destroying the USA. Biden is their puppet; they will determine that he has Alzheimer’s and blame it on him but the public is not easily fooled. So, I ask, how do they think they are going to convince at least 150 million adults with freedom built into their DNA to change a system they are happy with?

William hollowell

Mr. President I would like to know HOW we would go about saving our country sir. I would have expected more physical action taken LONG before now as our country is attacked with no defence. Absolutely disgusting whats happening, and no one is doing anything about it. I always lean on prayer and hope, sir. But I fear there will be no election to save us. No tv interview or new book deal to save us, and no one taking up arms to save us. Dare I say, welcome to Venezuela?


True, but Usurper Biden is still destroying US, and Dems have only begun the destruction…


So off issue here, but maybe this will lessen the blow on my previous full posting of one of their articles@

NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant “F**K Joe Biden” — See It Before It’s GONE
You will love all the links to the “Let’s go Brandon” chants around the country.

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How about the chairman of Jan 6th commission? Appears he was involved in an insurrectionist movement himself and their defense back in the 60’s and 70’s. More John Solomon’s reporting @ great report and video with more coming

Jan. 6 commission chairman once sympathized with black secessionist group that killed copsFifty years ago as a Mississippi alderman, Bennie Thompson defended the Republic of New Africa and participated in a news conference blaming cops for the group’s violence even as FBI saw group as waging “guerrilla warfare.”

Sorry Johnny I don’t have permission to copy the whole article here, so anyone interested in reading or watching the video will have to click on the link.


Sigh…but they won’t.


Sadly you may be right, I understand you might not be able to with your limited internet availability regarding your phone plan, but it would help if those who could might take the time to and share info to others. I may just be in trouble for posting the full article below, as you see I posted their copyright, but am hoping by posting the links and copyright information to them they’ll understand my reasoning for doing so.


Thanks for posting that…we all need to pass things on whenever we can!

Just Us in the USA

Like GAS Scabby?


Yes, and 99.9% of those attending were completely peaceful and not even at the Capitol building, and the majority of Trump supporters were allowed into the building. Many that were swayed/coerced by FBI informants and those like the leader of the Oath Keepers (see reporting)
who like in the Whitmer kidnapping incident were leading the charge to the entrapment, not to mention working hand in hand with BLM (who now encourage Trump supporters to stand in protest of the Vaccine Mandates), ANTIFA who were bused into the capitol and at the forefront of smashing windows and rushing to the area Ashely Babbitt was shot and killed whilst unarmed and practiacally being pushed through the window by and recorded by John Sullivan aka JaydenX BLM leader bragging about accomplishments involving Jan 6th

Yes and where are all of our Republican leaders other than Matt Gaetz and MTG Marjorie Taylor Greene standing up and fighting for the political prisoners many of whom are still being held???

How about this guy…Navy vet Thomas Caldwell

I’ll post in entirety so those like Johnny Appleseed don’t have to click on a link to read, though you’ll have to click on the link if you want to watch the interview with Tucker Carlson

Truly Disgusting… Navy Vet, Never Set Foot In Capitol On Jan. 6, But Held In Solitary!
(Republican Party News) – Taking political prisoners is the hallmark of every illegitimate, tyrannical regime in the history of the world and it’s exactly what the Biden regime has engaged in since usurping the White House this year.
The Jan. 6 incident has given Democrats the excuse they had been looking for to start rounding up Trump supporters and imprisoning them in order to send a message to his 75 million supporters who cast votes for him during the 2020 presidential election.
Among their political prisoners is a 66-year-old Navy veteran who was forced to spend 49 days in solitary confinement despite never even stepping foot inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

Navy vet Thomas Caldwell is now in home detention awaiting trial and during an interview with Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson, Caldwell explained that he’s been made “the poster boy” for political dissidence by the Democrats and the corrupt FBI.

“I was defendant No. 1 in a conspiracy,” he explained. “They said I conspired and I actually put together a military-style attack on the Capitol. Then I stormed into the Capitol and did all these terrible things.”
Caldwell said “they even claimed I threatened our lawfully elected representatives in Congress.”
“Total claptrap,” he told Carlson.
“But they sent that information all around the world, across all the media platforms.”
Caldwell was an FBI section chief from 2009 to 2010 after retiring as a lieutenant commander from the Navy.
Julie Kelly detailed the Caldwell’s story in a column she wrote for American Greatness.
Their saga started on Jan. 19 at 5:30 am when Caldwell’s wife woke him up, saying, “The FBI is at the door and I’m not kidding.”
Caldwell told Kelly there was a “full SWAT team, armored vehicles with a battering ram, and people screaming at me.”
“People who looked like stormtroopers were pointing M4 weapons at me, covering me with red [laser] dots.”
During his interview with Carlson, Caldwell said he and his wife hired a lawyer who demanded that prosecutors present their evidence.
“When they couldn’t produce it, they immediately changed their position,” Caldwell said.
“Now they say the exact opposite of what they said. Originally they said I was the commander of the Oath Keepers. That I did this terrible thing to go inside and attack Congress,” he said.
Now prosecutors have been forced to acknowledge that not only was he not a member of Oath Keepers and didn’t plan any kind of attack, he didn’t even go inside the Capitol building. Despite prosecutors admitting he has, in fact, done nothing wrong, they aren’t letting him go that easily.
“But still, Tucker, we’re mired in a legal battle against the government with no end in sight,” Caldwell said, adding that he and his wife’s finances “have been decimated.”
“We’re Christians, and we believe God has us in the palm of his hand, [but] things aren’t looking all that great, and we’re at the edge of losing the family farm,” he said.
This is truly outrageous and further proof of what our corrupt federal government would do to every single Trump supporter if they could.
Make no mistake about it. Caldwell and the other Jan. 6 “offenders” are political prisoners of the deranged Deep State and it should terrify every single freedom-loving American.
Copyright 2021.


100% Correct!
The Federal Government and the Commie-Libs are CORRUPT TO THE CORE!

Jay Tee

Sir, it’s time for your return.

Baba O'Reilly

I thought he was going to be reinstated in August. What happened? I’m tired of waiting. Will the reinstatement happen or not? Do we need to take matters into our own hands? The longer it takes, the less I believe it will happen.

Mark Rakow

So he said, but it didn’t happen. What’s more, it’s not going to happen. There is no Constitutional provision for reinstating a president; not under any circumstances. As for taking matters into your own hands, just what are you suggesting might be done? Because, quite frankly, there’s nothing you could do – and there’s nothing you can do.


A RIGGED and STOLEN election on November 3rd 2020!


I don’t! Hyperbole much????


Oh….you know it. Stop your nonsense.
We know it, the world knows it and we know that you know it.


Because you- like your Marxist brethren are NOT paying attention. You hate America


According to the Census, the recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied at 154,628,000. On the other hand, official results place the number of actual ballots cast slightly north of 158 million. That’s a discrepancy of nearly four million votes.
 Michigan Elections Forensics Report.
Expert witness Dr. Douglas Frank concluded that in nine Michigan counties, including counties in the Detroit metro, over 66,000 ballots were recorded that are not associated with a registered voter from the October 2020 database. 
Specifically, the court filings show DePerno’s expert conducted a test by running ballots into the tabulator at the precinct/township level. The suit alleges the “tally tape” shows Joe Biden receiving more votes than ballots that were actually cast for him. This occurred because the election system’s security protocols can be easily and quickly bypassed, the suit claims.
The court filings further allege in Antrim County, Michigan, 9 out of 16 precincts were flipped from the indepedant candidate Jo Jorgenson to Trump, then flipped again to Biden.
On election night, Antrim County, a traditionally “red” county flipped overwhelmingly to “blue.” The flip raised major flags. The reported results featured a 3,260 vote margin for Joe Biden out of a total of 16,047 votes cast. The wide victory didn’t make sense to most political observers.
on December 17, a hand recount (initially portrayed as an audit) was conducted that revealed that President Trump defeated Joe Biden by 3,800 votes out of a new total of 15,962 votes cast.
Thus, between November 3 and December 17, Donald Trump received an additional 5,250 votes while Joe Biden saw a 1,810 vote decrement. That’s a net swing of 7,060 votes.
The hand recount confirmed ANTRIM CO. MI
@realDonaldTrump won by 4,000 votes Election officials falsely claimed Biden Had won the County by 3,000 votes on election night. Officials blamed the results on “human error” We must continue to audit the vote!

Mark Rakow

No, it was NOT a rigged and stolen election. There is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. None whatsoever.





Mark Rakow

Just how is America being destroyed? No generalities, please; tell me exactly what event, action, or circumstance is destroying America. And good luck with that. Because there is none.


How unamerican is it for a president to not accept the results of a free and fair election and to cause an insurrection where people died. Just because his ego can’t accept that he lost and that he’s a one-term president. He’s a criminal and a disgrace to this country.


Now TRUMP is attemptimg to obstruct justice once again “ordering” his henchmen to defy Congressional suponeas…


Hey Dean.. you and Prize should hook-up, so you two half-ass leftist loons might resemble one whole leftist crazy.


I think what Dean said is true.
Trump and his legal team, led by the ex-Trump campaign lawyer Justin Clark the former deputy White House counsel Patrick Philbin, are moving to instruct the attorneys for the subpoenaed aides to defy the orders.


Defy what order ?? Oh you mean the orders of a one-sided partisan lynch mob set-up by Nancy and the Democrats and not sanctioned by the Senate.

The same Nancy and the Democrats that went after Trump for the now proven Fake Russia collusion. Among other phony accusations they made about Trump.

C’mon man, this is a clear-cut case for the former President to invoke his right to executive privilege. This is a completely partisan witch hunt once again…and it is totally legal and within Trumps rights to invoke such privilege.

And one word of advice, dont hitch your rope to Deans wagon. He will just drag you down to his idiot leftist level.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Mark Rakow

Sorry, but you’re wrong on a number of counts. First, each house of Congress is fully empowered to subpoena and call witnesses as it so chooses, independent of the other. Even so, the Democrats control the Senate as well, and would support the House action. they’d concur. In fact, the Senate may ultimately choose to conduct its own separate investigation.

Second, a number of allegations were anything but phony. Such as Trump’s clumsy (and illegal) attempt to pressure Ukraine’s president into announcing an investigation against Joe Biden, leading to a well-deserved impeachment. That said, I felt the second impeachment was inappropriate. He should have been indicted.

Third, Trump has NO right whatsoever to invoke executive privilege, and the reason is abundantly clear – he’s no longer president, so he’s no longer the executive.
“Totally legal, and within Trump’s rights?” Most certainly not. What’s more, his threat to file suit to block it is just plain ludicrous. He’s a private citizen now, and cannot sue the government.

Seriously, it’s about time that Trump realized that the jig is up. After all, Rudy Giuliani finally did, which is why we haven’t heard from him lately. Nor, by the way, have we heard from Dan Scavino. He’s in hiding, which is highly suspicious, if not downright incriminating. Ahem……


You have got to be kidding me…. you really believe all that made-up crap you just commented? So I guess you believe in the whole Russia collusion thing to? Have you even heard the term executive privilege?? I dont think you understand at all what your talking about…

The senate did not sanction this partisan witch hunt that Nancy Pelosi and the democrat’s are cramming down our throats. And forcing the tax-payer to pay for this political anti-Trump show. Executive privilege in most definitely warranted here. It will hold-up in Supreme court, sorry to tell you.

Most of those arrested on Jan 6th are being charged with non-violent picketing offences which is a far cry from domestic terrorism from Trump supporters is eminent. Only one person was killed during that riot and she was killed by an unrevealed government employee.

Seriously guy, You’ve got be seeing the democrats are flailing big-time and will pay the price in 2022/2024. Old witch Pelosi and senile Biden are already done. Stop drinking so much of that leftist Kool-Aid, its making your TDS stand out.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

Hahaha….stop. Oh an turn off CNN.

Just Us in the USA

Trump encourages this knowing HE won’t be punished. Like when he let his clueless based “storm” the capital thinking he had their backs only to leave them to rot in prison. You are just pawns in a game where Trump bets YOUR lives while he risks nothing!


The report is in. And the results are…. unbelievable. When you hear them, you’ll understand why I’m calling to decertify the 2020 Arizona election.

Let me break it down for you:

-3432 more ballots cast than people who voted.
-9041 mail-in voters retuned more ballots than they were sent.
-More ballots cast at precincts than people who showed up to vote, by 1551.
-2382 ballots cast by people who voted after moving out of Maricopa County.
-Nearly 300 dead people voted.
-Over 17,000 duplicate votes.
-23,344 mail-in ballots voted after they moved, and after the deadline.



Gawd you are a moron


You sound like someone who went to school in Stalinfornia.


You mean Fake and fraud election.

Robin Seeber

yes it did, and NO ONE DID ANYTHING about it, especially traitor Pence

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely correct, President Trump! We need you in the White House ASAP!

Tim Bowens

Haha. You lost!


You don’t care about the obvious in your face blatant cheat? How’s your man resident hidin Biden doin?


No dude- when they INSERTED Biden, – we ALL lost – we just have the satisfaction of knowing that we didn’t vote for a senile old fool who doesn’t even know what day it is much less how to run the most powerful country on the planet.

My Man Trump

Hahaha. We all lost. This was a beautiful country and now look what you’ve done. That’s okay though, your vote didn’t count either. That’s the thing about stolen elections. Loser!


Another farce.




All these investigations are a way to pay off chums.

You can investigate, with existing on govt payroll lawyers.




I agree 100%. When are the republicans start arresting folks for treason?

Daniel L. Friedel

Starting with Joe and that HAG Pelosi. Schumer Schif and Swallerswell. All of ’em.


Democrats can only do dumb.



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