The Trial of the Century

“Gregg Jarrertt, the brilliant New York Times Best Selling Author, has a FANTASTIC new book out, “The Trial of the Century,” which is getting absolutely phenomenal reviews. Gregg got it right on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, and now he laser focuses on iconic attorney Clarence Darrow and the famous Scopes Monkey Trial – INCREDIBLE. Get your copy TODAY!

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

I would REALLY like to know, WHY!, Why isn’t ANYTHING being done to that rotten CVNT Hilliary & ALL of these other EVIL PRICKS that continue to so boldly make up stories to DELIBERATELY DEFAME YOU? Is’t DEFAMATION Of CHARACTER, PLOTTING AGAINST THE PRESIDENT OF the U.S., BRIBERY, ELECTION TAMPERING & MANY other crimes With 5HIT loads of proof,considered crimes anymore? WHY? WHY is NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING, BEING DONE?


Great Book!
Great Author!
Get yours today!


we love you president trump.

Ron Frump

You’re in a cult.

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