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They will never go there. They don’t want the public to see or hear the truth.
They only want to smear you. That’s all it is about.
I want them to stop using my money on this crap. It’s a disgrace.
They try to keep President Trump in the hot seat with no defense, it’s a scam from the start.
They know We know the truth about our Rigged and Stolen Election.
They can’t bare the truth because it would put them in the hot seat.

My Man Trump

The Unselect Committee is an extension of the people who sits on it….immoral, corrupt, Phoney and evil. And everyone knows it and no one cares about it.


That’s because there was not enough voter fraud to overturn the election. Get over it. Lock him up!!!

Kreg Vergith

The good news?

They’re GONE!!

The bad news?
I can’t get a refund of my wasted tax money.


100% Correct President Trump!
Rigged and Stolen election is the ROOT CAUSE!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President