The word RINO is too good

“Fiona Hill is a Radical Left RINO, but the word RINO is too good. She doesn’t know the first thing she’s talking about. If she didn’t have the accent she would be nothing. During the Impeachment Hoax #1, she had no credibility, obviously, because we won unanimously. Never listened to her, I hardly knew her at all. She knew nothing about me, I knew nothing about her, and I liked it that way.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Becky G

She’s really boring… I’m sleepy now…wake me when she shuts the hell up, MR. PRESIDENT!!! I ❤❤❤ OUR REAL PRESIDENT!!!



Why is Fiona a Radical left RINO?
Cause she called you out on your Lies. It seems that whoever says the truth against you. You call them a Never Trumper or a RINO.
I no what we the people call you, We call you and it’s Pinocchio. Your nothing more then a LIAR & A CROOK.

Becky G

Don’t think u even know what RINO stands for, silly lil troll…



You’ve just made it clear to all of us, you NO nothing. BTW Count the actual votes and see who we the people voted for.


Your forgot your leftist favorite smear for anyone who dares to call out your propaganda machine rhetoric. You label all dissenters “racist.” We call those people “intelligent.”

My Man Trump

That is pretty bad when the word Rino is too good for you. LOL. She should throw in the towel right now.


A little of topic but here goes. Sheila Diehl@SheilaTime


There’s So Much input Coming Out From every Which Direction Possible on Crimes We Need to Organize Our Alternative Media’s. One on Election one on the cases to cover em/ One on the jabs, Slouchy Billy Goat gates & states officials hospitals this one’s huge topic as are all the rest/ One on the Court Systems bias aka corruption in every topic/ sry thinking hard here to get this BETTER ORGANIZE or even certain news anchors cover certain topics in each Alternative media out let’s! Being All are in some sort if WAY All Over The Place. I mean I understand same story reports on Alternative Media’s to get coverage but there’s loads not getting air time as it show WE GOTTA OUT PREFORM FAKE NEWS. if not being better organized is leading towards much vital input Not Getting Out just sayin

Mark Rakow



I had to look her up. It looks like she just vomited something on Newsweek and Yahoo News which normal people ignore. All the American Marxists/NAZIs news organizations (ABC group news I call them) are in one crazy bucket that I ignore. My standard statement to friends and family “Trump is the only politician that did NOT steal and did not let others steal around him (ala Bush)”.


You are correct 45,the word RINO is too good.One man has re-labelled the RINO’S and now calls them,DIABL.(D)emocrats (I)n (A)ll (B)ut (L)abel. Hat tip to Dr. Steve Turley.


First, stop the pop up of president Trump as I am reading his comment. Second; stop asking for money. I am poor. Look who is in the Oval Office. Meaning; I like many who have no job, no income etc.

As for RINO’s and Leftist. When it comes time to vote We the People will be keeping it simple … that is to say; we are voting via a BLANKET VOTE. This means everyone no matter who they are has their heads on the chopping block. We are keeping it simple – everyone must go. We will drain the swamp since president Trump could not or would not during his first term.

The alternative is a civil war. Speaking of; a civil war may have merit due to the fact that election fraud; again, has a high probability of taking place. The only solution to this ongoing manipulation of the America system is to head off what is eventually the end goal and is coming. A dictatorship. So, realistically that requires a civil war. Best to have such a war prior to the damage a dictatorship creates.

That said, the #2A attack today by Biden and his dummies is a prelude to another reason for a civil war in order to prevent what all this is leading up to in the future. President Trump as much as I support him and still do and will in the future, I didn’t agree to the “Bump-Stock Ban” for this very reason – the recent attack on #2A by Biden.

Lastly; We the People are not complying. The attacks on our country or our Rights must end and we will end them with the ending of life if need be; and it won’t be our lives. If the system won’t work the way it was meant to work (for the People, of the People. and by the People) then it means civil war.

Heed this warning.


If you don’t like the pop ups then (To sort of quote you, if you don’t mind) First, stop coming here. This is President Trump’s site, he can run it anyway he sees fit. We the actual people don’t mind the pop ups and contribution requests and as for you’re We the people will drain the swamp rant. When President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp he meant EXPOSE all of the pond scum beneath the water and We the people should then take action and vote them out. He did exactly that and now it’s our turn to do what We the people should do. Next time you decide to enlighten We the people with your drivel, do your homework and get your facts straight. That way We the people may not laugh at every single line you write.

Last edited 11 months ago by Kevin
Cary Miller

Thank you President Trump for the extreme sacrifice of taking on this monumental Operation.
God Bless you Sir!

Cary Miller

Fact check:

“Fiona Hill is a Radical Left RINO”!

Absolutely without a doubt!

Airmen Anderson

Lol Amen!


DWAC stock price is down again…

Where is Truth Social ?




Fiona Hill is a NOBODY like the Commie-Liberals!


Commie can you hear me. Could you use a brain?


Move to Russia COMMIE LIB!

Becky Peterson

When maggots try throwing President Trump under the bus with lies,
America want them sued for defamation, political racism, public/private damages and bullying!
The attacks on POTUS45 /Trump’s name must stop, MSM and Ms.Hill’s type can’t survive without using it negatively for profits and until they report the facts not lies/gossip I want there mouths washed with soap(public apology) and a large check from every Fiona that continues to try and exploit Trump!
America has had enough!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr

She is an absolute turd and a George Soros operative.


We need to find a better way to elect people and remove them again when neccesary. Must take control

Dan for DT


myree williams

Fiona Hill
Born in England, she is citizen of United Kingdom + United States (since 2002) Dual Citizenships
(Dual Citizenships needs to stop) Her allegiance is to the UK + not us.
She is a former official at the US National Security Council specializing in Russian and European affairs.
She was a witness in the November 2019 House hearings regarding the during the 1st of Donald Trump.
Member of: Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Brookings Institution and no telling what else  🤔 He’s right the word RINO is too good for her.
Evil might work better maybe.

Last edited 11 months ago by myree williams
myree williams

November 2019 House hearings regarding the during the 1st impeachment of Donald Trump.

Mary Geiger

Gosh, why does her name keep turning up every time there’s an election going to happen? She’s like a proverbial bad penny.

Rose Giordano

Thank You President Trump for all you are doing for America!!

Craig Barrett

Who the hell is she? Never mind I don’t want to know if she is anti American pos rino

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