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What was the point in exposing the swamp, if the news media “knowingly” ignore everything? They all know, I exposed a worldwide, demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring. They all know, I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island, caught on security camera ch11, and the names in Epstein’s flight log. I’ve sat here in tears for nearly four years, defending myself every day. I’ve been mocked and attacked, restricted, unfriended , and deactivated. I have never seen such a cover-up in my entire life!!! I exposed the government swamp and Hollywood elites, guilty of crimes on Epstein island.The news media, smile at the camera, covering up demonic pedophiles. I spent painful and sleepless nights, researching and archiving the sensitive declassified information. The news articles attacking”QAnon” are intentional misinformation/disinformation. I’m not allowed to be a patriot, a hero, or acknowledged. I really am anonymous and insignificant. I can’t watch the”fake” news anymore. It’s like being slapped across the face. How dare I expose the swamp guilty of crimes on Epstein island ?!?! I have more courage than anyone will ever know, thanks to the news media. I had written to every news channel and news personality. They all remain silent. How would anyone feel if they had exposed the truth, and werec”knowingly” ignored? Apparently only public figures or celebrities matter in this world. I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming. I’ve pretty much given up on justice ever coming. I feel like this is a “never ending nightmare” instead of a “great awakening”. It hasn’t been great for me at all. I sacrificed everything exposing the demons. I wish I was never awakened to the evil in this world. I spent four years researching, downloading and exposing. Why did I bother? Because I believe in truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness. I believe in law & order, a safe border, and exposing the enemy both foreign and domestic. I’m praying justice prevails in the end. God bless and Godspeed POTUS #MAGA🌹🦁🇺🇸🌪

Steve R.

Please give the committee a call and offer to present your evidence.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to accommodate your testimony.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

Mr. Trump hasn’t given any evidence to anyone. Not even to right-wing media sources. So, while it’s possible, the logical inference is that he has no evidence to give.

In a court of law, if he had no evidence, his testimony would be inadmissable, being hearsay. It could even be stricken from the record. But the Committee is not a court of law. In this situation, with no evidence, he’s useless.

Many people already think he’s useless. So, why emphasize it?


You only listen to fake news or you would be more informed. The unselect committee is also fake to what they are using it for. Geez, you would believe anything the leftist say.
President Trump has plenty of evidence and you will know in November.

My Man Trump

Did you catch the bullshit on Fox news yesterday morning. Arizona secretary talking about how there is no proof of election fraud and Ratsburger is with him on this and There was nothing he or Pence could legally do. And he voted for Trump but his hands were tied. I wanted to go through that TV. Traitors and rinos all of them. That’s okay, they will soon eat those words.

My Man Trump

Also they are going to air the Ratsburger phone call. I wonder how badly it is altered and taken out of context. LMAO. So criminal. All of it.


the ENTIRE CALL is on the web dodo!!!!


The “fake” news media knows I exposed the swamp nearly four years ago. Why do you think “QAnon” is intentionally attacked?

Michael Fuechtmann

We need to uncover the corruption and the fraud that occurred during the 2020 election. Without a full investigation there will not be election integrity in the U.S. What happens if there isn’t election integrity or a trust it exists is revolution. Let’s get to the bottom of what happened and institute safe and secure elections. Voter ID anyone and no mail in ballots?

Strange Brew

No debate junior, you lost. Bigly.


!00% CORRECT President Trump!
You were Re-Elected, the election was Rigged and Stolen and They Know It!


Who are they supposed to debate?


What a Liberal Dope!


Prize asked you a question. Who are they suppose to debate?

Mary Geiger

The ones they won’t invite to discuss what is wrong with Nancy’s and fiends’ handling of this kangaroo “court” – the conservative patriots. They don’t want to hear the questions the patriots have about how the jan6 panel’s evidence consists of nothing but bad-mouthing President trump with hopes they can make him look bad. But they are looking terrible themselves instead. This so-called kangaroo court looks like they have nothing, only gossip and rumor. So, this partisan panel just doesn’t want anything to do with being fair and to allow defense testimonies of any kind. The people lose by not hearing the other side. Nancy loses because she has no credibility left.

Mark Rakow

Why would there be “defense testimonies?” This is not a trial. There’s no judge, and no jury. These are hearings.


The unselect committee is a smear campaign and a harassment platform.
Wasting our tax payers money and time.


The news media knows, I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms, of Epstein island, caught on security camerach11, and the names in Epstein’s flight log. I was given Q security clearance to the sensitive declassified information. There are no coincidences why I have everything. President Trump told me to trust the plan and justice is coming. It took courage exposing the swamp. They all got caught!


Everyone with an IQ as high as yours.


Only thing left to do is show them all the evidence of FRAUD!!!!!

Pat McGroin

Hold your breathe while we all wait for it!


If they had any, I would think it would have been shown before now.

Mark Rakow

Yes. And it won’t take long.

After all, there’s nothing to show.


Well, we’re waiting for this “evidence”. Where is it?


can’t show what isn’t there!!!


Then let’s see this evidence. Show us what you have.


They could. But there isn’t any.


Correct, they can’t debate on any of it because it would expose their lies and abuse of power.
As long as they have control they are going to continue fighting with Witch Hunts (used as a diversion), lies, fake news, and breaking the laws of our constitution. They have no shame. At this point they will do anything to keep their power grabbing going.
They ignore that the American citizens all know what they did.
They think they are untouchable because they control everything and do so illegally and unlawfully.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

Which “laws of our constitution” have been broken?


100% Correct!
Right On!


of course you know why they would find out they lost. and these evil evil commies don’t want us to know that.

Mark Rakow

That’s perfectly true. They can’t.

The election results are not the purpose of the Select Committee, nor the topic at hand.


How are things on the Russian front line Comrade Rakow?

Penelope Murphy-Westby

I’m sure he doesn’t know. Mr. Rakow has been in Washington for the last couple of weeks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Penelope Murphy-Westby
Mary Geiger

Oh? Why not?

Mark Rakow

Well, for one thing, the election wasn’t on January 6.

My Man Trump

The stolen election is absolutely their “topic at hand” if they were a legal, bipartisan committee instead of all hand picked by the criminal Pelosi. Nothing but commies and rinos.

Dan for DT

Yup -That’s why everyone went to the capitol that day in the first place- Because the election was complete BULLSHIT.


It’s a totally legal committee, voted on and approved by the House, under House rules. It would have been more bi-partisan, but Kevin McCarthy threw a hissy fit, and pulled all 5 members.

It’s not Nancy Pelosi’s fault that Kevin McCarthy is a crybaby.


After November, there will be an investigation of our Stolen Election. Democrats and all that were involved will be exposed and prosecuted.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

You may have noticed that no Republican members of Congress have said anything about any such investigation.

Haven’t you wondered why? There’s a reason for it.

It’s because Republicans in Congress aren’t entirely stupid. They know the election was not stolen. They’re not going to hold an investigation of something that didn’t happen.

Mark Rakow

You might wish to review your Constitution before you further humiliate yourself.

Elections are a reserve power, given to the States. Congress has NO authority to investigate elections. None whatsoever.

That said, I suspect you’ll continue to humiliate yourself. That’s fine. Members of our staff find your comments startlingly naive, often doltish, and occasionally hilarious.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

I guess you don’t realize that our government body has been hijacked and they are making the rules to fit their narrative. They will opose anyone who disagrees, as you and your commie friends do on this site. You are not informative nor speak any truths.
I’m glad you are amused with my comments which tells me you hate the truth and feel the need to try to intimidate and misinform President Trump’s supporters.
We are not as naive as you.


And yes each State will have an investigation. I see I need to clarify for you.

Cheryl Driscoll

Because “TRANSPARENCY” goes against THEIR VERY NATURE!!!

A new leaf on the tree

Well, of course not,,,,, they are fools but they aint that stupid

Michael Quinn

Don’t stop Mr. President!! We need you, our country needs you!!



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