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I recently watched a documentary and their was a small clip of Ronald Reagan giving a speech and he said: The government isn’t the solution to the problem, the government is the problem.

Thats from a 40 year old speech. It just shows at the very least how long corruption has been going on.


Just Me

I am not a statistician; but, have a working knowledge of it.

The laws of probability compare whether events are dependent or independent and if they are mutually exclusive of each other.

If we look at the election results from the “hanging chad” debacle in Florida to the most recent election, we see a trend that defies the law of random probability. In other words, the vote-counting and the results must be dependent on each other and not mutually exclusive of each other.

Because sitting lawmakers would rather be re-elected for lifetime than to protect our number one provision for freedom (free and fair elections), we have no proof that the results are exclusive of interference, accidental (i.e. actual machine failure, errors by humans) or intentional influence by humans.

Florida’s election manager resigned after two elections proved she had stored ballots, once in a public storage facility and once in a U-Haul truck. The ballots were almost 100% counted towards Democrat victory. The probability of uninfluenced ballot completion that yielded results not consistent with all of the other votes cast and counted in Florida was an almost impossible statistical probability.

Fast forward to the election of 2020. The ballot-counting results show impossible probability: Vote-counting that was done outside of the prescribed time for counting votes (Georgia’s closed polling centers, where suitcases of ballots were pulled from under a table and counted; a confession by “Ruby”, who stated she and her family members stayed late and repeatedly “ran” boxes of ballots that were cast for Democrats; the 3 AM spike of votes for Biden.) Yet, we are told to believe that those actions did NOT influence the results made through honestly cast and counted ballots.

Add to that the high improbability that more votes were cast for Biden than ever cast for a sitting President. Trump, the sitting President, received more votes than any sitting President has ever received. Two such results in the same election are highly improbable.

Now, add in the probability that those questionable ballot-counting results affected NO OTHER ELECTION on the ballot, just the Presidency.
That’s a probability less likely to occur than the probability of my waking in the morning, 40 years younger and nobody else in the whole world changed at all.

With all of the above improbabilities, I think we can rule out a statistical probability that supports random results in the 2022 election in Arizona and, most likely, in Nevada.
Why haven’t local election results flipped to close to 100% elections of Democrats? Why haven’t state elections results reflected the massive increase in votes for Democrats? Why is it only the House, Senate, and Governorships are affected by the “uncounted” votes that hourly increased in presence?

Statistically, from “hanging chads” forward, it can be proved to be an impossibility for the results to be independent from influence.

I just wish we had a statistician willing to publicly show the world, not just the US, that all of these results defy the laws of probability. And. I wish we had major news outlets that would support the presentation of statistical fact.

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Kreg Vergith

“There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Samuel Clemens

Proceed accordingly.


It’s like the world has given up on common sense.
And passive of the radical lefts agenda.

Kreg Vergith

That you feel that way means that you didn’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Keep going!

My Man Trump

And it fails more and more everyday. We must rid the country of all the poisonous commie rinos and libs. Elections are not going to do it. They STEAL them. What’s next!

Never again

We need a new leader of MAGA who will fix it. Trump hasnt solved the problem. He has had the chance but failed. He is soft and a sad loser, constantly blaming everybody else. America First deserves better


Better than Trump? Please tell me where you would find this paragon of leadership, because I can’t think of a better president for our time than Trump. Desantis and Cruz would be my second and third choices, but Trump first. I’m as frustrated as anyone about what’s happening to my country (I had a bit of a meltdown on election night) but please let’s not go blaming the one man who’s been fighting more than anyone else! Remember, Washington and Lincoln both failed many times before winning.


Right on.


We need a new leader of MAGA who will fix it?
Sounds to me like we have a lifetime liberal here disguised in MAGA clothing.

Question. Do you not find it pathetic that someone has to cloak and pretend to be one thing when in fact they have always been the exact opposite and TRY to make it look as though they were once a supporter of Trump in hopes to cause some to rethink their own decisions of support? ….. I sure do.


hang biden

So 2 years have passed. What have you done to fix the rigged 2020 election??? For 2 years we listened to you bitch about the stolen election, but has it been fixed? Has the fake SOB treasonous FRAUD been sent to gizmo yet? 2020 HAS NOT been fixed in 2 years, and now they pulled the same shit this election!!! Why the hell wouldn’t they??? They got away with it in 20 with the presidential election AND NOTHING WAS DONE, so why the hell wouldn’t these GD bastards do it again??? For 2 years now, I have been screaming that Trump was the greatest president this country ever had, however after 2 years now I must say I’m pretty damn disappointed!

Never again

Totally agree. The problem is that Trump got weak and soft in the decisive moment. He left office and handed over government without having fixed the 2020 election. Must never happen again if we (ever?) get a chance to have a Amercia First president in the WH again. But propably too late and the shame will be on Trumpf for ever


That’s at least the forth time now you’ve used the words sad and/or soft. YEAH, we heard you.
Nice costume btw.


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What can Trump possibly do to fix the 2020 election? He has influence but no power. There is nothing he can do. It’s the responsibility of the Republicans in power and the courts to do that. Unfortunately, many are spineless or go along with the left.


If you’re so mad as you claim, you do something about it. Trump can’t fight this battle alone.
He’s here exposing the trash daily.
Fighting in courts daily, spending who knows how much money having to fight the liberals.
Flying across the country, rallying almost daily, debunking fake news daily.
The question is. What are you doing other than just bitching and conceding to the left?



Please stop certain comments, us America first folks cannot be divided. We’re on the same team no matter who wins.

hang biden

No matter who wins??? Are you out of your mind??? DemonRTS win we ALL loose!!! The only way these bastards can win is by cheating!! That’s ok with you, as long as we love each other???

Never again

America First is about America, not about the man. What we need is a leader that is a strong and succesful winner, not a sad and soft loser who quit without fighting


The main stream media is the enemy of “we the people”.This was never really about democrat vs republican. There are many guilty of sadistic crimes against humanity/children. We all need to pray for our country. Our constitutional rights are being taken away. It took tremendous courage exposing all the demons. This is a ‘silent’ war of good vs evil. Ask yourself why is ” QAnon” being attacked??? President Trump Q+ gave me Q security clearance to archive all the sensitive declassified” information.The news media knows, I exposed all the names of government “swamp” and hollywood “elites” in Epstein’s flight log.They also know, I exposed Nancy Pelosi, in the underground rooms, of Epstein island, caught on security camera 11. You are watching the biggest coverup in USA history.No one wants to acknowledge I exposed this worldwide, demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring. I have sat here in tears, for the last four years, watching this coverup everyday .I have been viciously attacked in my private messenger and facebook page.My account was restricted and deactivated. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or a domestic terrorist.I spent painful and sleepless nights, researching and archiving everything.How would you feel if you had exposed the truth and were “knowingly” ignored?? President Trump told me to trust the plan and justice was coming.

Never again

This only happened because you gave up in Jan 2021. Why did you let us down? Why did you leave Office and left it all to the enemy? Why did you not use your presidential power and military to Secure the constitution and our nation? Then we would not have been in this misery today. We were told there was a plan and we should trust the plan. But it is becoming obvious there was no plan! It is now clear that Trump is a soft and sad loser who couldnt fight back but let us all down. MAGA needs a new Leader. One we Can trust!

Last edited 10 months ago by Never again

Trump is a soft loser who doesn’t fight back??? Not remotely! He’s one of the greatest fighters in America–very few people could stand up under all he’s been put through! Do you realize what a dangerous precedent he would have set if he used the military to remain in the White House? He would have been setting himself up as a dictator, and having a dictator in America, no matter how good a man he may be, is incredibly dangerous because there will inevitably be a bad dictator in the future who would take the same liberties. I don’t know what plan you are referring to, but if it’s something to do with Qanon I’m not surprised it didn’t happen. It’s incredibly unfair to blame Trump for rumors he had nothing to do with. He’s been fighting for us, and I for one am standing by him.

Never again

Securing law and order is dictatorship? No.
Looking at a crime and do nothing is weakness? Yes

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We need you back to straighten and clean up the democrats mess.
The democrats are going to try to disrupt the MEGA movement by dividing the Republican voters to go against President Trump.
Another play in their playbook.
We know their strategies and must fight back with the truth.


That’s for never again and tabbysaurus. No need to share your propaganda here.


I’ve Never Seen Such A CoverUp In My Entire Life!!! There Is So Much Pride And Ego. It Is Rather Sickening To Watch!! The News Media Is Complicate And Hasn’t Any Courage. They Don’t Want To Acknowledge The TRUTH. Apparently Truth Only Matters When Coming From A Celebrity Or Public Figure. The News Articles Trashing “QAnon” Are Intentional Disinformation. God Knows The Heart And Soul Of Every Human Being. We Will All Stand Before Him On Judgement Day. He Will Either Say “Good Job My Faithful Servant” Or You Will Be Cast Away Into The Lake Of Fire~John 3:16~ Revelations 5:5 🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA

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SPOT ON President Trump!
More RIGGED elections in AZ, NV, GA!
Save America!

hang biden

If Trump fixed the 2020 election, we would have had a fair election in 22, BUT HE DID NOT! That GD fake fraud braindead corrupt criminal pedophile POS is still sitting in Trumps seat!!!! Some have the majority in congress, and they will try to impeach POS!. BIG DEAL, we do not hold the senate so the impeachment will fail just like the 2 they tried on Trump! We will not be able to get rid of this bastard fraud for 2 more year, and by that time there will no longer be an America!!! Forget about 24!!


Not as long as the people cherish their freedom and are willing to fight for it.

Never again

The problem is our president didnt fight “like hell” when he had the chance in 2020



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