The suburbs would have been destroyed

“The Fake News Media continuously likes stating that I lost the “suburbs.” How would this be possible when I was the one that stopped the low-income housing agenda of Obama/Biden, already enacted, from happening there. The suburbs would have been destroyed—but they continuously fail to mention that I got 12 million more votes than I did in 2016, a record for a sitting President along with the 75 million votes, also a record. So how did that happen and how come I “lost”? This is just more Fake News. And remember, they can say all of this, including the suburbs nonsense, because we had a Rigged Election!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Stolen elections have consequences.

Mike Hunt

The only things fake Diaper Don are your hair & your wife’s “kidneys!” Yes, you got a record number of vote but like it was with ?Hilary, you lost the popular vote by over 7M! Fortunately this time you lost the EC, probably because Putin wasn’t helping this time!


President Trump was Re-Elected by a Landslide! Everyone knows it including the FAKE NEWS!

Ralph Fleming

Then I guess the lamestream media and leftist liberals were just too smart for all you Trump supporters. They must be stinking evil geniuses for everyone to know they did it and yet no one can prove it. But I guess it’s not August 13th yet. Can’t wait for Trump to be President again!


Hey Ralph, Sit On it!

Ralph Fleming

That proves it! Evil geniuses are smarter than stable geniuses!

Meegan Fixler

That’s really lame.

Ralph Fleming

Just having a little fun Meegan, but I figure it was better than “hey Ralph, sit on it”.

Mike Hunt

Stewie needs a time out, a nappy & his diaper changed


An honest mind cannot conceive of the depths of depravity your kind with an evil mind will stoop. I should think everyone would be outraged at what happened, but your compliance with the criminal acts simply proves that the average Demonrat is both vile and hypocritical.

I was shocked to learn the CJ Roberts was a frequent flier with Slick Willy on Epstein’s Lolita Express to sick city. That they were then able to blackmail him into stonewalling the Supreme Court from even hearing the complaint makes me extremely wary as an honest US citizen.

Since you either live elsewhere (based on your constant America-hating spew) or you live off the Demonrat’s free hand-outs, you have no voice in this discussion. You are as corrupt as they are, and are therefore complicit in their crimes.

You’d best warn mommy that the police will be knocking on her door soon, to drag you out of her basement.

Ralph Fleming

I haven’t said one thing negative about America, Ken. Only about Trump! But again anytime someone says something negative about your supreme leader they must be a commie leftist. How about you look into the things Trump said about Epstein in the past. I live in the Midwest right in the middle of Trump country and I have every right to be in this conversation. Just because my opinions on here are unpopular doesn’t matter to me. I earn a modest living enough to provide a home for my family and vehicles to get back and forth from work. I work in law enforcement and have the same opinions at work as I do on here. Ken you cannot bully me into not sharing my opinions. But how many times have you bemoaned the so called cancel culture? I haven’t told anyone on here to stop posting or to shove their opinions where the sun don’t shine. So while you don’t agree with me as I don’t agree with you no amount of name calling will stop me from posting on here. So enjoy the rest of your day Ken.

Meegan Fixler

We do all know this fact! I am sure that the votes for President Trump exceeded 75,000 votes by thousands!

Mike Hunt

Betting you ate lead paint chips as a child Stewart!

bob simpson

if you don’t like Trump then why are you posting on here? you liberals are always trying to start something. it is only apparent that Trump still gets under your skin. you must be miserable staying mad all the time.

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