The Republicans start fighting a much harder war

“I’m watching Republican Senators talk about fighting the horrendous Build Back Better Bill that the Democrats will push forward, made much easier for them by the 19 Republican Senators who voted for the Democrats Unfrastructure Plan, which is only 11% Infrastructure, and also by McConnell incredibly giving the Democrats a two-month extension, which allowed them to get their act together. Now the Republicans start fighting a much harder war, and I told them this would happen. It’s pathetic! Those 19 Republicans, including the Broken Old Crow, should not be forgotten for what they have done and the absolutely horrible ramifications this Bill will have on the future of our Nation. Just like McConnell blew two Senate seats in Georgia, and wouldn’t fight the Rigged Presidential Election, he gave this one away also.

By Donald J. Trump

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Cary Miller

No post from the “President” in over a week. Maxwell trial is a show trial and absolute sham.

Short Bus Sam

Who here knows that the aviation fuel sold to Japan for the Pearl Harbor attack came from Standard Oil, owned by Prescott Bush?

Mark Rakow

Prescott Bush did not own Standard Oil – which, by the way, was ordered broken up in 1911, forming 34 subsidiary firms. Nor did he own, nor control, any of the 34 subsidiary firms.

Even if what you say is true, it doesn’t mean that Prescott Bush, himself, would have known about, initiated, coordinated, or had any direct involvement in the sale of aviation fuel to Japan. And, of course, even if Prescott Bush, himself, had pumped that damned fuel directly into each of those Japanese planes, it doesn’t mean he knew, or would have, or could have, or even should have known anything about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor.

Former Senator Prescott Bush died in 1972. His son, former President George H. W. Bush is also dead. His grandson, Former President George W. Bush, has been out of office nearly 13 years.

All of which begs the question: What the hell is your problem?


Who here knows this is a troll comment?

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John F. Brzezinski III

Mr President, if you are capable of claiming percentages, this means you have one hell of a view of the overall. We, the people would like the summary as well as your statement, and if anyone has a problem with that, believe me I got jokes that are FANTASTIC when told ‘in person’ mate.

Not knockin ya, but enough is enough. I KNOW I won’t live long enough to see fruition, so in my sense, faster the better, I don’t give a damn about the government’s ‘top secret’ bullshit.

Some of us are analytical progenies. YOU ought to know, POTUS.

Understand that the very continuity of this specied DOES rely on whether or not SOME of us are willing to cede to current ‘politics’ rather than wipe the whole damn thing out because it is corrupt well beyond fake religious ‘punishment’

I don’t really care whether YOU or your wife are religious…in fact, it has NO business in our political structure, as ‘politics’ and the set forth structure of the government is fo0r SERVING THE PUBLIC…NOT AN INVISIBLE FIGURE SOMEWHERE IN THE HEAVENS.

Call me what you will, but understand, one way or another, it WILL be resolved….with or without blood seems to be the Q.


Couldn’t agree more!

D Chamblin

And you endorsed one of those RINO Republican Senators in Georgia for Governor of our great State. I am so disappointed in you. Thought you were about making America great again!


Let’s cut him some slack, he’s not omniscient! How many times in just my lifetime have I looked at a politician and thought, “Now there’s a good strong conservative,” only to be disappointed!


Yup- some times it’s not easy to tell weather or not someone is going to turn out to be a turncoat. That falls on the particular RINO in question. They are volcano plugs.

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New designation for Socialists Marxists dems and RINOs and anyone who supports them —VP
Volcano Plug

Patricia Burditt

We miss you so much!!!!!!


The elite are trying a great reset against us but we the people need to “PURGE” the elite. It’s now time…3…2….1…commence purge. Have fun….you have 24 hours to rid the world of the nasty people…..GO!

Mark Rakow

Looks like you’re out of time, John.
Thanks for nothing.

Johnny Appleseed

Anyone ever wonder why there are RINOs but no DINOs….

Let that sink in a min.

Why are their no DINOs???

Lockstep or chunked under the bus much??

Republicans today are more like the Democrats of Kennedy’s time… and Democrats are more like the NAZIs….. pushing tyrannical ideas in the name of being fair….

I want everyone to remember something.

There are two ways to make things fair….

One is to level the playing field and get RID of the excess rules and live by a moral code….

The other is to make everything shitty for everyone the same and throw away the moral code….

Which way are we going???

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Thank you…now I have a mental image of elephants, donkeys, rhinos and dinosaurs running around and bumping into each other. 🐘🐴🦏🦖

Seriously, though, there are a few who break away from their party once in a while, like Manchin and Sinema (sp?). And Tulsi Gabbard…I actually like her and wish she was still in Congress.

Mark Rakow

There are still many Democrats, among them Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who are willing to reach across the aisle – and are willing to be reached out to – because they understand that’s the only way to accomplish anything. C

They know, and Republicans used to know, that compromise is the principle upon which our Republic is based. In fact, it’s much more than that. It’s literally the very core of Republicanism itself.

Unfortunately, the modern Republican Party has abandoned that principle, and turned their back on it. Instead, they’ve devoted their energies to purging RINOS. The net result is, frankly, obvious: an overall loss of Party membership, and diminishing power and influence in America.

I have many Republican friends, and we’ve discussed this circumstance many times. At first, they refused to even admit this might be so. But now, I think they see, and have come to realize how damaging it’s been to their Party, especially in recent years.

Here in Minnesota, the Republican Party has not won a statewide election in 15 years. Since 1988, the Republicans have won only SEVEN statewide elections. Minnesota has not elected a Republican Attorney General since 1966. None of this may seem all that significant, because many people just assume Democrats far outnumber Republicans in this state – which is simply not so. Democrats only slightly outnumber Republicans here. Independents far outnumber them both.

Why do Minnesota Republicans fare so badly in statewide races? It’s quite simple, really. It’s a long-established fact here that Republicans do not compromise nor negotiate on anything. They make no secret of it. And we Minnesotans expect our government to function – in fact, we demand it. A functioning government requires compromise and negotiation.

As a result, Republican candidates are simply unelectable.


I would say it’s the Democrats who never reach across the aisle! That’s why Manchin and Sinema stand out…they are the only ones. No matter what their constituents want, Democrats vote as a block. My state is run by them, and trying to communicate with them is like talking to a brick wall. Sure, there’s a place for compromise, such as the Great Compromise during the constitutional convention that gave us a bicameral Congress. But when what the other side wants is evil or harmful to America, there should be no compromise.

Lately the Republican party has been sliding left (you have to admit it’s never the other way around). We have to go back to our roots of what makes us Republicans or we will no longer stand for what the party is supposed to be about. And I’d vote for a Ted Cruz, who stands solidly for what he believes no matter what, than a compromiser any day.

Mark Rakow

The Republicans have never been much interested in compromise. At the time of the Great Compromise and the Constitutional convention, the Republican Party hadn’t even been founded yet. It was still more than 70 years away. Therefore, while it’s true this was a period of frequent compromise, it’s not accurate to presume the Republicans were willing to compromise. There WERE no Republicans yet.

Since the founding of the party, just before the Civil War, Republicans have never been much interested in compromise. But in all fairness, they haven’t really had to. They took control of both houses of Congress in 1860, the same year they got Abraham Lincoln elected, and for the next 50 years, they dominated American politics. Of the 11 different Presidents between 1861 and 1911, 10 were Republicans, and they held the majority in the US House for 34 of those 50 years. As for the Senate, Republicans held the majority for all but two years; Democrats held a majority briefly from 1879-1881. But that was all.

Republican dominance continued, more-or-less after 1911, too, but for only 20 years. Then came the Great Depression, and Americans were adamant: Herbert Hoover and the Republicans were to blame, and Republicans took one hell of a beating. In the 1930 mid-terms, the Democrats flipped 52 House seats and 8 Senate seats. But 1932 was absolutely disastrous. Democrats flipped 97 House seats and 12 Senate seats, and Herbert Hoover was bounced from the White House, after just one term, winning just 6 of the 48 states. In 1928, he had won 40 states. With FDR as President, Democrats managed to run the table. They added to their majorities in both 1934 and 1936, too, and in both houses of Congress. Indeed, by 1937, there were only 88 Republicans in the US House. Just 8 years earlier, in 1929, there were 270 Republican House members. Think that’s bad? That’s nothing: In 1929, there has been 56 Republican Senators, compared to 40 Democrats (there were only 48 states, so just 96 senators then.) By 1937, there were only 16 Republicans and 80 Democrats.

That humiliation evidently helped moderate the old Republican Party, and by the late 1940’s, they had again regained majorities in both houses of Congress. Their fortunes rose – and fell – a number of times for the next 60 years.

The era of moderate Republicans came to a screeching halt in 2009, when Barack Obama took office. The Republican caucus in both the House and Senate met, and vowed to never again compromise on anything, with the goal of seeing that Barack Obama’s presidency was a complete failure. You may dispute that this happened, but it’s true. Of course, at the time, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, having taken control of the House after the 2006 mid-terms, and the Senate in 2008. Frankly, this meant the Democrats didn’t really need Republicans to get anything done, during Obama’s first term,

Despite this, when Congress was crafting the bill that would become Obamacare, Democrats asked Republicans over and over to join in the discussions, and contribute their ideas, in order to make the bill truly bipartisan. But Republicans absolutely refused. So, Democrats had no choice but to craft the bill on their own, and when it came time to vote, it passed both houses without a single Republican vote.

Immediately afterward, and for years since then, Republicans have complained bitterly about Obamacare; that they were mistreated, their ideas were ignored, they were not included in any meetings, and were snubbed, and that Democrats arrogantly passed Obamacare without their input. None of that was true; the Republicans were asked many, many times. But they simply refused.

All that being said, I couldn’t help noticing your comment about “the other side [wanting what] is evil or harmful to America [so] there should be no compromise.” Well, it all depends on what you consider evil or harmful. Point being, if the Republicans won’t, at least, reach across the aisle to start some conversations, you end up with the situation we have today: Democrats in the majority in both houses of Congress, and a Democrat in the White House. Because the voters expect the parties to compromise. It doesn’t do Republicans a bit of good – or Democrats, either – if the voters perceive that an unwillingness to comprise is the root cause of so much misery. And, frankly, that’s what we have today. But those who believe it’s entirely the fault of Democrats are simply failing to consider history, such as I laid out above. For NEITHER party can truly do anything good for America, acting alone. Not at all. It takes BOTH parties, working together and seeking compromise, to solve America’s problems.

On a personal note, I’m in my 60’s. Never in my life have I seen such rancor, and resentment, and pure hatred between Republicans and Democrats as I’m seeing right now. And that makes me sad. I live in a very small town, in a rural, heavily Republican part of Minnesota. I’ve lived here most of my life, and I’m a lifelong Democrat. I know nearly everyone in this town, population 230, and most people for quite a few miles around. About 3/4 of these people – my long-time friends and neighbors – are Republicans. We’ve had our differences, but we’ve always gotten along well, and been good friends.

When Donald Trump became president, that all changed. Today, four years later, some of my friends and neighbors refuse to speak to me. I even have close friends, right here in town, who I’ve neither seen nor spoken with, in more than 5 years. Meanwhile, 5 years ago, this town was a very close-knit community. We had, among other things, 2 different weekly card clubs; we had a Booster Club, a Community Club, 4-H, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. We have a local bar and grill, which was packed seven nights a week; people watching the Vikings, or the Twins, or the T-Wolves, or Minnesota Wild hockey.

And today? We have none of those things. Every club and organization in town is no more. People very seldom even socialize anymore. The local bar and grill closes on weeknights at 9 pm, and at 11 pm on weekends. They’re closed on Mondays. It’s not just COVID. The problem goes much deeper, and the wounds are much more painful.

The problem is Donald Trump. Most Republicans are not all that fond of him. A few love him, but not many. And a lot of people here hate my guts. I’ve even been threatened by a few people. And, believe me, when you’ve been threatened by a person who you used to consider a close, trusted friend, it makes a profound impact. But this former friend hates me, too.

Why? I’m a Democrat.
I voted for Joe Biden.
As they see it, everything that’s gone wrong is entirely my fault.


Does kinda make sense. We’re not going in a good direction that’s for sure.

Kim Pearson

God bless you and your family Mr. President. Merry Christmas. May 2022 be a better year for all. Praying for our country and countries around the world who are suffering because of this assault on Democracy. Praying our people wake up from this hypnotic sleep they seem to be suffering from. God Bless America.

Mark Rakow

Assault on Democracy? I think you may have a misguided understanding of the definition of that word.


Mr TRUMP’s “History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly has thousands of unsold tickets ( even after offering discounts ).



Mark Rakow

Not surprisingly.


Natural gas prices down 40%… isn’t that good news ?

Mark Rakow

Last week, there were only 184,000 seasonally-adjusted initial claims for unemployment – the lowest number since 1969. Which is very good news.

What’s more, so far this year, the unemployment rate has fallen from 6.9% in January, to 4.6% in November. A 33% decline. That’s the fourth steepest decline in US history, the steepest decline in more than 70 years. Which is astonishing.

Sean Patrick Toland

Vaccine Mandates, Keystone Gone, Border, Florida allowing illegals, You fucking coward 80 % vote and you bioweapon the american population because of communism. Fuck the democrates execute them commie fuckes .MKULTRA BASTARDS. Take your country back that we gave you and kill all that opposes you! FEMA CAMPS FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY STOP THIS BULL SHIT!

Mark Rakow

Keystone isn’t gone. In fact, it’s been completed, and has been fully operational for over seven years. It runs from Hardisty, Alberta, eastward through Saskatchewan, and into Manitoba, then it turns south and crosses into the US. From there, it runs more-or-less due south, through Steele City, Nebraska, and southward to Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.

TC Energy, the Canadian company that owns and operates Keystone, had wanted to build a “short cut,” nearly 1200 miles in length, running diagonally to the southeast from Alberta to Steele City. But the shortcut would have cut through the environmentally-fragile Sandhills region of western Nebraska – and much of it would have extended over the Ogallala Aquifer, the primary source of drinking water for tens of millions of people living in 13 Midwestern states.

Randy Baker

Sure wish someone would create a website that tells us who the promising real up and coming conservatives that are running against the rhinos and those demon crats. I quit donating to the RNC party after those rhinos stabbed the GOP in the back. I’m not a rich man but i do support individual candidates from other states. I wish there was a list I can trust. Other people I’ve talked would like to see this also.

Mark Rakow

Frankly, sir, there aren’t very many. Because anytime a Republican does anything that other Republicans don’t like, he or she is immediately labeled a RINO, and purged from the Party.

The result of this is both inevitable and predictable: A steady overall decline in Republican numbers, not to mention declining power and influence.

Michael Jenson

I don’t forget, those that Love America and those that DON’T…..


… and for those that Don’t, we will not forget the damage they have done with their socialist BS.


How about those that claim they love America but hate half of the Americans that live in it?


If half the Americans Hate America they shouldn’t BE in it. Love it or leave it.

Mark Rakow

He didn’t say half of Americans hate America.
He said they hate the OTHER half of Americans.


Only person who blew two senate seats was trump. Trump incessantly complained about his loss and over 700,000 fewer people voted in the runoff. Trump constantly blames everyone else for his behavior. He can’t stand being the biggest loser.




Kentucky got tricked when they voted for McCollen’s recent reelection.


Mitch needs to get out. We need people who push the Constitution and the will of the people.

Mark Rakow

Don’t hold your breath. He was just reelected to another six year term.

My Man Trump

Mitch McConnell really does need to go, now sooner than later. He is a huge Rino and the leader in the abuse of power arena. He and other rinos also set a bad example for the Manchin’s and the Sinema’s who are struggling with the decision of doing the right thing for their constituents or for voting party line. The pressure is enormous for them because of their party, let alone McConnell’s personal agenda. With this Socialist bill it is imperative that every person votes for the people and the country and not for socialism and power grab of the FJB Regime of giving power to the government and taking it away from the people. This cannot stand. It just cannot. It will be the absolute end of a beautiful and powerful country and its people. FJB has already changed us far too much but this will end us. Everyone pray–For our country, our people and for the real 46.


If Manchin and Sinema stick to their guns through this, they are heroes. They are under a ton of pressure indeed.

Wouldn’t Trump still be number 45, though? Now if he runs and wins in 2024, I guess he’d be 47. Right? I think they count Grover Cleveland twice because he served two non-consecutive terms. It’s confusing!

Cary Miller

Or, maybe #19…!?🤔

My Man Trump

Trump is 46 when he decides he is ready to proceed. FJB and his regime is illegitimate because they STOLE the election and that is treason. And when Trump is ready (far before 2024), which should be soon, he will take his rightful place as 46. He won in 2020 by a landslide and he has all the numbers to prove it. Since FJB is illegitimate everything that he has done, can and will be undone, wherever possible (2,000,000 aliens and criminals will have to be rounded up).

Mark Rakow

No. Even if any of that were true, he’d be 47. But none of that is true. Biden did not steal the election. And the Democrats did not steal it. And whether or not Trump is ready, he’s not going to take any “rightful place” at all. He did not win in 2020; not by a landslide, not by a majority, not even by a single vote. He lost the popular vote by slightly over 7 million votes, or 4.4%. He has NONE of the numbers to prove it, and neither does anyone else. There is no proof of it, because it is not true; conversely, it is not true, so there is no proof of it. Joe Biden is President; he is the legitimate President, and nothing he has done can or will be undone. As for the 2,000,000 “aliens and criminals,” what can I say? You’re out of your mind, which says more than enough.

Mark Rakow

You are correct; that’s exactly how it works. In 1888, our 22nd President, Grover Cleveland, was defeated for reelection by Benjamin Harrison. But in 1892, in a rematch, he defeated Harrison, and thereby became the 24th President.

Mark Rakow

The word “socialism” itself contains the word “social” – which means people. So, by voting against socialism, you’re voting against the people.

Or is that rocket science?

Yuk Chun Birch

They hate you so much is because you’re right again & again Mr. President!

R Minoglio

The RINOS can’t allow this bill to pass. It will destroy our great country. People need to call every one of them. We also need to call Senators Manchin and Sinema who are the only two Democrats that know this bill would be the end for all of us. Thank you President Trump for doing all you can.

Linda Charlton

I think you meant it last time too!

Cary Miller

Mr. President and all Good people fighting for.

“It is truly Horrendous what these Elections steeling Communist have been able to DESTROY in such a short amount of time. But what is Tragic, is that there are so many that just don’t understand that there inaction is really hurting our chances of rectifying our situation. The future depends on what we do today!”

PSA – “When someone says to you “Wakeup” give it some thought. Or if you can plainly see “Absurdity”, SHOW YOUR DISGUST!!! STOP LOOKING THE OTHER WAY AND SAYING “IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM”! IT’S EVERYONE’S PROBLEM!”

I have taken my Oath many times to reaffirm my commitment to “Defend” our great Constitutional Republic. My Oath has no expiration. NEVER will I forsake “My Oath” nor my Duty to uphold it!

ALL Backstabbing, Traitors especially RINOS need to face the consequences of their actions in accordance with our Constitution and the UCMJ!

They think they are clever or too big to be held accountable. Mr. President, let’s prove to these POS’s that they will be held accountable.
❤Love and 🙏Prayers for ✝️God & 🇺🇸Country!!!


Stalwart Republican

Blah blah blah. If you’re honest with yourself, you Christian In Name Only, the ills harming the US today aren’t Rep or Dem – it’s all on that failed human, Trump. You sycophants need a dose of reality….or keep being a traitor.




Bravo President Trump!
Spot On Sir!


What a boring press conference from the rinos


You know how long it took me to figure out what RINO means? I used to think they were called rhinos because rhinos look kind of like elephants but they aren’t. Then finally had my lightbulb moment when I realized, “Oh, Republican In Name Only!” 😆

Yeah, I can be a little slow sometimes…

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Vote out all democrats and RINOS!
Save America.


BTW; FYI: I heard Dan Crenshaw flipped and can’t be trusted. He is now a RINO. I guess he is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. His true vision is via his leftist mind’s eye.


When it comes to politics, Crenshaw has never been trustworthy.

Johnny Appleseed

Soros investment like fakebook founder….

It was found out who he really was…

Future leaders infiltration investment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Elizabeth Headley

I’m grateful for this site, that I have a “go to” for honest updates of what’s happening in our government…we don’t all pay attention to everything going on @ us in a corrupt and busy world, and these “drops/shares” are important for ALL FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS wishing to MAINTAIN OUR FREEDOM!
Helping us navigate the lies that abound from so called NEWS sources!!
That law that OBlammy re-instated, re: pertaining to ALLOWING PROPAGANDA to be SHARED as NEWS? (Which the sleeping masses take as TRUTH!)….WHY IS IT STILL ON-GOING??!!! I can’t remember the “name” of it…I know it was enacted back in war time to use against our enemies…so, are we, then, indeed the enemy now?
(I rebuke this law in Jesus name!)
On a brighter note I’m praying everyone takes time to do something kind for anyone within your sphere that may need to be lifted up in this holiday season! Even so much as a smile can make a difference in someone’s life!
God Bless America!
Q! White Hats/Alliance!


That was very nice 👍- cool


I think these are some of the 19:

 Bacon; Malliotakis; Don Young of Alaska; Adam Kinzinger of Illinois; Fred Upton of Michigan; Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith of New Jersey; Andrew Garbarino, John Katko and Tom Reed of New York; Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio; Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania; and David McKinley of West Virginia.

Feel free to add to the list or correct it and pass it along.

Thank you.

Robin Seeber

GOP FIGHT? are you dreaming?? lol.. hopefully the gop communists will get voted out, but when election cheats work, and they do, there isn’t much hope, except in Jesus!

Craig Barrett

The Rinos are worse than the demonrats, payday is coming




I agree with you Mr. president the rinos have been dismal failures on protecting us.

Robin Seeber

they couldn’t care less about AMerica or her people


Yes-We need Republicans that actually ACT LIKE REPUBLICANS, Not spineless wimps.

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!