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Sarah Luu

There MUST BE WAYS to PUT ENDS to ALL of this BS that has been going on since the STOLEN ELECTION. It is ALL a bunch of ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT “PUT-ON ACTS”. HOW & WHY is ALL OF THIS being allowed to continue? ANY child can see that it is ALL nothing but a bunch of HATE-FILLED STUNTS that ARE NOT being ran by the PROPER PROCESSES of LAW. IT IS ALL, PLAIN TO SEE BY ANYONE that this is nothing but HATE FILLED, RACIST JEALOUSY that is NOT being operated with the SLIGHTEST BIT OF LEGALITY,. WHY is NOBODY PUTTING A STOP TO THIS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL CIRCUS? WHY? Just a few short years ago we had the GREATEST COUNTRY EVER ON EARTH. Our country was not completely perfect, but nothing, other than our GOD, is. I believe we were about the best ANY country could be. Then, overnight, the rug was pulled out from under us, worse than most barbaric, mob ruled countries. Now we are being RAPED & PILLAGED to the likes we NEVER DREAMED POSSIBLE. WHY ARE WE LETTING THIS CONTINUE? The midterm elections coming very soon that will be “highly tampered” with AGAIN & NOBODY will do ANYTHING about it – AGAIN! I hope I’m wrong, but my experiences tell me otherwise.THE PEOPLE MUST RISE UP & STOP THESE WANT-A-BE GODS RIGHT NOW. They ARE NOT running the country. ALL they are doing is playing a bunch of getting jealous driven childlike games & to hell with the country. SOME HOW, SOME WAY THEY MUST BE ELIMINATED FROM ANY & ALL POWER NOW. PEOPLE”S LIVES ARE AT STAKE! But THEY don’t care. ALL THEY WANT IS TO LOOT US DRY, GET REVENGE ON THEIR ENEMIES THEN GO LIVE ON SOME TROPICAL,WHORE FILLED ISLAND SAYING “I’M GOD IN MY OWN HEAVEN”

Mindy Pechenuk

President Trump your statement to the J6 commission is excellent. The J6 commission is part of the Coup against you and all of us. Their treason and destruction of our great country and all of humanity, is putting us on the brink of WWIII. I call on all my fellow Americans to be totally active to build the movement to rebuild the Republican Party without the RINO’s and bring together the American people. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18


God Bless And Godspeed 🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA

My Man Trump

LOL. I never saw so many losers in one committee before. You can just smell their fear and desperation.

Becky Peterson

Pelosi threatened violence against the 45th president if he shows up for the sham J6 committee which she caused to happen by turning down the national guard and planning an insurrection with her partners in crime! I want her arrested and tired for treason! It’s time for Republicans to get some guts!

Mac Carthy

I want him arrested and tired (TRIED?) for treason! It’s time for Republicans to get some brains!

Star Chamber. Yet, not a single star. Not even a shooting star.

In the Spring Farmers will open up what is known as their “Shit Pit.”

These are pits; usually underground, filled with cow crap from the entire summer.

When this pit is opened you best not be directly downwind. It may knock you out.

The smell is powerful and can be carried on the wind for miles. Stinking up miles and miles of the countryside.

Once it is safe enough to get close enough the substance is placed into a manure spreader and slung all over the fields as a fertilizer. It is the shit that keeps on giving.

Somehow the shit pit, its smell, and stinky spread reminds me of the democrat party.


I want a refund of our taxpayers money on this hoax and on all the other hoaxes. They spend our money like it belongs to them only. They need to pay and put away.

Save Our United States

It’s a Democrat campaign fund paid for by the taxpayers. If the Democrats had something worthwhile to offer the American people, they wouldn’t need to resort to lowlife tactics, would they? Think about that.

Completely immoral and EVIL, as expected from the Democrats.

Last edited 7 months ago by Save Our United States

the scam artists continue to burn thru money, as the rest of us suffer under inflation.

Kreg Vergith

They should all be called before a REAL bipartisan committee.

(Of course, Congressman, We can get you some Rolaids). (heeheehee! This gon’ be some good fun, you bet!)

Maria Wineland

Mr. President, I’m so very sorry that you’re still being attacked by the criminal radical left to this day and have been since the past 5 years. We need justice to finally arrive on November 8th. I’m praying for you and this great country every day. Thank you for all you do, and thank you for never giving up and never backing down.

Lori Norm

Love you President Trump,Can’t wait until your payback! MAGA!

Mary Geiger

I was surprised to read the Jan6 Committee finally ran out of lies and won’t be back for anymore TV standup comedy. Never watched their low rated show but I sure hope they’ll have their turn to be subpoenaed soon to answer some important questions lots of Americans want to hear answers to. I would watch all the hearings on that.


Same here. I haven’t watched any of their dog and phoney show, but I’d love to see Lizard Cheney and Crying Kinzinger squirming under some intensive questioning.

R Minoglio

Let’s go Brandon. MAGA.

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