The Special “Prosecutor” is harassing and threatening my people

“The Special “Prosecutor” is harassing and threatening my people over the Document’s Hoax, while NOTHING is being done with respect to Crooked Joe Biden’s MANY TIMES MORE Documents, especially those stored in CHINATOWN & Delaware. Another RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, style Witch Hunt. Under the Presidential Records Act, I have done everything right, except that I probably should not have returned documents until it was ALL settled. I had every right to have them, with the right, also, to Declassify…

ALSO, just as in the Mueller Scam case, you can’t have Obstruction of Justice if there is NO CRIME or, even more so, if they MAKE UP A CRIME!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, We are dealing with a crooked, inept, sleepy regime who only knows how to spend money and not wisely. They do know that you are the major threat to their existence. So, these LIARS and CHEATERS create fantasies that they hope will stick and convict and restrict you from running for office. If at once they do not succeed, they keep trying again and again.But, maybe Kevin McCarthy and the Congressional Investigators will give them a taste of their own medicine. There is hope to end this nightmare. Nancy A. Daylo


Welcome to the Banana Republic of the United States. 😕


prayers for them…for comfort, strength and blessings, amen.


Biden Crime Family for Prison!
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