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All I have to say is WOW President Trump!
Thirty to forty percentage LEAD!

Angie Lentz

You Know I Told My Fiend,
“If You Hate Trump Because He Is Rich”, You Must Hate Our Father God Up In Heaven. God Is Richer Than Trump !!!

Angie Lentz

Yes Mr. Trump,
I Do Hope You Run For Office !!
I Have Been Very Sad About This Stolen And Witch Hunt.
I Keep You On My Table And Pray For 2024 For You.
God Bless,
You Friend Angie Lentz

My Man Trump

Just like 2020. DJT is very loved and very needed and wanted. We very much miss him but soon we will be reunited with our President. Donald J Trump, no. 45, 46, & 47th President of the united States.


Maybe this is what President Trump is talking about?

People have to remember that without the mainstream media’s relentless, dishonest hate campaign against him and the vast majority of people woefully misinformed, Trump would likely have the vast majority of Americans rooting for him and would never have “lost” to the biden regime, would have won 2020 in a landslide in which no amount of cheating could have made a difference.


Thanks for the stats!
What a Lead!


Yes, we see it right away, Mr. President! We are learning!


Who told you that? Mark Meadows? Ted Cruz? Marjorie Taylor Greene? Tucker Carlson? Just because you/they say it doesn’t make it so.


LOL. But you agree with every post Prize comments on, who gets his/her facts from, The WS Journal, The Washington Post and The NY Times.


Again Kevin. Why is it you want to tell me what I agree with?


LOL I didn’t say that. Re-read my comment. I only stated a fact. Do you not agree with Prize?


I do in large part. But why is it in your comments you like to tell me what I think and what I am about? That is irritating. And it’s beside the point when you are trying to make an argument for something you believe in.


So what has Prize said that you don’t agree with? About your question. I’m not meaning to come off as, I know you better than you know yourself but I am pretty good at reading people and you fit into a certain type. You show that you’re anti Trump which is your right but of all the great things he did for this country and others, you’ve never gave him an ounce of credit for just one? You painted yourself in that corner, not me, so what else should I assume?


The credit I may have given him has been negated by all the damage he has caused this great Country. Jobs okay. Some tax cuts. Invested in Military. Stock market okay (not a reflection of our economy). The border, a complete disaster. Relations with the world leaders, a complete disaster. Climate change regulations, a complete disaster. Healthcare reform lost and then never touched it again (thank goodness). Covid, more than a complete disaster. Brought white supremisists out of the woodwork. Lying Supreme Court judges. Now he is once again inciting violence in our nation. So far it is his supporters who are going to jail or in the case of the man in Ohio who entered an FBI building this week was shot dead. He doesn’t care. He just wants you all to do whatever it takes to Make American Great Again. Is it worth it?


I expected Laura to reply, she can certainly sort out your mis-information.
Hi Kev!


Sort it out? YES but the catch is, it has to be sorted out to a coherent, right minded person. AKD seems like a lost cause.


Borders? We were safer from cartels and outside criminal related individuals then ever before. Relations with world leaders? We were finally a dominate nation, no longer being taken advantage of and let’s not forget what he did for Jerusalem. Climate change? We were also finally energy independent. Healthcare? I’m not even going to go there because no matter what is said, someone will always and forever have a grip about it but I must say, Joe Biden is doing a bang up job with it. (sarcasm) Covid? Like I’ve said before, he isn’t the cause of covid, that was China and he himself couldn’t produce a cure, that was Fauci and others responsibility. Trump like the rest of America could only wait. Now it’s all about the one guy in Ohio. We forgot about all of the BLM and Antifa and many others that should have went to jail, some did but thanks to the liberals pumping money into gofundme, they made bail and were back out on the streets before the smoke settled or the blood dried. And for the record, MAGA.
Btw. You once again didn’t answer my question.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kevin

Why are you so obsesesed with Prize? He makes sense. Covid. I didn’t say he caused it, I believe he botched the response badly. And he promised healthcare reform–nada. His border wall that he bragged about was breached thousands of times during his term. He spent a ton of money on that wall. It’s not just about the one guy in Ohio, more that 800 of his supporters were arrested because of Jan 6th. Hundreds will spend many years in jail. All because of his rhetoric. And Trump could care less.


Why are you posting here if you don’t agree with anything said. Go elsewhere, like the communist news network


Typical Commie-Libs!


I mean, Trump could post actual numbers, but then that’d leave a paper trail and Trump doesn’t like paper trails


Americans Love and Respect You— more are awakening every single day….👊🏻🇺🇸


So glad the “normal” people (mainstream) are finally getting a clue!




Keep plugging. Looks like we all will get to enjoy IRS tax audits under the reduce inflation bill, according to the CBO. The voters will see what President Trump has to tolerate every year. The difference, we’ll be canon fodder, without the resources to hire expensive CPAs and tax attorneys. We’ll have to cave and pay or go bankrupt. Just hope the armed agents that come out don’t kill us using their 5 million rounds of ammunition. CPAs will need hazard pay. Another glorious day.


“People” who lie on their “taxes” are the only ones who have to “worry” about this.

Also, lol @ “Republicans” who are afraid of guns


Congratulations you are the best president we ever had.Even if you choose not to run again I have no doubt that you will be a king maker.


When FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith was only given probation for falsifying an E-mail that lead to an ILLEGAL FISA warrant, I was convinced the FBI & DOJ were weaponized.

Mississippi Jen

Post Correction: Highest Poll numbers any politician has ever seen. (I’d bet!) Love you!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mississippi Jen

Highest poll numbers on the planet–and if there are people on the moon, there too. Maybe even Mars. WOW.

Patricia McDermott

That’s awesome! You have worked tirelessly to save our Country and I will be forever grateful that you’ve stood by us even after the theft of your second term as President. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you safe.



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