The Special “Persecutor.”

“The Special “Prosecutor,” Jack Smith, who is harassing, threatening, and terrorizing people who work for me, probably illegally, and totally at odds with the way Crooked Joe Biden is being treated, will no longer be known as the Special “Prosecutor,” but rather, the Special “Persecutor.” He is a Trump Hating SLIMEBALL who is going far beyond the original instructions of the Department of Injustice. The Witch Hunt continues, as it always will, with the Radical Left, Country Destroying, Lunatics!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

These people ARE “SPECIAL PROSTITUTERS!” They WILL fvck ANYONE OVER, ANYWAY they they what, whom EVER has the fattest wallet. NOTHING but a BUNCH of FILTHY PIMPS & WHORES!They have NO MORALS & will BETRAY ANYONE who PAYS THEM enough to do what they want them to do. EVIL PIMPS & WHORES, THE OLDEST PROFESSION.

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