The Unselect Committee refuses to even mention this

“How can I be guilty of a crime when I’m the one who wanted to stop the so-called “crime” by strongly recommending 10,000 plus troops to D.C., and hence the surrounding of the Capitol, only to have this recommendation rejected by Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C., who are in charge of Capitol security? There would have been no “January 6” if they had followed my recommendation. The Unselect Committee refuses to even mention this totally conclusive and determinative fact. WITCH HUNT!”

By Donald J. Trump

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If there were 10,000 troops at the Capitol, would Trump have sent his supporters there?

Think about it.


They are afraid of you Mr. President and will never stop attacking you, that’s obvious!


If they’re afraid of him, why would they say no to his alleged “offer” of Guard troops?


They didn’t accept Trump’s verified offer because they wanted their engineered crisis. They are still afraid of Trump’s truth & we the people.


How was the offer verified? By his yes-men?

Have any of his yes-men agreed to testify?


Crack Head like Hunter!

Patricia Geymer

I wish the press were honest!!! We know they are fake.

Sarah Luu

Hello President Trump, YOU and OTHERS that are in positions of power that want to MAGA, should formally press charges against ALL of these power hungry pricks for NOT OBEYING their sworn oath’s to “protect and defend the constitution of the United States, from ALL enemies, foreign & DOMESTIC” by NOT doing THEIR JOB in protecting the Capital on Jan.6th (and other dates & events too). They KNEW MANY DAYS IN ADVANCE that tens of thousands were coming to the Capitol to protest the TOTALLY RIGGED ELECTION. When you have THAT MANY people, in one place, most of them pissed off, ANYONE with a FRACTION of a brain would know that there would be some “trouble makers”. They DELIBERATELY ignored you because THEY WANTED BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN!, so they could blame it ALL on you. They are the ones who SET THIS WHOLE THING UP AND CONTINUE OUT OF SHEAR DESPERATION that is only to get MUCH WORSE. THEY are only going to get MORE & MORE desperate, the more they fail. So get with Rudy & others and jam them ALL up with lawsuits & CRIMINAL charges for violating their oaths, fraudulent testimonies, etc., etc., etc.!!!, They WON”T STOP until They have you in solitary for life or dead, OR UNTIL THAT THEY ARE ALL DEAD! WE are standing staunchly with YOU!, With the deepest of love & respect, from my family to YOU & YOURS, Sarah Luu

Last edited 8 months ago by Sarah Luu

Trump has no authority to press any such charges on anyone.


Spot on President Trump!

Tim Tates

These radical Anti-American VOTER FRAUD bureaucrats don’t realize tigers don’t have an off switch!



Darren Baileey

Let’s move on!


Becareful Don, Pelosi and Schumer are trying to pull entrapment and a trick bag on you.


These two Commie-Libs are TOAST, and they Know It!
Our stupid congress is Lame Duck since Manchin and Sinema are siding with the Republicans.

Mark Rakow

“Our stupid congress is Lame Duck since Manchin and Sinema are siding with the Republicans.” Hmmm.

Speaking of stupid, Stupid just spoke.


That’s amusing, your so lame.


“You’re” so not amusing.


Comrade Rakow is also STUPID!

My Man Trump

You sure did Kow!

Penelope Murphy-Westby, Esq.

Mr. Rakow is no longer on this site, as his last day with the firm is today. His new job with the U.S. Department of Justice begins on Monday, August 1.

I would be happy to forward any message you’d care to leave.


Lol. Are you for real?

:Post Patriot



Its deeply unfair that you had the most love for this country and exposed the incompetence of the Democrats that they have to result in these unselected committees. I hope you don’t stress about this and enjoy your amazing life right now in peace. America doesn’t deserve you. You were too honest and authentic. If you don’t run for president again and live the rest of your Golden years in tranquility, that works too. You deserve that life as well. You will be the real hero and true President to many who lived to see it.

Sarah Luu

President Donald J. Trump DID NOT have to run & become President. He had & has just about everything a man could want – Love of God, a lovely, wonderful wife & family, a tremendously successful business empire, an infinite number of friends & much more! He was tired of seeing his beloved country going down the crapper. Instead of sitting back, HE WANTED TO GIVE BACK TO THE COUNTRY & IT”S PEOPLE THAT HAVE BLESSED HIM WITH SO MUCH. He didn’t have to do it! But the man HAS A GREAT LOVING & CARING SOUL. LONG LIVE PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. He deserves our help along with THE SAME love & respect that he gives us! Thanks Marlene!


Let them charge you. this is an opportunity to present your evidence, expose the lies and end the witch hunts once and for all.


That’s right , swear the oath and sit before a court to tell the truth.


Charged with what?

Sarah Luu

NOTHING but “FAKE” evidence. The Truth means NOTHING to these pricks! Thanks Stuart!


Right On!


Charge him with what? Their made up stories, fake news .

Michael Jenson

there what we call down here is fishing with no bait the only thing that might hit a empty hook is a blind old turtle with glasses with the wrong prescription or tears in their eyes hmmm


And sea turtles don’t make it to 150 years old by accident.




Rock on 👍




That is a lie. Pelosi and the DC Mayor are not in charge of Capitol security. Trump’s claims regarding this have been debunked many, many times. Trump, however, is guilty of many crimes.


The Sergeant at Arms of the House, under the direction of the speaker, is responsible for security, along with the U.S. Capitol Police.

Mark Rakow

Close…….sort of. It’s all a bit complicated. The Sergeant-at-Arms does report to the Speaker, but is not under the direction of the Speaker. In short, Nancy Pelosi is not his boss.

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the House is one member of a three-person team, known as the Capitol Police Board (CPB) which is in charge of security for the Capitol complex, as well as an area of, roughly, 200 blocks around the Complex. The other members of the Board are the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, and the Architect of the Capitol, though it’s unclear why the latter has that particular title. The CPB supervises the Chief of the US Capitol Police and its senior leadership, which in turn supervises the more than 2,200 employees of the USCP, of whom nearly 1,900 are law enforcement officers.

Because the USCP are also responsible for protection of members of Congress, officers of Congress, and their families, and because members might well be in any part of the US at any given time, US Capitol Police have jurisdiction throughout the entire country.

Four Congressional committees, two each in the Senate and the House, provide oversight for the USCP. Two of the committees, one representing each house, are Appropriations, and the other two are Administration.

The Speaker of the House is not a member of either House committee. And neither the Vice-President, nor the Senate Majority Leader, are members of either Senate committee.


You are just a STUPID Liberal!
Go smoke some crack with Hunter and the Prostitutes!


Blah blah blah, “I’m a hotshot LAWYER!” is all that comes through. Here are the facts in brief:
Capitol security is the responsibility of the House speaker (Nancy), the sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate, the Capitol Police, and somewhat, D.C. Mayor Bowser. The House sergeant-at-arms reports to Nancy at the time of any threat. The Senate sergeant-at-arms reports to the Senate majority leader who was RINO Mitch McConnell on Jan. 6. House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving (installed under Obama) resisted calls from the Capitol Police to bring in the National Guard for extra security at the Capitol.

Stop trying to blame Trump for any of that; he tried hard to get troops in. But after all, stopping of the “riot” portion of the demonstration was the last thing Nancy and cohorts wanted…their operatives instigated it!

Last edited 8 months ago by Laura

Way to tell him Laura, this guy has no scruples.

Mark Rakow

Sticks and stones, lady.

Your “facts” are not accurate. It’s as simple as that.


Oh, really? Do provide proof of inaccuracies.

From LEFT-WING PolitiFact:

  • Capitol security is not solely the responsibility of the House speaker. It is provided by the sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate, and by the Capitol Police.
  • The House sergeant-at-arms reports to the House speaker, or Pelosi at the time of the attack. The Senate sergeant-at-arms reports to the Senate majority leader — on Jan. 6, Sen. Mitch McConnell.
  • News reports indicate that in the days before the attack, House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving resisted calls from the Capitol Police to bring in the National Guard for extra security at the Capitol because of “optics.” Irving later testified that intelligence reports didn’t show the need for the extra security, not that he rejected it because of optics.


Trump wanted to prevent any trouble, using 10,000+ troops; Nancy, Ray Epps and cohorts had other plans, leading to this bizarre, ongoing witch hunt and distraction from the real, democrat crimes going on, such as the open border with countless unknowns illegally streaming in daily, and the trashing of our voting laws. How many times can all of this be made clear? I just hope there’s no one who’s still uninformed/gullible enough to take your “stuff” as even remotely factual.


Trump didn’t have 10,000 troops to send. The Washington DC National Guard only has 3,700 members.


Lame! You don’t have the intellect to go against this Lady!
“The Accurate Lady Laura.”


Great Job!
Thank You!


Mark, please. Stop with all the detail and facts, these clowns can’t follow. Can you try using just two or three words, one of them being derogatory that they can chant to understand this scenario. Or come up with a phrase that can be repeated again and again that is simple and to the point like “lock her up” or “let’s go Brandon”. The simplicity appears to work for the trump cult…

Sarah Luu

“In EVERY Revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a VISION!” – How’s that?


Lol, here’s three words for you.,……”pip the dip”!


Didn’t read past your first sentence, boring and redundant of all your comments. You sound just like the radical lefties. Trying to debunk the truth and gain favor.
We are not so fooled as you are.



My Man Trump

You are such simple little mush head. They are lying to you.


You can back this by facts, or is it just your opinion/Trumps dribble?

My Man Trump

Wipe your chin off, you’re drooling again.


So.. not backed by facts, LOL


Wrong! See my reply to your comrade Mark. Then get busy spin-doctoring as usual.



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